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valmikkToday Weather+++ update, thank +++08.01.21, 21:28
CreScream◂In the profileFor mod Today Weather08.01.21, 18:41
ras_fyahIcon pack studioThank you for the clarification08.01.21, 15:12
RequeLineYet Another Call BlockerTHX28.12.20, 17:59
by_tonyYet Another Call BlockerThank!25.12.20, 23:19
ustasultraYet Another Call BlockerYacb unofficial25.12.20, 12:18
-DENtist-Today WeatherThank you for your hard work.24.12.20, 22:18
todor76In the profileToday Weather crick's edition

Changes: updated to topical version 1.5.0-21
24.12.20, 17:40
hE7ELIn the profileTodayWeather_v1.5.0-21.crick.apk.22.12.20, 23:32
KiririllerIn the profileResponsive, all in the case. Thank you. Helped with the fight against spam.22.12.20, 13:41
K0SM0CGoogle Phone / Phone Modificationsthank20.12.20, 21:20
S.N..M.Simple messengercom.simple.sms_5.5.1-withoutmms.apk Thank you!19.12.20, 20:30
Limon0FFAutosync - Universal cloud sync and backupThank you, useful instruction :)10.12.20, 21:17
ApplesanAutosync - Universal cloud sync and backupThanks for the instruction!10.12.20, 17:02
araratPYet Another Call BlockerYACB UNOFFICIAL 0.5.1104.12.20, 20:19
Mr.SdFleksy keyboardHappiness health all good03.12.20, 10:28
KarustychIn the profileFor advice02.12.20, 23:00
CreScream◂Today WeatherOver mod28.11.20, 16:42
PITONMANMonopoly [3D, Online]Thank you, took24.11.20, 19:32
sirop4ikIn the profileBeautifully painted. Maybe it will come. In the cap would add))19.11.20, 14:02
freedolphinGoogle Phone / Phone Modifications+++18.11.20, 17:43
Reali $ tYet Another Call BlockerFor clarification of (no) blocking of continuity15.11.20, 15:01
LonDen5050Yet Another Call BlockerFor Mini VersionAcb.13.11.20, 18:14
sdenis_1704In the profileFLEKSY V8.3.2 Lite Mod by Crick10.11.20, 22:04
regska4Fleksy keyboardFor the prehistory! I hope with Klava you will be friends))07.11.20, 15:00
KatafraktYet Another Call BlockerYacb_v0.5.10_unofficial.apk.01.11.20, 19:32
SuperNewbieYet Another Call BlockerThank you for your reply!30.10.20, 21:20
ApaxaTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsFor good taste)25.10.20, 12:31
TYU765Yet Another Call BlockerThanks for the updated version.22.10.20, 18:42
Trt712True Phone - Phone, ContactsThank you for the clarification20.10.20, 00:14
noskojvYet Another Call BlockerYacb unofficial15.10.20, 17:06
fortitYet Another Call Blocker+14.10.20, 18:14
gyxYet Another Call BlockerThank you. Thank you. Thank you!11.10.20, 13:23
slonenkoIn the profileFor software09.10.20, 00:14
Mart1970Yet Another Call Blockerthanks for the information06.10.20, 08:00
5maiskii2Yet Another Call Blockerhelp04.10.20, 15:20
sovietcatYet Another Call Blocker+103.10.20, 09:23
fronikAutosync - Universal cloud sync and backup+27.09.20, 13:24
LonDen5050Yet Another Call BlockerFor the mod YABC, good deal.24.09.20, 22:33
abtm_ruYet Another Call Blockerfor works24.09.20, 09:34
Mart1970Yet Another Call Blockerthank19.09.20, 08:17
Limon0FFAutosync - Universal cloud sync and backupThank :)12.09.20, 23:56
todor76In the profile+ Bulgarian and Ukrainian, + Arm-V7: TodayWeather_v1.5.0-16.b.crick.apk (16.56 MB)01.09.20, 13:40
ParshinToday WeatherWeather31.08.20, 16:44
CHeeXToday Weatherthank30.08.20, 21:38
NaynogIn the profileFor work with Today Weather30.08.20, 21:36
hE7ELIn the profileTodayWeather_v1.5.0-16.crick.apk.30.08.20, 21:21
Misty177Today WeatherIn any case, thanks))30.08.20, 09:19
Misty177Today Weather+27.08.20, 23:02
hE7ELIn the profileToday Weather crick's edition23.08.20, 23:39
ChudminTrue Phone Users ClubExactly!15.08.20, 15:30
Tim000nTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsSuper!12.08.20, 10:36
nevskiyenTrue Phone - Phone, Contactsnew ideas)12.08.20, 01:09
Man unusualFleksy keyboardthank26.07.20, 00:04
ApplesanTrue Phone Users ClubGreat story!23.07.20, 08:32
Klaus333True Phone Users ClubSenucky)23.07.20, 00:22
nevskiyenTrue Phone Users ClubCreative!)23.07.20, 00:09
<live-evil>Today WeatherThanks for the answer. What can you do, apparently we got something since then)24.06.20, 19:38
967300In the profilethanks for the advice18.06.20, 16:37
Jigsaw +Today WeatherSound14.06.20, 19:47
ZUNIKETrue Phone - Phone, ContactsFinally, common sense in this chaos of desires)14.06.20, 18:39
todor76In the profileThank you for Bulgarian Yazik Today Weather CRICK'S Edition12.06.20, 22:25
valera krmTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsFor the operational answers to colleagues. For responsiveness12.06.20, 09:27
FrolvTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsFollowing your advice chose the default "Explorer" action. Thank you!08.06.20, 14:24
LeucidTrue Phone - Phone, Contactsthanks for the advice03.06.20, 18:33
Pavel Moscow 2True Phone - Phone, Contactsthank19.05.20, 09:31
nevskiyenTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsThank!19.05.20, 01:45
taras2728True Phone - Phone, ContactsThank.19.05.20, 01:20
kaganvlad48True Phone - Phone, ContactsHelp in solving the problem of increasing the postback button18.05.20, 13:12
DeliruumTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsFor help with True Phone.18.05.20, 12:15
hauser_danceTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsThank!18.05.20, 07:44
xavbekTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsPicnic: Good:18.05.20, 01:48
ApplesanTrue Phone - Phone, Contactsthank!17.05.20, 23:50
Uncle_LyoshTrue Phone - Phone, Contacts+ For the idea. THX.17.05.20, 21:39
koborIn the profilethank16.05.20, 15:45
ApplesanAGContactsThanks for the work!12.05.20, 07:53
anter333True Phone - Phone, ContactsFor help11.05.20, 21:44
viter59AGContactsVery sorry...11.05.20, 19:15
MukamolAGContactsThank you very much for your work on the topic.11.05.20, 18:56
agcforumAGContactsThank!10.05.20, 21:17
Kreator-2AGContactsThanks for the work!10.05.20, 20:06
psvodTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsYes sir!10.05.20, 15:27
rus1973Google Phone / PhoneGoogle Phone / Phone08.05.20, 02:24
dam108True Phone - Phone, Contacts+04.05.20, 00:42
yuranfTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsFor a hint02.05.20, 15:23
agcforumAGContacts - Configurations, themes, services settingsThank!30.04.20, 14:31
Evgeny MBGoogle Phone / Phone++26.04.20, 20:07
Basilio_CatTrue Phone - Phone, ContactsThank you. In general, everything is understandable, except - and getContact a coarse hacker disable it incallui25.04.20, 17:39
Sector_GazaIn the profile+++++++++++++ and gratitude for the help21.04.20, 16:00
kvant.86Google Phone / PhoneThe application is normally installed and started, but when you call, the stock dialer is still displayed. How to fix it?
The answer to this question really helped
19.04.20, 09:32
Doma_atopolAGContactsComment on the case.04.04.20, 19:43
S.N..M.Google Phone / Phone ModificationsFor GP Social Edition by Crick03.04.20, 18:13
Vadimm77AGContacts+01.04.20, 21:11
Doma_atopolAGContactsGood advice on the topic. ;)31.03.20, 09:40
viter59AGContactsGreat!28.03.20, 01:56
LysikovAGContactsThank!23.03.20, 22:27
Vadimm77AGContacts+17.03.20, 22:34
agcforumAGContactsFine! : thank_you:10.03.20, 12:54
agcforumAGContactsThank you, it is precisely such artifacts that I am very interested in: thank_you:07.03.20, 02:50
Ya_NatalyaAGContacts+ Thank you!29.02.20, 07:09
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