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What State you bought?
GU on Rockchip processor
MCU CHS [ 2 ] ** [5,71%]
MCU HXD [ 5 ] ** [14,29%]
MCU HA [ 3 ] ** [8,57%]
MCU MX [ 2 ] ** [5,71%]
MCU OLS [ 0 ] ** [0%]
MCU LY [ 0 ] ** [0%]
MCU GS [ 5 ] ** [14,29%]
MCU CSN2 [ 4 ] ** [11,43%]
MCU LM [ 2 ] ** [5,71%]
MCU STM 32 [ 2 ] ** [5,71%]
MCU CZ [ 0 ] ** [0%]
MCU ZST [ 0 ] ** [0%]
MCU TP67G1D [ 1 ] ** [2,86%]
MCU TP6735 [ 0 ] ** [0%]
MCU S32F0_XinRC [ 1 ] ** [2,86%]
GU on Spreadtrum SC9853I processor [ 8 ] ** [22,86%]
PG on another processor (MT / AC8227, Allwinner, MediaTek) [ 2 ] ** [5,71%]
Total votes: 35

Rep: (457)
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Decided to create a theme for the selection of the head unit in the android operating system (hereinafter referred GU) and be detailed to begin your choice and what to look for. The topic is discussed only the choice of the CEO and all connected with it (technical issues and solutions discussed in the relevant core topics of your GU).

Before writing a post, usePictureperhaps for your car model have already been found good options.

Three rules:
- miser pays twice;
- more is not always better;
- there are no ideal State.

So go:
Choose percent and the amount of RAM
The first thing to choose is the type of processor and RAM. Note that the firmware of different topics are not suitable for each other. Manufacturers set in his State following processors (most popular):

Processor: RockChip PX6 / RK3399 (Six-core, quad-core Cortex A-53 frequency of 1.5 GHz, two cores Cortex A-72 @ 1.8 GHz) 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of memory, android 8.1. or 9.0. The fastest is usually already has a built-in DSP audio processor. It has an HDMI video output. Perc users run-length and breadth, has a bunch of firmware, including modified (Ruth rights flexible configuration, complete Russian translation, and a bunch of utilities).
Topics in the forum on this proce:
Forum topic MCU MTCD / E / P_HHH)
Forum topic # 2 (economy version without DSP, MCU STM 32 - 20,190,622 - 11 - Kc6 - 26)
Forum topic # 3 MCU: TP67G1D

Processor: RockChip PX5 / RK3368 (8 cores a frequency of 1.5 GHz) Android 8.0. or 9.0, 4 GB RAM, 32/64 memory.
Smart and very popular, some "Brands" PG (as well as any other nuclear 8) have a heat problem. Perc users run-length and breadth, has a bunch of firmware, including modified (Ruth rights flexible configuration, complete Russian translation, and a bunch of utilities).
Topics in the forum on this proce:
Forum topic (MCU MTCD / E / P_HHH)
Forum topic # 2 (manufacturer Klyde version MCU CSN2)
Forum topic # 3 (seller Joying MCU TP6735)
Forum topic # 4 (MCU S32F0_XinRC; S32F0_LingYun)

Processor: RockChip PX30 / RK3326 (4 cores a frequency of 1.5. GHz) Android 8.1. or 9.0, 2 GB of RAM memory 16/32. The new processor was developed in 2018 specifically for the State. Economy option, but it is enough for today, for most tasks (navigation, internet, music, etc.). Many complain about the backlog in the navigation software on this proce.
Please note that many sellers sell GU with 2 GB of RAM without specifying the type of processor, so check with the seller what kind of percent in the MG. PX30 percent distinguish from other possible description of its core - it should be the core cortex A35! Perc users run-length and breadth, has a bunch of firmware, including modified (Ruth rights flexible configuration, complete Russian translation, and a bunch of utilities).
Topics in the forum on this proce:
Forum topic (MCU MTCE)
Forum topic в„–2 (MCU MCU: TP67G1D ...)

Processor: Spreadtrum SC9853I (Intel) 64-bit, eight-, 4.2 GB of RAM. It has a built-in slot for the SIM-card Internet, 4G LTE support. The second speed after PX6 (according antutu).
Topics in the forum on this proce:
Subject to the forum and other Fanrover
Separate issue GU Teyes
Separate issue GU Sinosmart
Topway is a separate issue

Processor MT / AC8227L (often in the description of Ali - M188G, L) 4 core clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, 2.1 GB of RAM, feykovye 8, 9, 9.1. 10 and android type DSP. Percent of the subsidiary company Mediatek. Cheapest option in the price range of $ 50-150, for the money you can take only PG in this proce. Under certain completions and finished can juzat (I recommend immediately ordered separately chip amplifier and radio replacement).
Topics in the forum on this proce:
Forum thread
Forum topic 2 (Wonderfoo)
Forum topic 3 (Mekede)

Processor: Allwinner T7
6 nuclei cortex A7, android 7.1., RAM 2 GB. New percent, which supports a circular survey system.
Not yet run-users. Of information until a little. Look for such State from the seller Ownice (version K5). Included, in theory, is a system for circular view (camera unit).

Processor: Rockchip PX3 four cores (Quad Core) Cortex A9 1.6GHz, RAM 2GB, internal memory 16 / 32GB, Android 7.1.2. State budget option. Obsolete model.
Forum thread

Processor: Allwinner T8 Octa Core 1.8 GHz (8 cortex A7 cores)
2 RAM memory 16/32. Android 6.0 - 8.1.
The old core cortex A7. Obsolete model.
Forum thread

Processor: MediaTek. As a rule, they are used in GU production Ownice.
Model C600 - MT3562 processor, 8 cores ARM Cortex-A53, 1.5-1.8GHz, RAM: 2 GB. Android 6.0
Has a built-in SIM card slot for the Internet, support for 4G LTE.
Not as popular as the above suggested percent, but these processors are used and GU manufacturers. With respect to this producer I can not say anything because they do not yuzal State on this platform. Obsolete model.
Forum thread

Comparison of PX30 and PX5 processors
Comparison of PX5 and PX6 processors
Compare processors and Speadtrum PX6

Infa by Antutu (points):
PX30 ~ 34,000 - 45,000;
PX5 ~ 46000-65000;
Spreadtrum SC9853I (Intel) ~ 64000 - 75000
PX6 ~ 90,000 - 110,000
Mediatek ~ 30000-45000 (4 and 8 cores, respectively).

Test geekbench PX5, PX6, Speadtrum>>>

select the radio

The most common radio modules of manufacturers TDA7786 (not very reviews) or the more fashionable FM tuner Phillips (NXP) TEF668X (many manufacturers use it as a top-end module).
TDA7708S-7 is the latest radio module, which appeared relatively recently. Very good quality (my personal opinion). Now many manufacturers are switching to this module.

Choose a sound
There are three of the most common sound amplifiers in the PG market. TDA7388 - not very user reviews. If you listen to the radio, it will. TDA7851 or 7850 can be taken either, both are good (there is not much difference). The only difference is that in TDA7851 the power is slightly reduced and due to this, the heating of the PG is reduced. Often sellers call these amplifiers ST7850 (51) because their manufacturer is STMicroelectronics.
For fans of super sound we chooseDSPa processor that allows you to fine-tune your acoustics for you. I recommend to buy. Many lots are already sold with DSP, some come as an additional option for a fee.

WiFi and Bluetooth modules
It is also advisable to ask the seller for versions of chips and modules:
- Blutooth, e.g. BC6, BC8, IVT-i145 aka SD8350, SD968, WQ_RF210 (bluetooth 5.0), etc.
- WIFI (realtek RTL8188ETV, etc.);
Strongly DO NOT recommend taking a paired WiFi and Bluetooth module Realtek-RTL8723BU-USB-WIFI-BT. In such a module, when you turn on Bluetooth, WiFi will not work well and vice versa.
Also, some versions of Bluetooth and WiFi modules, a USB hub have a problem at low temperatures.

Screen type
What type of screen to choose IPS or conventional? And if there is the IPS? There is no doubt that they are, in principle, exist for the State. Most of the "IPS" on AliEkspress will banal screens with increased backlight brightness in night mode is fraught with dropped eyes. Brightness will be such that will hinder you to drive in the dark. All GU today are equipped with displays that allow you to clearly see the image at any angle, but some models in sunny weather really will be better to transfer the image.
Display: 7, 8, 9, 10.1-inch models have a resolution of 1024 * 600, 1280 * 720.
6.2, 6.95 inches - 800 * 480

Appearance and equipment
Most of the State almost entirely interchangeable with the standard of your head against, but some things can not work or do not fit. Such as full-time rear-view camera or a regular microphone of your car will not work, because of their banal nowhere to connect to the new State. In this case, that would connect its native camera, microphone, USB, AUX buy more different adapters or "farm" system established by the Chinese miracle. Some State support all those chips. You must specify all of this information from the seller, read customer reviews.
Often in GU there is no tulip for the front camera (Front cam, F-cam), so if you plan to use such a camera, pay attention to this when choosing a GU. Some GU models have only two tulip audio instead of 4. Therefore, if you connect your 4-channel speakers to your head, then you need 4 tulip audio (usually denoted by rear out L-R and Front out L-R).
Before buying, make sure that you do not need (or need)CAN BUS
Attached Image

This is a magic box without which a regular rear-view camera, amplifier, backlight, climate readings, steering buttons, etc. may not work in your car. Theory -to read.
The first signs that you (maybe!)needcanbus.
Also, by default, GUs are often equipped with a universal ISO adapter or the so-called Euro-chip.
Euro chip
Attached Image
It does not fit all cars and you need to take a picture of your connectors in the car before buying. Therefore, in order not to cut the standard wiring in your car, buy from the seller an adapter for Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc.
Attached Image

You must also selectappearance
Approximate sizes of most GU displayshere
Can I buy a head from someone else's carYou can!
The lack of buttons on the steering wheel can be solvedSO

Most sellers on Ali are not manufacturers and sell other people's GU. You can identify the manufacturer by the MCU version, which a satisfied customer informed you and which has the following MCU version format: MTCE_YB. or for example MCU: MTCE_HA. These letters YB, HA are the designations of this or that manufacturer.
That is, before ordering, ask the seller for a screenshot of the MCU version or go over the reviews - maybe someone posted a screenshot of this menu.
MCU version
Attached Image

Attached Image

A selection of universal GU >>>


Blacklist sellers >>>

GU sellers:
- Dasaitaor Hot Audio
- Mekede
- Klyde
- Ownice
- Silver Strong
- Wondefoo
- Idoing
- Erisin
- Witson
- Isudar
- Eunavi
- Hizpo
- Bonroad
- MKTNAVI (Dasaita)
- Fongent
- Funrover
- Some very cheap boutiques
- Pumpkin
- Autostereo
- Sinosmart
- Teyes

What do you need to know?
In the seller’s lot it can be written:
"optional" - means that the proposed option will be added only after your surcharge. Sometimes this can be done independently when choosing a complete set of GU, and sometimes you need to write about this to the seller. For example, most GUs will NOT have a video output for headrest monitors, although there is a video-out tulip in the pictures. In reality, this microcircuit is missing in the head and you will not get the video by connecting an additional monitor. Partially, you can only get video output from a DVD drive (if available in the GU).
"Without or Not included" - means without a function (for example, a version of GU without DSP, without car play);
"With" - the function is included in the lot (with DSP, with canbus).
It is advisable to buy a GU on the latest Android, as manufacturers do not allow the normal, normal way to update the version.
Did you find your favorite radio? Do not rush to order! Often the same head for different sellers is different. So, for example, MTKNAVI Store sells Dasaita manufacturer’s GU at cheaper prices than Dasaita on its “official” website. The manufacturer's Klyde store sells GU more expensively than the same Kanor outbid that it buys from Klyde! Also check all the products in the store of your choice, as the cunning seller often sells the same model at different prices: censored:
State on the basis of Rockchip processor can be upgraded by replacing the CPU board. That is, buy cheap PX30, in a year to buy a processor board PX5-PX6 and just replace (as we change the RAM on the computer). You can see it onvideo
Also bluetooth modules, TDA (amplifiers) and radios easily interchangeable. For example you find cheap Bosko at a good proce, but with the TDA7388, TDA7850, you can buy cost is $ 5 and the soldering module.

useful links
YOU ARE WELCOME! After the purchase of the head, share your experience, write a review. Together we really can help other users in the choice of State. After the purchase of the head do not rush to write a review on Ali - ride at least a week! Often write a review "Class, the super bomb, it works, put 5 stars, and a week later the head goes down or there are other problems. After purchasing the product, make a photo back of the recorder and photo version MCU and leave feedback on AliEkspress. You Now experienced buyers who need a photo of the box and the radio launcher, it's true:? D
Then please write a review in the following format:
- Make / chapels / year / equipment on your car;
- the name of the manufacturer and the seller, a link to the auction;
- MCU version;
- pictures launcher, ass GU, equipment;
- the presence or absence kanbasa:
- the pros and cons, and the rest.

: thank_you:

- Work Omnidirection 360 GU Ownice on proce T7tyk
- Installation of 10 inch head in Toyota Camry XV40 2006-2011tyk
- PG can be connected via a USB sound devicestyk

Useful links:
- rear-view camera I recommend from this Sellertyk
- Fakra antenna adapter for WV, Audi, Shkoda, etc.tyk
- Aux adapter for Peugeot, Citroentyk
- adapter for KZX Mazdatyk
- Adapter for standard KZH Toyotatyk.
- cooling proca:Fan with heatsink + only fan + thermal switch
- TDA7850 amplifier chiptyk
- Integrated circuit amplifier Pioneer PA2030A (4 * 60 W) - replacement TDA7388, 7850 (51)
- Power supply adapter for Nissantyk
- Power supply adapter for Nissan, Toyota, Kia, Honda, VW, etc.>>>
- USB adapter for Nissantyk
- USB adapter for Kiatyk
- the protective glass and the film (at the end of the post, see)tyk
- Glass 8 inch Volkswagen>>>
- 3G WiFi router>>>

I beg you, before asking for help in choosing, point toEnglish languagemake, model, year of your car and, if possiblephoto of your staffing GU . This will greatly facilitate the search for the desired device!
All links to sites are randomly selected and have no advertising character.

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Rep: (175)
* vve64 ,
If you are satisfied without variation krutilok then take the second option.

Rep: (0)
Denso @ 23.06.19, 18:02*
If you are satisfied without variation krutilok then take the second option.

By the way, if you really kolkhoz State Pushing into the niche, it may with 9 diagonal something? A?

Rep: (175)
* vve64 ,
Well, it's something you know better, you're going to use, in principle, yes.

Rep: (581)
Guys who
such a
Attached Image
radio, tell me how to set up channels ..

Post has been editedkerbala - 23.06.19, 19:59

Rep: (175)
* kerbala ,
I have a, if the antenna and radio rabotchee the arrows or run a search or manually circle (where FM2 written) with a finger catch a wave and then a long tapom Room programa station.

Rep: (457)
* kerbala , Click the magnifying glass and automatically find and store all stations.

Rep: (581)
Denso @ 06/23/19 20:04*
long tap in number program

With a long tap, only the name changes
Attached Image

It also seems to save the station, auto search is triggered and switches to another station (

Posted 06/23/2019 at 8:16 PM:

* ES.,
Magnifier is looking bad. and not all channels are needed

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* kerbala ,
For automatic recognition of the station need to factory settings enable rds.
A bit busy BBQ, later I can put the video

Rep: (581)
Denso @ 06/23/19, 20:25*
I can upload video

I will be grateful.

Rep: (457)
kerbala @ 23.06.19, 19:58*
radio, tell me how to set up channels ..

And it's all over the radio? How do you put it?

Rep: (175)
* ES. ,
This Pumpkin, right now I do not remember mtcc suffix video dumped then say

Rep: (581)
ES. @ 06/23/19, 21:33*
How did you put it?

The Chinese sent a new firmware with the correction of time, there is a radio.

Rep: (457)
* kerbala , Well as far as I can remember you have the same suffix MCU CHS?
You can ask for a link to the firmware?

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Rep: (581)
* ES., such

Posted 06/06/2019 22:18:

ES. @ 06/23/19 22:12*
link to the firmware?

1. new version mcu
https: // usp = drivesdk
mcu updating video
2. new version system
https: // usp = drivesdk
system updating video

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Rep: (175)
kerbala @ 23.06.19, 21:17*
1. new version mcu

If this is you, he recently sent it pipeeeeets some ancient, KLD has long been gone for 3.xx!

Rep: (581)
Denso @ 06/23/19, 10:41 PM*
recently sent

yes, a week ago)

Rep: (457)
Denso @ 06/23/19, 10:41 PM*
If this is you, he recently sent it pipeeeeets some ancient

That is what version of LCF?)

Rep: (457)
kerbala @ 23.06.19, 22:43*
yes, a week ago)

ATthistopic in the cap there is a link to Yandex drive. There's all the latest on your head. LCF version 3.10

Post has been editedES. - 23.06.19, 23:08

Rep: (175)
* ES. ,
2.88 KLD

Here is a video as promised

https: //www.myqnapclou...2m266s1sv0288y_6bpbrvB

Password Roman letters: alex

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Rep: (457)
Denso @ 06/23/19, 23:23*
2.88 KLD

It's all very well, that's just the man bought his head MCU CHS manufacturer, and turns his head flashed a stranger LCF?)

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