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Keenetic | Management application routers Keenetic

Rep: (1152)
version: 7

Last update of the program in the header:27.03.2020

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Short description:
For the new generation of Internet kinetics centers with KeeneticOS 3.0, we have created a special application and cloud service that expands the capabilities of the device.

The app is designed for simple operation and configuration of Wi-Fi Keenetic system.

The latest cloud technologies provide easy access from anywhere in the world and inform about events in the home network.

The application allows you to configure the Internet connection, update KeeneticOS version, manage Wi-Fi and other settings.

You can view the connection status, current speed, manage connected devices and Internet access. Available speed limits and access the timetable, traffic statistics and block unwanted sites.

The application is designed to work with devices on KeeneticOS version 3.1 and above. For older versions, please useMy.Keenetic
Keenetic Resources
Useful information
Supported routers Keenetic
Model | Part Number | NDM HW ID:
  • 4G KN-1210-01RU KN-1210
  • Air KN-1610-01RU KN-1610
  • Air KN-1611-01RU KN-1611
  • City KN-1510-01RU KN-1510
  • Extra KN-1710-01RU KN-1710
  • Extra KN-1711-01RU KN-1711
  • Giga KN-1010-01RU KN-1010
  • Lite KN-1310-01RU KN-1310
  • Lite KN-1311-01RU KN-1311
  • Omni KN-1410-01RU KN-1410
  • Start KN-1110-01RU KN-1110
  • Ultra KN-1810-01RU KN-1810
  • Viva KN-1910-01RU KN-1910
  • DSL KN-2010-01RU KN-2010
  • Duo KN-2110-01RU KN-2110
  • Speedster KN-3010-01RU KN-3010
  • Keenetic Air EMG1800-T10A ki_ra
  • Keenetic Extra II EMG1812-T10A ki_rb
  • Keenetic Giga III EMG2880-T10A kng_re
  • Keenetic Ultra II EMG2885-T20A ku_rd

Android required: 4.3 or later
Requires KeeneticOS: 3.1 or later
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Keenetic Limited
Homepage: https://keenetic.com/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keenetic.kn
My.Keenetic application: My.Keenetic (Post enpa # 49419150)
Keenetic Technical support: here

Version 7 Keenetic (Post G.I.A. # 94093543)

Past versions

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Reason for edit: Update 7

Rep: (35)
* mozdok82 , And in this application unless you can manage your schedule?

Rep: (284)
mozdok82 @ 27.10.19, 10:02*
it is impossible to add a schedule for Saturday and Sunday

I added (extreme version)

Posted on 27/10/2019, 12:37:

* L.B.,

Rep: (2)
* L.B. Yes it is possible, I created a general profile of the family added to the device of children, where the line runs continuously push edit, create a schedule

Rep: (804)
Good afternoon, tell you can somehow see the total traffic statistics for the last month, as the statistics of the current month, as in the first screenshot? I see what you can see by day (as in the image below 2, but it would have been the first, or only at the end of the month to see?)
Attached Image

Attached Image

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Rep: (4954)
Keenetic v5 GP
What's new:
The main screen, Account, Network List, Device List, etc .: UI improvements.
Fixed bugs teamwork lock and schedules.
The app now does not offer to upgrade the OS on the Internet centers without access to the Internet.
Fixed local connection to the Internet centers without access to the Internet.
Fixed a problem causing the inability to walk away with a QR-code screen.
Fixed display of Internet filters, traffic statistics.
Stability is improved, applications falling corrected.

Attached fileKeenetic v5.apk(16.18 MB)

Rep: (21)
* And_RU It falls. These cleared - still crashes when trying to enter

Rep: (284)
From version to version, and we have not made a translation into Russian, two lines of "firewalls"

Rep: (1102)
ggg33 @ 16.11.19, 21:04*
We did not make a translation into Russian, two lines of "firewalls"
may atkeenetic forumreport it, there developers read

Rep: (284)
* valeramalko,
I have not registered, all hands do not reach))

Rep: (804)
* ggg33,
And feedback respond much not talked to potderzhku have Keenetika most accommodating support.
In my question, proposed several options with links to various resources, even then they themselves have written to the issue in a few days or not happen), I was surprised, normally support the work of the pattern / principle unsubscribe. (Do not write in question, excluding leading questions, not to provoke a dialogue, in a general cultural otmazatsya)), it's different in Keenetik.

Rep: (151)
After the upgrade, when connected via mobile. Internet all registered devices is offline, and the router itself (Giga KN-1010) is also offline, although 3-5 devices are always online. On WiFi (when at home), the router can be seen online, but also all the devices offline.
Giga KN-1010 OS Version 3.3 Beta 3

Rep: (1)
I also after the update when connected via mobile. Internet router offline (Giga III). On WiFi (when at home), the router can be seen online,
Giga III Current version KeeneticOS: 3.1.10 After the old application My.Keenetic all works

Rep: (15)
As nichrome not connected, so Nichrome not connected!
Developers, Ay!

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Rep: (722)
* tener And you have the admin user has permission to access the web-based interface online center?
Without it, I also have not connected.

Rep: (15)
* Vitalk031,
I have admin access to the settings and everything else.
Here I click: Master settings- connect on wifi. Written when the router is not configured scan the code, it is not my case because the router is already configured.
Option 2 "Connect manually" - already connected! The program does not see the router in the face. Where it says "search network" - emptiness.
Via email do not want to connect only locally.

Rep: (722)
* tener And that's something I'm not sure that the new application can be operated without a cloud account. Connect - yes, but after the exchange with the server.

Rep: (15)
Understood. Keenetic Cloud v2 has not been included in the router. I turned on and working. Now I will deal with the application possibilities.

Rep: (13)
Pulled out!

I can not connect. A blank window.

Vayfay in vayfay home network, and the application still requires a search for your router and connect vayfay.

I introduced some experimental features that CID (stupidly had to climb in vebmordu there 256kb password (just kidding) and copy it into the text, and flip in a shared folder), introduced, but then need to enter the admin password. Even I do not want to smoke it for the password. Damn general

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (258)
noknok @ 2.12.19, 11:05*
then need to enter the admin password
When you first set up the router you are invited to choose a password. You use it to enter the vebmordu. Here it needs it ...

Rep: (26)
6. If your Internet-connected Keenetic center for higher router, make sure that in its settings in the Network screen (firewall), there are no rules for blocking traffic, which can be used in work with cloud servers.

Which rules do you mean?
What ports need to work Keenetic Cloud v2?

I Keenetic Viva is not added to the application is not yet connected it to the Internet through mobillu and then added via the website.
When the router is returned back (connected by one router) the application does not see him. IP is not naturally Public.
There is a similar standing router (GIGA) elsewhere (also behind a router and also not of public ip), so there is all the rules - kinetics added via LAN

In the old application (V1) there are no problems - the router is added and can be seen

Any ideas?

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