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HTC U12 + - Accessories | Smartphone 5.99 "

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Accessories forHTC U12 +
PictureHTC U12 +, HTC U12 Plus, HTC Imagine
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Post has been editedLexx808 - 16.06.19, 22:20
Reason for editing: Two cables

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* Goryna,
I got a non-slippery phone at all, it's more psychological, so it will be enough for him :) fitbag is a cult manufacturer of socks by the way

Post has been editedddimi - 28.04.19, 00:13

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We move to the sectionDevice accessories

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* Goryna Then too, give a link to this flat glass. Because if it covers the whole screen, it will appeal to all those who are irritated shaded frame 3D-glasses.

Rep: (114)
SLA8 @ 29.04.19, 00:29*
Goryna, then will give a link to this flat glass.

Easy. Oops ... but right now it is no longer ...
I was satisfied at 100. But clarify-screen covers to fillets and black covers akantovku screen.

Post has been editedGoryna - 29.04.19, 11:04

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Case came with Ali
Attached Image
Attached Image

Very pleasant to the touch, high-quality, soft and not gromoztsky. Skintight, not a lot of sticks on top of the screen, a few mm. All openings fit perfectly. In general, this kind of covers, is the best that I had. Therefore, I decided to lay out.
640.53 rubles. | For HTC U12 to HTC U11 Plus X-level Guardian Soft Matte TPU Silicone Case for the phone to HTC U11 coque Scrub back cover

Rep: (258)
* boxer198615 , I had a similar case "X-LEVEL", but for U11 +. Indeed, a beautiful and pleasant to the touch cover.

Post has been editedSLA8 - 30.04.19, 03:01

Rep: (394)
* SLA8 ,
Glass you will not soon come to the screen? Very interesting, it eats up the screen or not.

Rep: (258)
* boxer198615 , Mean glass Cheerymoon ? I did not order it, because I had already 2 glasses Imak pro (Pasted one, the second spare). But glass Cheerymoon ordered * fishinn and promised write a feedback. We wait.

Post has been editedSLA8 - 01.05.19, 15:54

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Type-c the replacement cable (For those who own "crunch" or simply fell off):

good cable,fast charging works fine(Native charger NTS). Manufacturer Ugreen. The quality of any claims, to buy different products of their production. Everything works fine.

Rep: (6)
urik27 @ 3.05.19, 13:23*
Type-c cable replacement (for those who own "crunch" or simply fell off):

Thank you once ordered, chic colors

review cover adore june berlin

Attached Image

Cover sock that cleans your phone from fingerprints, and automatically. Prochnenky material, similar to the one used to make heavy winter jackets, rough such moisture repellent. Inside psevdosherst not cheap. Of course, if you do not trust their motor skills, then there is no point in taking as a phone to use in the end have no cover. But looks gorgeous as a plus phone is always out of the box


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* SLA8 , Dear and you have no glass so-called air track? I was very upset about emak glass.

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (258)
* SWATc4 Yes, there are exactly the same footprint. But I got used to almost not notice, because when the screen is on, these 2 air strips are almost invisible. We look forward to the review by the glass Cheerymoon, maybe it will be better.

Rep: (3)
* SLA8 , He was going to order two with Allie. One is the second chimun mofi. Watch any better.

Rep: (32)
Finally I received. Here are just straight. I stick the other day. While only a preliminary impression.
Packaging bottom. Photos under spoiler. No branded box, simply inserted into a pocket of soft thin material (xs as it is called correctly) and is enclosed between the two halves of the foam.
Glass glued to the base, but on top of the protective film is not conveying. Finger on it slides easily like. But now the air is visible in one of the corners - is almost certain that if it is well on the substrate, it is unlikely that this place will be pasted without air himself smart.
In general, so far disappointed. And there hooked - we'll see. Suddenly, a miracle happens ...

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (8)
fishinn @ 04.05.19, 17:00*
In general, so far disappointed

But you have been warned ..HTC U12 + - Purchase (Post allset # 84052250)

The best thing is, until out of glasshttps://www.ebay.com/i...ad6:g:dj8AAOSwr8hbVaup

Post has been editedallset - 05.05.19, 21:15

Rep: (258)
Fishinn writes about glass "Cheerymoon", and not about Imak, and not about any more.

allset @ 5.05.19, 20:40*
The best thing is, until out of glass

And sold only 1 thing. No comments. And it is completely transparent. Is there a fully transparent glass, which would be glued over its entire surface? Typically, transparent glass kleyut adhesive on the frame, and between the screen and the glass remains air layer, making the screen gray.

Do you have this glass? Please show how it looks on the phone.

Post has been editedSLA8 - 05.05.19, 23:58

Rep: (11)
allset @ 05.05.19, 20:40*
But you have been warned

So you do not just warned fiercely and forced to get rid of the phone! Why then the glass? And to you it why? Bidding, and we can and without glass popolzuemya!

Rep: (8)
SLA8 @ 05.05.19, 21:56*
And sold only 1 thing.

What is sold is one thing, says that people are not eager to buy glass for 15 bucks, this is firstly, and secondly - in China HTC 12+ finally nafig nobody needs, the model is not sold, and even pay for the glass. Well, I personally ordered more sympathetic, for 220 rubles, the entire surface is glued, black frames do not. Fully transparent, but the cuts for a miserable cameras. There are much better. But since I now have a film on a smart - go with the film. film price - 98 rubles, it is not 980 per glass. When pokotsali film - a change in the glass for 180 rubles. The film has only one drawback - no oleophobic.

SLA8 @ 05.05.19, 21:56*
Is there a fully transparent glass, which would be glued over its entire surface?

But it !!!https: //ru.aliexpress....311.0.0.274233edE2KmKu
The entire surface. But I do not recommend taking. For sending is not what the picture - cut just dumb.

Posted 05/06/2019, 1:28:

OAV65 @ 05.05.19, 22:17*
And to you it why?

Bought suffer))

Rep: (11)
* ovstanislav,
* Goryna,
How to deal with "ears" have not come yet?

Rep: (931)
* OAV65 , I would write at once.
In late May, at best.

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