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Keenetic | Management application routers Keenetic

Rep: (1061)
version: 1

Last update of the program in the header:20.09.2019

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Short description:
For the new generation of Internet kinetics centers with KeeneticOS 3.0, we have created a special application and cloud service that expands the capabilities of the device.

The app is designed for simple operation and configuration of Wi-Fi Keenetic system.

The latest cloud technologies provide easy access from anywhere in the world and inform about events in the home network.

The application allows you to configure the Internet connection, update KeeneticOS version, manage Wi-Fi and other settings.

You can view the connection status, current speed, manage connected devices and Internet access. Available speed limits and access the timetable, traffic statistics and block unwanted sites.

The application is designed to work with devices on KeeneticOS version 3.1 and above. For older versions, please useMy.Keenetic
Description Beta version
Quick search, connection and setup of the Internet center, user account, event notifications, monthly statistics, fast and stable access from anywhere in the world are the main features of the new application.

The application is in active development, technically and conceptually. First of all, we focused on unique features that weren't previously in My.Keenetic, and indeed in Keenetic routers.

Some details:

The application is part of a cloud service. ”Keenetic cloud”, Which will be presented later and, among other things, already has:
  • User accounts: registration, login to the account through a browser or application. The list of Internet centers is no longer tied to a specific mobile phone.
  • Web-portal, which will further duplicate the functionality of the application. The prototype can be found here:

From the interesting features of the application I would like to note:
  • Adding Internet centers in any mode of operation: router, adapter, access point, amplifier
  • Automatic search for devices in the local network. The IP and control port of the Internet center are no longer important, the application will automatically find all Keenetic routers
  • Remote addition of an Internet center by CloudID (CID). You can find out the CID of the Internet Center in the web interface, on the “General Settings” page
  • Email notifications about events. For example, on changing the status of Kinetics (online / offline) - we will notify if the provider has disabled the Internet, and will notify again when it turns on. There are many more types of notifications in the plans, but for now we will not reveal the cards.
  • Push notifications from the Keenetic app:
    Attached Image

  • Notifications from the telegram-bot Keenetic Notifier (ОІeta):
    Attached Image

  • Global statistics. The presence of the cloud allows you to aggregate and retrieve data of any group of devices or users for any period of time up to a month
  • Family profiles - allow you to manage groups of connected devices that have a common owner. For example, you can disconnect from the Internet all the gadgets of your child
  • Locations: Kinetics that are in the same local network are displayed as a group. The group can consist of an Internet center in the main mode and Kinetics in additional modes, or only from Keenetic in the add. modes
  • Segment support, as in the new web-interface, with all the additional parameters
  • End-2-end encryption between Keenetic, the cloud and the application using Curve25519 + AES technology, P2P sessions and key registers securely protect the transmitted data


Cloud Service Keenetic Cloud v2 is working in experimental mode!
Always use the latest version of KeeneticOS from the sandbox "Stable", "Beta", "Draft".

Go to the update channel "Draft" and install the latest firmware version as follows:

  1. Download version of KeenetocOS 3.0 draft or beta -here
  2. Install .bin firmware version fileby file upload
  3. After installing / updating the router, go to the settings athttp:// activate the Keenetic Cloud v2 (Experimental) Cloud Service module:
    Attached Image

  4. Cloudy connect remote client by adding or CID being in the Home segment Keenetic application, checking work.

Keenetic Resources
Useful information
Supported routers Keenetic
Model | Part Number | NDM HW ID:
  • 4G KN-1210-01RU KN-1210
  • Air KN-1610-01RU KN-1610
  • City KN-1510-01RU KN-1510
  • Extra KN-1710-01RU KN-1710
  • Giga KN-1010-01RU KN-1010
  • Lite KN-1310-01RU KN-1310
  • Omni KN-1410-01RU KN-1410
  • Start KN-1110-01RU KN-1110
  • Ultra KN-1810-01RU KN-1810
  • Viva KN-1910-01RU KN-1910
  • DSL KN-2010-01RU KN-2010
  • Duo KN-2110-01RU KN-2110
  • Keenetic Air EMG1800-T10A ki_ra
  • Keenetic Extra II EMG1812-T10A ki_rb
  • Keenetic Giga III EMG2880-T10A kng_re
  • Keenetic Ultra II EMG2885-T20A ku_rd

Android required: 4.3 or later
Requires KeeneticOS: 3.1 or later
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Keenetic Limited
Homepage: https://keenetic.com/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keenetic.kn
My.Keenetic application: My.Keenetic (Post enpa # 49419150)

Poor application works? Mistakes? Problems? Please report all technical support: here

Attached fileKeenetic 1.apk(15.74 MB)

Beta version

Post has been editedenpa - 29.09.19, 18:53
Reason for editing: update

Rep: (31)
I really liked the app better than the old one.

Rep: (31)
I do not understand where in the new version to find USB?

Rep: (5)
Are there any dates for launching the application?

Rep: (432)

The module "cloudcontrol2", necessary for the application to work, is not yet available in the channel "Stable". To test the Keenetic application, go to the Draft or Beta update channel. Always use the latest firmware version.

Not quite correct information, on the last, last but one stabilizers this application works.

Post has been editedSedy - 18.06.19, 16:24

Rep: (1061)
* Sedy all right, it works, but in the experimental version.

* Stubborn, There is no exact time yet. But the beta version can be used, it works quite stably.

Post has been editedenpa - 19.06.19, 11:48

Rep: (5)
* enpa , now even on beta does not work. Does not allow to register the device. Here is the answer TP: This is the instability of the beta version of the new remote access module. The firmware version 3.1 will be fixed.

Rep: (1061)
* Stubborn, Yes, you can go to the "Draft" channel and install 3.1, for example a file from the Vault, and check - https://yadi.sk/d/25ygSiwXJlIyog

Rep: (5)
* enpa , the draft, as I understand it, can behave very unpredictably?

Rep: (1061)
* Stubborn, Yes, because this is an experimental version, with new fixes, features, modifications.

Rep: (432)
Rested @ 06/19/19 11:51*
now even on beta does not work. Does not allow to register the device.

Register a router on the site itselfkeenetic.cloudenter the CID of your router, then launch the application and it will automatically pick up the device itself, taking its data from the keenetic.cloud service

Enable and copy CID
Attached Image

Post has been editedSedy - 19.06.19, 12:28

Rep: (5)
* Sedy , never gives register

Rep: (432)
Rested @ 06/19/19 12:25*
never gives register

Just checked, registered a new account to a person on the site.keenetic.cloudand his device perfectly registered on the site and in the mobile application.
Application is called"Keenetic (test version)"and do not confuse it with another application"My.Keenetic"

Post has been editedSedy - 19.06.19, 13:16

Rep: (5)
* Sedy The CID is clear. Password and login from the router is necessary to score?

Rep: (432)
Rested @ 06/19/19 13:17*
Password and login from the router is necessary to score?

A strange question, Yes, you need to enter both the login and password from the router.

Post has been editedSedy - 19.06.19, 13:18

Rep: (5)
* Sedy , I clarified, maybe I am doing something wrong :) here are screenshots from the site and from the application. From the computer the same error
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (5)
* Sedy I have a different guess. On the page of cloud keenetic, it is written that the device will automatically register to receive an additional guarantee, and I have already passed this registration a long time ago. Maybe because of this

Post has been editedStubborn - 19.06.19, 13:34

Rep: (0)
The same situation as rested. When I try to register on the site through cid, an error is received that incorrect password or login, although I enter the correct one and with the correct register.

Rep: (0)
I can not add a device.

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Rep: (245)
Email notifications about events. For example, about changing the status of Kinetics (online / offline) - we will notify if the provider has disabled the Internet, and will notify again when it turns on

Good for those who have several options for connecting to the Internet, home and work, and bad memory.)

Rep: (16)
Yesterday I installed through the play market. I was able to enter the account after I closed the application. Very long add new devices. Also, not all routers display online clients connected to the network; the status of off line is on, while My keenetic correctly displays their status. The intuitive interface is not immediately clear, but a matter of habit. I think the application will be finalized. Through the site, customer management is not implemented at all.

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