Duplicate messages / threads in QMS (iOS)

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Duplicate messages / threads in QMS (iOS)

Error description:
Greetings to all.
The situation is as follows.
Constantly or periodically duplicate topics and messages in QMS if I start a dialogue with iOS:
On the screenshots you can see, I write the subject of the message, I write the message / I send it and if I return to all the dialogues, I see that 2 duplicates of the topic and message were created and sent.
For me, this is not critical, I turn back into any message, I continue to write and the dialogue goes in one dial-up window, it is the first message I sent and the name of the topic is duplicated.
This is not always the case (at what point I can’t catch duplicates, I tried not to create a theme name, it doesn’t matter).
If I try to send an image in the first message, then in one dialog there will be only text, in the second there will be text and images (images do not double)
I actually would not pay attention and I thought that this is just my way of displaying, and the others merge into one message, until one good person in the correspondence asked me why I’m writing in different windows, it’s not convenient to catch the conversation dialog))
(it happens because when you pause the conversation / close the tab / open the “messages” again, you do not pay attention to the dialogue 2, you write in the second such dialogue, so I actually understood that the application sees 2 dialog boxes)
It happens that if you are chatting with an unfamiliar person, you will discuss / end the dialogue, and afterwards, apparently, he sees my second first message and again responds to the message from the diologist that we have already finished), in general you feel at the same time with some kind of ideot and you have to justify yourself for a double.)
There is no such version on the PC. Hopefully made clear sense.
Thanks for attention.

Browser: Safari ios 9.3.5
Skin: Usual

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