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Oukitel C17 Pro - Firmware
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Due to the unhealthy boom in theme discussions, I created a theme firmware,
I hope there will be discussed, the firmware and the accompanying software, their problems and improvements to help users restore their health smartphones, and other necessary things, except for the purchase and delivery,
something like this .
Regards mehanik6

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* mehanik6,
And where I post the firmware link?

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stripped offbackup from his devaysa: https://yadi.sk/d/WEhbsWIwacZ0lQ
firmware ,build number OUKITEL_C17 Pro_V7.0_20190828
I do not recommend to put it through SP_Flash_Tool, backup made only for developers and for your reference.
TWRP and root I will later, while all the
something like this

Posted on 16.10.2019 19:12:

Bam1098 @ 16.10.19, 19:04*
And where I post the firmware link?

link to the firmware does not work, perezaleyte in this topic
I beg your pardon, download started

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mehanik6 @ 16.10.19, 19:09*
link to the firmware does not work

link to the firmware does not work

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* Bam1098,
as I see it ota-piercing, it would be necessary instructions to her, and it is desirable to rebuild under SP_Flash_Tool
firmware in the hat raised

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in line notifications and hours put a dark font?
Attached Image

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Rutovannyboot.img the latest version of Magisk 20.0
Attached Image

try to stitchfastboot-th at one's own risk.
Attached filemagisk_patched.img(8.99 MB)
Booth to takefrom here

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TWRP_3.3.1 + Root

Collected from sourceTWRP-3.3.1 (Not ported and was recovered from the source on this device).
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

To install it on the device, it is necessary to dance with tambourines.
I'll start with probably warning:
1 - Remember that everything you do, you do at your own risk
2 - to install TWRP, we will have to unlock the bootloader, thus wear out all your data, the device will be pure as out of the box
3 - You need to be installed draver adb
- download archivedelete_verity_key.zip without unpacking polzhite on sdcard Attached filedelete_verity_key.zip(130.56 KB)

- download archiveFix_vendor.zip without unpacking polzhite on sdcard Attached fileFix_vendor.zip(347.67 KB)

- download archivemagisk-release.zip without unpacking polzhite on sdcard Attached filemagisk-release.zip(5.36 MB)

- download the file cTWRP adb.zip unzip to the desktop of your computer Attached fileadb.zip(22.05 MB)

- go to the device, go into developer mode
- enable USB debugging
- allow unlocking the bootloader
- on the computer, hold down the Shift button and right-click on the unpacked adb folder, pop up a menu, select * open a command window *
- copy and paste the command, check the connection
adb devices

- if all goes well, peregruzhaemcya in fastboot
adb reboot-bootloader

- check the connection
fastboot devices

- unlock the bootloader
fastboot flashing unlock

- on a device screen of text appears, press the Volume + button (all data will be erased)
- The bootloader is unlocked. You should see the Orange State.
- Sew vbmeta.img (the error does not pay attention)
fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

- Sew tvrp
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

- Boot into tvrp buttons (Inc. and + )
- Go to the sectionmount and put checkmarks for all sections on which are placed
- go to the sectionCleaning
- press the buttonFormat Data
- in the opened terminal typeyes and click the check mark in the lower right corner
- then you need to reboot again twrp
- Go to the sectionmount and put checkmarks for all sections on which are placed
- To establish an archivedelete_verity_key.zip
- To establish an archiveFix_vendor.zip
- To establish an archivemagisk-release.zip Data back to is not encrypted
Like everything, use

Instructions written under Windows-7 under Windows-10 adb install themselves,
first boot into TWRP will be a long, wait
something like this .
Regards mehanik6

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a working link to the firmware which I took to sell, talk about regulations and programs, there is a very heavy dialogue

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stared Stock stitching from the SWfinddd and HC Bam1098
it is the same firmware,
firmware is complete, suitable for installation through SP_Flash_Tool,
in SP_Flash_Tool displayed correctly, without errors,
can no longer torment sellers
something like this

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* mehanik6,
yes it is the same firmware, just Bam1098 provided access to other cloud little if anything.

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* finddd,
So much is not enough, will not be superfluous

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Here are general instructions for installing the firmware through SP_Flash_Tool in RussianAttached fileFirmware_update_manual_Digma_MTK_FlashTool v5.pdf(687.96 KB)

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Good time, I'm sorry if the topic.
I read a lot but could not find the exact answer to how to change data.img already saved on your computer (more precisely remove him some files) and then return this phone.
set programs and wines under 7 and under Linux (pollock 18) but still could not open data.img.
if you do not send this topic where you can find the answer ... I am not an advanced firmware breaker arm ((and only need to see once

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Sergey_S_H_25 @ 18.10.19, 22:04*
how to change data.img already saved on your computer (more precisely remove him some files) and then return this phone.

no way, only to get Root-law and on the phone to remove the files, some route-manager
or through twrp, integrated conductor or via adb

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and Ruth get if I can not come to the phone? (in general the whole idea to remove the pin)
tel worth Root Root program but it is turned off, the title already can not remember but the memory card is probably preserved source. proof that my body can provide, for better blue pin set (((

twrp not really ((rocker almost killed during use, the only hope for adb or edit a saved firmware with subsequent replacement

popravochka sorry ... I can go to the phone via a plugin but the total is the right of the folder can not get ((even viewing is not available ... other folders can watch

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Sergey_S_H_25 @ 18.10.19, 22:46*
enter the body through the plugin can Totals

Well and reboot into recovery via plugin Total, if necessary tvrp, the mount put all the checkboxes on the Forums, there tvrp Ruth already built and delete files through the plug-in Total

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Duck is an option to reinstall, and it is necessary only to remove the files from the folder Kay date and the rest is not me .... I have there mail, VKontakte and other (((
that is something that is stored on the HDD to change (data.img) and returned to the body
Volume buttons do not work nearly ((need to press very strongly and accurately (((
thank you, tomorrow will do according to the instructions (link) into the otpishus

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honored before installing tvrp, if I understand correctly the first Ruth needed and all settings will be reset to factory default if a new clean firmware so it is easier to roll and come to terms with the loss of data
backup ROM_0 done, but how to disassemble (date folder clean) and collect back detailed instructions could not be found. Linux is installed as a user but I see no ..... although a manual will be able to enter the terminal command

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Prompt please, what this firmware needed? She was in the phone changes? such as interface? If I am a regular user Do I need to put this firmware?
P.s. I'm sorry if I ask stupid questions.

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