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jaibatsuLenovo Legion Y530-15ICHFor a quiet laptop!22.05.20, 17:15
Djden84Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH;)15.11.19, 07:57
max99Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICHUseful! thanks!27.10.19, 15:14
pmv83Discussion camera Huawei P20 ProPhoto cool22.08.19, 17:37
KoyaniskaciDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProFor photo08.08.19, 20:57
OtherRomchikDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProWell, this is already from the discharge of art. Lovely photos!06.08.19, 09:33
pasha2607Discussion camera Huawei P20 ProCool photos! +05.08.19, 18:43
KoyaniskaciDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProFor photo05.08.19, 18:37
psvodIn the profileGood luck with the updates ;-)25.07.19, 20:36
Dr.WiNDIn the profileKeep at 10028.06.19, 10:57
psvodDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProFor comparison!03.06.19, 13:15
SoulStealerLenovo Legion Y530-15ICHThanks for the help!22.05.19, 19:49
OtherRomchikDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProA photo!21.05.19, 09:51
elektrikonsIn the profileI just did not understand. Why return back? Extra points do not bother anyone)19.05.19, 20:27
-IliAndr-Discussion camera Huawei P20 ProFor a beautiful photo17.05.19, 16:38
MultiRWIn the profileFor help with NVIDIA GTX1050Ti15.05.19, 21:32
OtherRomchikDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProA photo!13.05.19, 11:50
tyn4tykLenovo Legion Y530-15ICHthank you friend09.05.19, 21:00
Denis1121Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICHFor information23.04.19, 17:20
psvodDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProVery beautiful!21.04.19, 17:55
disa2908Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICHfor the program15.04.19, 04:24
roma_34Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICHUseful03.04.19, 10:02
tabirPower consumption (autonomous) Huawei P20 ProExactly01.03.19, 11:29
TmbseoDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProThank ;)16.02.19, 22:04
fuqqqPower consumption (autonomous) Huawei P20 ProThank!16.02.19, 09:39
DanacDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProThanks for the trick!11.02.19, 17:35
Fil1979In the profileCool photos11.01.19, 13:21
DMagisterPower consumption (autonomy) OnePlus 3 / 3TThanks for the reminder about wavelets in the blu_spark core!08.06.18, 10:00
0Wltime.In the profileThanks, I will try08.06.18, 09:04
DMagisterPower consumption (autonomy) OnePlus 3 / 3TThanks for the WLD module!29.01.18, 14:04
great_russPower consumption (autonomy) OnePlus 3 / 3T+26.11.17, 17:09
foxoff7OnePlus 3 / 3T - Unofficial firmwarethank19.07.17, 15:38
Balu73Power consumption (autonomy) OnePlus 3 / 3TWow I know all this, everything is true. Great instruction. And without Greeny, no matter where. Even on pp04.07.17, 09:06
ugwyvePower consumption (autonomy) OnePlus 3 / 3Tput it in points27.04.17, 11:48
R0iZOnePlus 3 / 3T - Unofficial firmwareFor the link06.04.17, 17:44
BaaDOnePower consumption (autonomy) OnePlus 3 / 3THappy to help!
The dark theme will be even better!
09.03.17, 21:33
ferhad.necefPower consumption (autonomy) OnePlus 3 / 3T+07.02.17, 06:01
ferhad.necefPower consumption (autonomy) OnePlus 3 / 3T+02.02.17, 10:48
I roll on the balconyGoogle Nexus 5X - Unofficial FirmwareThank!27.12.16, 15:42
narus19Google Nexus 5X - Unofficial FirmwareYes20.12.16, 19:00
NatezIn the profilepromised plus sign)17.12.16, 04:15
NatezIn the profilethank13.12.16, 05:59
AlexUnderKHGoogle Nexus 5X - Unofficial Firmwarethank06.12.16, 07:41
lyushiKGoogle Nexus 5X - Unofficial FirmwareFor the news!06.12.16, 06:52
lyushiKGoogle Nexus 5X - Unofficial FirmwareFor work!11.11.16, 06:52
zBatyaIn the profilefor a hint16.10.16, 22:02
lyushiKGoogle Nexus 5X - Unofficial FirmwareFor testing and review!13.10.16, 16:02
lyushiKGoogle Nexus 5X - Unofficial FirmwareExplanatory sentence21.05.16, 08:02
alxsimbaAppSync for iOS 5 - 13thank07.11.14, 08:38
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