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Welcome to the club!

First of all, the club was created for owners of Xiaomi Redmi 6, as well as for those who want to know about it longer before buying. Here you can communicate, give and receive useful advice. All non-core questions can be asked here.
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Hello, please help me with my redmi 6 phone, and after installing twrp and after installing the stock recovery, my phone does not update. I receive and download the update, but when installed in the recovery, 10 percent pass and the phone restarts without updating itself. I already Many times set stock recovery from different versions of firmware. Please help!

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* foyzen , Install the recovery from the firmware that you have at the moment!

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* Max7185771 But how can this be done?

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This is not some kind of question that needs a complex answer. It's just that I want to know your opinion. Listen up. Recently, my friend came across an article "Xiaomi said which smartphones will be updated to MIUI 11". He has Redmi 6A if that. There were no Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A listed. He was wildly upset. I have a different attitude to this. Article by the way was onsavagemessiahzine.comand here you don’t have to believe everything they write. First of all. The article writes support for Helio A22 and P22. It is not logical that these phones are not in the list. This already means that the list is not accurate. Yes, and do not rely on him. In extreme cases, some people are still sitting on MIUI 8. Secondly, there are custom firmwares (I love LineageOS. And you?) And TWRP. There is also a version of MIUI Weekly. She will surely be on our smart. Well ... I don’t know ... Do you believe these lists?
P.S I looked at other sites. Uhhh ... Everywhere it is written differently. Now I definitely do not believe the lists.

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* F1reSanD , update lists of a very nice thing
They seem to have this subject, but it seems not: guess:
But seriously, redmi 4a came out of the box on the 8th Miui, and according to the command / example / will (underline) of his Chinese ancestors updated to 10th. So this subject is unlikely to be an exception. The only thing is that his Chinese engineering mother is likely to leave also on the 9th bucket.
Nothing to say about custom. Except for the fact that you cannot find them on this device with fire this day: search :: ph34r:
All that ishere: this:

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* Max7185771 I changed. It used to be F1reSanD.

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* demon-8.11 , Not. There are enough of them on our device. But the way to install them is confusing. It is necessary to download a custom kernel, and indeed they say that you need to sew through ADB fastboot. Complicated. I read the commands, I decided to install TWRP via ADB run. Pre-unlocking the bootloader using Mi Unlocker. It seems complicated to me. And the firmware via fastboot and the installation of kassiom kernels from some Vasya Pupkin, it generally seems absurd.

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