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masterklas-sDisplaybrightnessThanks for displaybrightness6.0b2.apk. On Realme 6 works!29.11.20, 06:20
Jigsaw +DisplaybrightnessBrightness. Thank you so much!16.11.20, 11:22
sol4r1sIn the profileFilmoscope11.11.20, 00:59
fail_unsafeDisplaybrightness+03.11.20, 23:25
zxcv44Volume controlthank01.11.20, 06:16
alexreactiveDisplaybrightnessFor the brightness of the screen)30.10.20, 17:14
fail_unsafeDisplaybrightness+29.10.20, 11:46
fail_unsafeDisplaybrightness+27.10.20, 21:40
JeverIn the profileWell done!27.10.20, 17:43
new_969VideoRegfor the link02.10.20, 19:24
dopobFilmoscopethank25.09.20, 07:18
clever_manProgramming QuestionsHelped18.09.20, 16:40
_harasymivLG cameraOver mod15.09.20, 12:31
Fox Mulder.VideoRegFor clarification to configure recording on the SD card in videoreg27.08.20, 03:53
wolf3d2Programming QuestionsOK. Thank you, even though it is not necessary for me :)19.08.20, 16:36
iretmailruProgramming QuestionsThanks, I will try14.08.20, 13:37
rausNTProgramming Questions+29.07.20, 12:07
iMiKEDLG cameraThank you from Ishdmuk28.07.20, 13:11
zander42Hackintosh on a PC - macOS 10.15 CatalinaFor the decision on HDMI18.07.20, 23:01
hram-ovCustom programsfor pipes24.06.20, 21:27
And_RUDisplaybrightnessThank you from Alkaris08.06.20, 14:27
VS_37In the profileThank you so much for the watch! The best that works and does not fly on TV boxing16.05.20, 22:54
peacemakervCustom programsClass, much better than mine!21.04.20, 09:32
mol-nickVideoRegThank you very much!17.04.20, 13:34
stepanpupkinVolume controlThanks for the magnificent program!16.04.20, 02:09
NGNLIn the profile133708.03.20, 21:05
nemcov4VideoRegThe front camera also has a resolution of 1920 on 1080 (now 320 to 240)27.02.20, 17:50
KizzontiiIn the profileIntensists for the DVR, thanks for improving this application27.02.20, 17:01
r1fa035VideoReg+19.02.20, 21:42
ewgeniwebVideoRegThanks for your program17.02.20, 18:18
KIRANIDVideoRegthank17.02.20, 14:48
s1acherCustom programsMade an application commissioned in a short time and good quality. Pleasant to communicate22.01.20, 09:02
wifi12In the profileFor help16.01.20, 10:24
LuxoryVolume controlTHX05.01.20, 08:03
AlcoloidIn the profileFor the program //savagemessiahzine.com/Forum/index.php?s=&ShowTopic=286508&view=FindPost&p=10052602 ++++ !!!!!15.12.19, 15:56
h3y pplzLCD clock widgetclock25.11.19, 18:13
eicheIn the profileThank you, the key came up.02.11.19, 15:26
kalahuDisplaybrightnessThis program, the first thing I install on the phone19.10.19, 20:53
SamudinVideoRegClass08.10.19, 09:44
DedreTranslucentClock+ for cool clock24.09.19, 06:47
Nikopol88TranslucentClockTHANK!06.09.19, 08:51
Met-allIn the profileThanks for the transparent watch over all windows!)10.08.19, 20:31
x35aDisplaybrightnessBehind the brightness11.07.19, 21:08
olha2007Custom programslogo_on_display04.07.19, 12:40
peacemakervCustom programsFor a free work for a customer who did not want \ could not pay even a couple of rubles for the work.04.07.19, 12:27
FREE (:) NCustom programslogo_on_display04.07.19, 11:52
VarionDrakonIn the profileFor good work ...18.06.19, 23:05
EVOLwLG cameraLG camera06.06.19, 23:44
marketparallelVolume controlSuper volume control!04.06.19, 13:40
Yamaha74VideoRegFor the DVR02.05.19, 20:48
OlegRashVideoReg7.2 beta 17. on samsung s9 + everything is great!
Thank you: thank_you:
27.04.19, 06:38
slavian258In the profileFor watch25.04.19, 18:02
Rejejej2Programming QuestionsThank.25.04.19, 08:58
UpComingVideoReg+++15.04.19, 16:53
lykoshaIn the profileDVR25.03.19, 15:20
UpComingVideoRegMany thanks! Great program!21.03.19, 19:03
SamudinIn the profileFor the further development of the VideoReg application21.03.19, 08:35
Super SouzaVideoReg7.2 Beta 1314.03.19, 12:50
UpComingVideoRegProg super!09.03.19, 12:13
Olegant17Need a simple program, hanging in the corner of a translucent green clock on top of ALL applicationsGreat, thanks !03.03.19, 19:09
ctichHackintosh on PC - discussion+22.11.18, 22:03
reyteamIdeas for the programmer//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=170318&view=findpost&p=7801899217.10.18, 18:10
Grin74In the profileby TranslucentClock11.10.18, 13:33
desparionIn the profileFor "Volume Control"11.10.18, 11:41
iNemoS * 45RuTranslucentClockfor her good attachment, with the hope of development;)05.10.18, 19:40
arestant79Hackintosh on PC - discussionThank!19.09.18, 09:19
ctichHackintosh on PC - discussionfor the help!18.09.18, 16:46
BlackScull1205Programming QuestionsLllg7ggggob..zhzkk? Kkneyak? N01.09.18, 21:01
Rejejej2Programming QuestionsFor answer.24.08.18, 10:10
ValeriyVKLG cameraFor LGcamrea - an excellent application, it's a pity that I removed the paid (I bought) from the market, an excellent program, I still enjoy using it. Continuation is not expected? Good luck)29.07.18, 19:28
SedvitVideoRegThanks for the clarification, Videoreg.29.07.18, 16:17
urpekVideoRegFor VideoReg +29.07.18, 15:42
VERGIL777LG cameraLG Camera.29.07.18, 05:51
dara3108In the profileThanks for the Filmoscope26.07.18, 20:45
mastersmitProgramming QuestionsLet's try it, thank you23.07.18, 16:49
zabortVolume controlRegulators BOMB !!!24.06.18, 22:57
stakanfm® WiFi TX powerOn HTC DesireS with QSense, everything works urrraaaaaaa! Aliluya brothers,)
on samsung galaxy s 4 i9500 with kingz1 core. 3 and firmware from Sanrise 24.2, no. (
07.05.18, 16:21
Rejejej2Programming QuestionsThanks for the help.19.04.18, 16:29
mol-nickVideoRegThanks for the key!12.04.18, 13:17
LAN6005VideoRegRapid response.09.04.18, 13:16
miacayntIn the profileFor your unique programs07.04.18, 01:22
Paul00In the profileFor a great DVR05.04.18, 16:45
SvetochhIn the profileFor the program transclusent clock28.03.18, 03:56
semen_ovVolume controlFor the application. Thank!27.03.18, 02:57
bgxbgxVolume controlFor volume control13.03.18, 16:42
vitasiksvIn the profileFor lgCamera04.03.18, 23:37
OlegRashVideoRegFor help in a difficult moment))21.02.18, 19:24
KerbalaTranslucentClockThanks15.02.18, 17:55
dopobIn the profileThanks for the "filmoscope"!03.02.18, 13:49
k1601TranslucentClockFor TranslucentClock. Thanks for the app!22.01.18, 11:52
marshellaTranslucentClockFor the new version of the program ....11.01.18, 17:17
Super SouzaLG camera+28.11.17, 15:19
nokautboyIn the profileThanks for the activation24.11.17, 16:02
Washerron ™Filmoscopethank17.11.17, 09:10
dimalzIn the profileFor efficiency)15.11.17, 18:40
nokautboyVideoRegFor the key07.11.17, 10:49
A cockteaserLG camera+06.11.17, 22:13
gfofanovLG camera+10.10.17, 12:54
LAN6005VideoRegFor the answer on the merits.08.09.17, 10:17
aquausDisplaybrightnessFor adjusting the volume30.08.17, 22:18
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