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This topic was created solely to discuss the technical features of Magisk modules.

Short description:
Adding various features using Magisk modules

Discussion of various utilities presented as modules for installation via Magisk

Android required: 5.0
Russian interface: Partially
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Perhaps a stupid question, or may have already asked: how to configure the installed modules? In Xposed, they are usually seen as applications, but not here.
I just installed a module that supposedly stops charging the device at a predetermined level in%, and I cannot find where to set this level.
The module is called Magic Charging Switch. Poke your nose pliz.

Rep: (50)
* EmperoR [BMS],
modules that have a setting require a terminal emulator. only through it can be customized.
In the descriptions for such modules there are instructions and links to profile topics.
your module is no exception)

Rep: (52)
EmperoR [BMS] @ 11.10.17, 16:54*
The module is called Magic Charging Switch. Poke your nose pliz.

The first link in the issue of Google.
In the terminal:
1. Stop charging at 80%:
>cs 80
2. Start charging at 20%, stop charging at 80%:
>cs 80 20

Rep: (76)
How to make the AM3D Zirene Sound module work? After launch, just a white screen ...
Phone Xiaomi mi5 Pro, firmware AospExtended-v4.6-Mod, Android 7.1.2.

Rep: (33)
Hello everyone, tell me if there is a magic module that can forcibly take away the permissions from applications?

Rep: (2908)
* dictator1983 ,
applicationВ®App Ops - Permission managerand the App Ops System Plugin module, is installed from the application

Rep: (7)
Tell me, what modules appeared in the list of modules: bin, etc, lib, su.d, xbin? For all these modules, there is no information in the description. I did not install them exactly, installed buzibox and ayos emoji.

Rep: (66)
* arseny_anon , screenshots at least provide

Rep: (7)
* katarn88,
Attached Image

Rep: (66)
* arseny_anon , and if you tap on it, what does it give?
And tried to turn them off?

Rep: (7)
* katarn88,
If you tap on them - there is no reaction. And with the shutdown - how ordinary modules behave: "The module will be disabled after a reboot / Activated .."
No, I have not tried it, because the FIG knows what the modules are. Suddenly something important. But I can try now, restart the phone.

Rep: (66)
* arseny_anon , try it. Just there are no such modules

Rep: (7)
* katarn88,
Disconnected, rebooted. Everything is as usual, like nothing has affected. With root everything is in order, with the system too.
I think they, in this case, you can safely remove, so as not to interfere?

Rep: (66)
* arseny_anon , make a backup just in case)

Rep: (6)
People, explain to me someone how the ExSDCard Access Enabler module works? And even then I do not understand what is the use of it

Rep: (7)
If this, then
ExSDCard Write Access Enabler

The module simply edits the necessary parts of the platform.xml file to enable writing to the memory card.

Rep: (6)
* leovi70-1 , Does this module allow writing to the sd card or allowing it to be used as internal memory?

Rep: (7)
Allows writing to SD card. To use the SD card as internal memory there is something else.

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* leovi70-1 , strange. For some reason, it does not work for me

Rep: (66)
* Isaiya , vanced settings-layuot settings-dark themes

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