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Reason for editing: Children's Day

Rep: (361)
* esleer
No, I'm an old electronics engineer, this is my specialty.

Rep: (1034)
* woffka Well, as if I'm also not young already. A soldering iron in his hands began to hold for about 13 years somewhere.
Then a Jewish teacher infected me with this direction.

Rep: (361)
Esleer @ 04/05/19, 13:15*
Soldering iron in hand

Just, eeh ... soon fifty dollars will be like he is in his hands ...: drinks:

Rep: (1034)
woffka @ 04/05/19, 14:18*
how is he in the hands ...

It happens: friends:

Rep: (906)
Soon fifty dollars will be, as he is in the hands ...: drinks:
I have a soldering iron for 40 years, lately I solder to the touch, I do not see a damn thing. : dirol:

Rep: (361)
Goshvit @ 04/05/19, 13:54*
lately soldering to the touch, I do not see a damn

Now such a small installation, as young eyes do not see very much .. In the course of SMD details, size 0201 or 01005?
Now it is necessary to solder much more with hot air than with a soldering iron, and even under a microscope, for example, mine at work, and under it a heating element, the board needs to be warmed up from below, they now have up to 10 layers of copper in PCB ..
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Rep: (906)
* woffka Yes, I finished soldering professionally 15 years ago. Now only for myself, as needed.

Rep: (1034)
woffka @ 04/05/19 16:17*
In the course of the SMD details, size 0201 or 01005?

Oh, how I knew that in the recent past. : thank_you:
Boards from 5 layers and above without a pre-heater are sometimes very difficult to heat up.
And yes, without a hair dryer now, unfortunately. Any planar microcircuit is much easier for them to remove than to pick it with a soldering iron. Although previously shot and them. Pour the solder on the contacts and heat from both sides. And then, after removal, you clean the board of excess solder.
Goshvit @ 04/05/19 16:22*
Now only for myself, as needed.
sometimes use at home. I bought myself a universal station, with a power supply and a voltage meter;)
P.S. I use this one.
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Reason for editing: P.S.

Rep: (361)
Esleer @ 04/05/19, 15:23*
Pour solder on the contacts and warm from both sides

No, unfortunately, they are now almost all ВµBGA performances, there are generally 2-level ones.
Here is an example, a microcircuit and that under it, 533 contacts
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Attached Image

Rep: (1034)
woffka @ 04/05/19 5:12*
Here is an example, a microcircuit and that under it, 533 contacts
Well, yes, you will not take this soldering iron.
I’m talking about old ones, where the conclusions are still outside, but now there are less and less of them.

Rep: (125)
Something you are here all about soldering, I thought about bad

Rep: (1034)
* April72,
Well, ask another topic. : thank_you:

Rep: (108)
Magisk-Manager-Recovery under the 19th magisk did not come across to anyone, the one that aroma?

Rep: (1034)
* uti_putin,
And what was he like in nature at all?

Rep: (2703)
uti_putin @ 04/07/19, 1:31*
Magisk-Manager-Recovery for 19th Magisk
If correctly described, then for now only Support v18.2 + and V1.8 Alpha, but in the description of it -Handle compatibility with Magisk v19.0- Compatibility with 19. And so, you need a scientific method - practice with us, check.
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Attached Image
Attached MB)

Post has been editedPalychRv - 07.04.19, 02:52
Reason for editing: module

Rep: (2703)
Esleer @ 04/04/19, 1:33*
And what was he like in nature at all?
: D you generally moduloMMRT_Aromaor strictly under Magisk_19?

Rep: (2703)
April72 @ 04/04/19, 18:29*
Something you are here all about soldering, I thought about bad
at that time, irons were also in fashion .... in '90.

Rep: (906)
PalychRv @ 04/04/19, 4:41*
Did you have a tach on it? It does not work for me.

Rep: (2703)
* Goshvit , I have no twrp at all: resent:

Rep: (310)
PalychRv @ 04/04/19, 12:19*
twrp no at all

50 Baku regret?

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