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13EXIn the profileRecalls the program! From the soul!29.04.15, 21:45
wnmerukiniIn the profileI threw the project ..10.03.15, 20:51
RlevIn the profile+05.02.15, 11:34
nubaIn the profileGreat developer04.02.15, 23:48
nubaIn the profileThank you for the great product.29.01.15, 00:50
Ray_1In the profileDroid watcher22.12.14, 14:50
arc123In the profile!03.12.14, 14:01
zodchyiIn the profileThank!25.11.14, 13:55
sbornik2001In the profile+21.11.14, 13:59
GOROX1973In the profilefor DW20.11.14, 14:11
tanazyIn the profileThank you for your excellent program !!!19.11.14, 11:48
OverthinkingIn the profileWell done14.11.14, 15:58
GOROX1973In the profileThank you for Droid Watcher12.11.14, 16:11
tankt90In the profileFor the program!21.10.14, 20:28
SirStefanIn the profileThanks for the source16.10.14, 00:05
PazzzitivIn the profileDW +++10.10.14, 12:58
don_AntonIn the profileDroid watcher
Thank you so much for the program!
05.09.14, 08:16
Invader_zimIn the profileDefinitely the coolest app! One question: Is the feature in which the phone performs the role of Wi-Fi microphone? In other words, connecting through the Viewer application, you can listen to the broadcast from the phone in online mode?31.08.14, 16:57
v1rtusIn the profileFor a cool program)13.08.14, 01:46
MARINA2543In the profile+ meaningful advice, thank you31.07.14, 19:28
firebird_liteIn the profileThanks for the cool software!16.06.14, 16:15
NavilIn the profileHelp by DroidWathcer'u06.06.14, 10:48
Artur antonovIn the profileFor opening code!02.06.14, 16:40
SkrommmnjagAIn the profilefor update14.05.14, 01:27
kas14In the profileWill there be something? Learn to respond normally to comments, and not a reputation.31.03.14, 14:14
kas14In the profileFor the relationship to users and long tongue.18.03.14, 16:43
icecrimeIn the profileit's fine18.03.14, 10:39
PR0Ka3HuKIn the profileProgram class!17.03.14, 07:49
zodchyiIn the profilethanks for the information
13.03.14, 15:48
katolikIn the profileNot a bad burden. +.12.03.14, 01:53
garmonistIn the profileSales software. But it does not provide prompt support posts, nor on the forum or by mail.06.03.14, 14:46
dacukIn the profileThank you for your work.05.03.14, 16:19
dacukIn the profileThank you very much for your work. God forbid you health.04.03.14, 15:47
AlSol74In the profileWe are waiting for a long time. Do not throw us)))03.03.14, 13:48
maluga81In the profileUseful prog waiting to update23.02.14, 19:15
SkrommmnjagAIn the profileResume work on the program)23.02.14, 17:25
SotikIn the profile+ From Fileetus.02.02.14, 01:44
hammerttIn the profileHigher program !!! He learned that the nephew began to indulge in cigarettes - now "Egor Egor." Buy Pro version. Thanks!23.01.14, 13:45
S.V.D.V.In the profileDroid watcher15.01.14, 18:46
GridzillaIn the profile+ from Alexnestrel15.01.14, 06:44
bizonkemIn the profileThank you, the program is just great.11.01.14, 15:56
a1ex27In the profile+27.12.13, 15:51
SkrommmnjagAIn the profilefor the program19.12.13, 01:25
AlSol74In the profileC coming !!!18.12.13, 11:25
KIR-you-haIn the profileDroid watcher
Version: 3.2.3
12.12.13, 18:12
VitalyaVitalyaIn the profileRespect! This is a prog!08.12.13, 21:25
gpalamaIn the profilethank06.12.13, 02:45
gpalamaIn the profilethank02.12.13, 00:25
gpalamaIn the profileThank!30.11.13, 01:13
egalivIn the profilefor works24.11.13, 18:08
gpalamaIn the profileOdrin23.11.13, 19:38
gpalamaIn the profileOdrin20.11.13, 22:38
ExtrimIn the profileGreat app!19.11.13, 09:23
kro2844In the profileFor help.15.11.13, 13:50
DY77In the profilethank13.11.13, 17:43
GOROX1973In the profileProbably cool prog Droid Watcher, but I did not understand which and where APK is installed! Unsubscribed on the forum. Thank you for the answer in advance!07.11.13, 04:43
egalivIn the profilefor the program26.10.13, 15:58
X @ KIn the profileRespect brother !!! Good service)26.10.13, 10:00
AlSol74In the profileWah! Which site!!!25.10.13, 14:44
SkrommmnjagAIn the profileChic Program19.10.13, 13:03
egalivIn the profilefor the works so far only such gratitude, I already use 5 months10.10.13, 17:27
TimmySlimIn the profileFor DW!26.09.13, 20:04
SergeBVIn the profileFor the program dw.26.09.13, 08:34
Vova2013In the profilewell done good prog written26.09.13, 01:28
Shoker009In the profile+ for Droid Watcher20.09.13, 08:14
ONE ™In the profileI'm just delighted with the bravo program!17.09.13, 14:07
TimmySlimIn the profilefor a viewer)15.09.13, 20:32
Che_BurashkaIn the profilegreat app12.09.13, 18:13
solo111In the profileThanks for the Droid Watcher program11.09.13, 11:03
OverthinkingIn the profileIt's time for a long time! And not listening to nishchebrudes will be indignant30.08.13, 10:20
sasha1122In the profileViewer On-Line earned. Hooray!! Thanks!!!26.08.13, 14:56
sbornik2001In the profile+22.08.13, 22:19
OverthinkingIn the profilethank21.08.13, 17:20
GridzillaIn the profile+ From Greenwich20.08.13, 05:29
OverthinkingIn the profile+19.08.13, 05:50
g7starrIn the profile+ Droid Watcher.18.08.13, 03:49
OverthinkingIn the profileWuhaha!14.08.13, 11:53
sych_vnIn the profilefor the program Droid Watcher13.08.13, 15:09
frontier44In the profilehelped13.08.13, 12:15
minimishaIn the profileFinally, thanks. I feel and further fruitful work!13.08.13, 10:43
medmyreIn the profileDroid Watcher, 10:34
OverthinkingIn the profilethank13.08.13, 10:23
OverthinkingIn the profileThank you and Yandex for this))09.08.13, 11:29
1eopo1dIn the profileUpdate helped09.08.13, 11:20
EssedgerIn the profileFor the development and support of the Watch Droid program :)07.08.13, 23:41
OverthinkingIn the profileGenius!05.08.13, 17:07
sbornik2001In the profile+04.08.13, 20:50
egalivIn the profileFor work on prog01.08.13, 13:07
egalivIn the profilefor the program30.07.13, 19:22
sbornik2001In the profile:-)29.07.13, 20:51
Vulkan76In the profileFor your attention.23.07.13, 08:37
egalivIn the profilefor the program22.07.13, 09:25
egalivIn the profilefor the program14.07.13, 16:05
egalivIn the profilefor help03.07.13, 14:43
iceqmaxIn the profileSuper prog29.06.13, 16:23
egalivIn the profilefor work on the program19.06.13, 18:22
OverthinkingIn the profileWell done)18.06.13, 14:11
SchumacherIn the profileFor promptness))17.06.13, 16:18
egalivIn the profilefor labor over prog17.06.13, 16:06
balbesikIn the profileThe author is well done. The one and the necessary prog.17.06.13, 13:24
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