An alternative to Android? | Myth or reality?

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Good evening friends!

My question may seem silly to someone, but I have not been following the mobile world for a long time ...

I went around with my old device with a vinduzyatina (since communicators since then, with her) until he died. Faced with the fact that you need to purchase a new device ....

And fell into a stupor.
Vinduzyatina, to my great regret, died ... Blackberry - on the android already. I’m not talking about symbian and other dinosaurs.

In the world there is still at least some alternative to android and adequate devices on it !?

Do not talk about iOS, leave it to lovers.

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* ADV007 , good alternatives to the bucket is the ubuntu touch and sailfish, you can buy the same nexus 5 and put it all from the applications well I remember that both have telegrams in the sailfish even compatibility with bucket applications

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* ADV007 , explain why the hadron does not suit you and eblock? Desire to stand out?

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Accidentally caught. It turns out that the basis is the same android.
Here's another Plasma Mobile, if interested.

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ADV007, explain why the hadron does not suit you and eblock? Desire to stand out

Aha will stand out from this gray mass of apple-trees.

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* nambba
it’s enough to try the same BBC to understand how inconvenient it all is, so switching the BB itself to android is quite logical.

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