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zobolesHuawei Ascend G700 - DiscussionThank you, I'll try03.04.15, 14:17
VerkuSHuawei Ascend G700 - Discussionname of the running program for switching settings24.03.14, 15:20
AlexanderSVONDA V711 - FirmwareAs promised30.01.13, 18:58
Effect13ONDA V711 - Firmware+ per battery test)30.01.13, 18:40
volonter115Literacy Spelling QuizFor advice24.01.13, 21:55
jiggoONDA V711 Dual Core - DiscussionTHX23.01.13, 19:20
KabadoomixPaper munchers+08.08.12, 10:53
McmcmamontHausismswow!15.05.12, 23:56
AkzholIn the profile++++12.05.12, 18:07
absolute3Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace - Discussion+ from yurban518.04.12, 15:18
mail_victorIdeas for the programmerGreat idea!16.04.12, 13:00
CH.U.SHBeautiful quotesthank you very much14.04.12, 16:36
kemsinIn the profileFor help in finding the converter and video player for Android.01.04.12, 13:48
brabus 86In the profile+ from StDreamer28.03.12, 23:14
Be8Heart and Mind (Serce i Rozum)thanks for the reference18.11.11, 18:22
m0r0zSamsung GT-P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9 - Discussion109.10.11, 20:20
Genius_BoIn the profileFor help in finding the program)03.10.11, 00:09
v.kirilinGNotesFor testing the translation. Sent to developers. Let's see what they answer ...22.09.11, 16:38
VendathaIn the profileFor the review !!)))02.09.11, 12:56
Fedot01MX PlayerMX Video Player29.08.11, 22:30
romboksIn the profilehelped with watching video files24.07.11, 22:50
Dr.MCMQuotes collectionHelped in finding the program.06.07.11, 00:44
antonderQuotes collectionFor help in finding defects in the application.04.07.11, 23:05
alexxx666-83In the profileYou were right!!!31.05.11, 10:48
alexxx666-83In the profilesimply30.05.11, 19:35
CabeloffIn the profileFor the video25.05.11, 11:35
vitas999Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace - Discussionquality comment10.05.11, 19:51
nzimIn the profileFor a tip)05.05.11, 22:18
Trancer116Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace - DiscussionTHX28.04.11, 07:14
chxalSamsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace - DiscussionHelped with connection on yusb19.04.11, 20:06
baikal0In the profilefor the meticulous video search :)15.02.11, 21:08
RoastingIn the profileFor the video15.02.11, 17:10
SundayHTC Gratia / Aria - Discussionfor the link to the Gratia review18.01.11, 14:48
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