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Cover Screen Lock - Time Password | [Widg], [HD] Phone lock time

Rep: (141)
Cover Screen Lock - Time Password
Version: 1.9.6

Last update of the program in the header:23.06.2019

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Short description:
Are you worried about opening your PIN when unlocking your phone? Here, Screen Lock - Time Password (Dynamic Password) is used for blocking. You can make your phone the current time with your password lock screen. And the time changes every minute, just like the password, so that no one can even guess it.

★ Cool iPhone style lock screen for your Android.
★ Support on most Android phones.
★ Fully customizable lock screen.
★ Very secure lock screen.
★ One of the best parallax lock effects.
★ customize sliding text. You can put your name or the name of your friend on the lock screen.
Wallpaper customize wallpaper for lock screen
You can apply wallpaper HD Screen or choose from the gallery.
Sound unlock sound enable / disable.
Vibration Unlock vibration on / off.
✔ 12-hour and 24-hour format supported.
✔ consume less memory and battery, simple and clean device.
✔ 100% secure and secure screen lock - time password
Choose your lock type
You can choose your own way to lock your Android phone (the password changes dynamically).
► Current Time: This is the default password of your lock screen. For example, if the time is 01:47, your PIN will be 0147.
► Pin code - the user can select any password.
► PIN + Minute password - for example, if you select the number 12 and the time is 01:45, your PIN will be 1245.
► Pin + Current time password - for example, if the number is 45, and time is 02:37, your PIN will be 450237.
► Pin + Day Passcode - for example, if the number 45 is chosen and the date is July 4, 2017, your PIN code will be 450407.
► PIN code + hour code - for example, if you select the number 12 and the time is 01:45, your PIN will be 4501.
★ How to open the hidden lock screen - password time?
1. Enter # 666 # 6 on the dial pad and press the call button.
★ How to block Xiaomi / MI phones?
► Xiaomi / MI phones have a different permissions management style. To use Screen Lock - Time Password on Xiaomi / MI phones, follow these steps.
1. Open the security app ->permissions.
Select permissions option ->Screen Lock - Time Password ->Allow all permissions.
2. Return to Permissions ->Autostart ->Allow Screen Lock - Timer for automatic start.
★ Explanation for permissions:
The advertising company must read the state of the phone and the state of the network in order to display and improve the quality of the AD there.
android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: lock screen
android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: lock the device as soon as it restarts
android.permission.CAMERA: image capture for lock screen wallpaper
android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to change the lock screen wallpaper
android.permission.PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS: for open lock screen

Lock Screen - Time Password will not collect your information.

Android required: 4.2 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Adria Devs [email protected]
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adriadevs.screenlock.ios.keypad.timepassword&hl=en
YouTube videos: https://youtu.be/c0CgRosLnes
- Added fingerprint support
- Fake icons
- Added new themes - Please read the style section and check out new stylish themes.
- Error correction.
- Performance improvement.
- Added new style

Version: 1.9.6 GP Post Ambeg Post # 9

Version: 1.8.5 mod pro
Post Vologhat # 83380289
Post mihaint1337
Past versions

Post has been editedAmbeg - 23.06.19, 21:14
Reason for editing: Version 1.9.6

Rep: (2754)
Russian interface: Yes

Translation would correct. Hurts the eye "currentyi time "," what name spouse "," what is the name of the first ... "," what is your favorite teacher's name ... ", etc.

Rep: (141)
* Slav_nsk Yes, I agree even more advertising from there cut!

Rep: (2754)
Ambeg @ 03/15/19 12:24*
advertisement from there cut

With this easier. Either try to do it yourself with the help of LP, or go with an order to the topic ClubModapk

Rep: (1261)
Screen Lock - Time Password
Version: 1.8.5

Features of the modification:
- Everything is bought
- More or less normal translation

Download: Attached fileLock Screen 1.8.5 [LightOne] .apk (10.34 MB)

Rep: (141)
* Vologhat ,

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Translation of course still lame.

Post has been editedAmbeg - 16.03.19, 09:40

Rep: (1)
: beta: Mod based on application version from@vologhat

What changed:
  • Corrected the translation and inaccuracies, but a couple more remained
  • Changed the signature (you can put in parallel)
  • Changed application icon (clean cosmetics)
  • Changed the name of the application (clean cosmetics)
  • Applied patches for the expansion of 18: 9, full-screen mode, reducing the requirements for the version of android, the substitution of information about the device, EMUI, MAC address and geolocation (let it be, just like that)

Attached files

Attached filePassword time_signed.apk(9.87 MB)

Post has been editedmihaint1337 - 01.06.19, 11:44

Rep: (1)
Version from01.06.2019 (1.9.4) , with advertising , but no one will die without unlocking. : beta:

What's new:
  1. Changed the signature (you can put in parallel)
  2. Fixed translation, but there are shortcomings
  3. Name changed
  4. A couple of patches (patch for fullscreen mode, 18: 9 and MAC substitution, EMUI, etc.),advertising not deleted
  5. Added new secret questions (from the developer itself)
  6. Fix bugs (from the developer)

Attached files

Attached fileLock by time_signed.apk(11.01 MB)

Post has been editedmihaint1337 - 01.06.19, 23:30

Rep: (141)
Type of: A new version
Version: 1.9.6
Short description: Screen Lock - Time Password
New opportunities
★ Cool iPhone lock screen style for android.
★ Support on most Android mobile phone.
★ Fully customizable lock screen.
★ High security screen lock.
★ One of the best parallax blocking effect.
★ Customize text slip. You can put your name or the name of your friend on your lock screen.

Attached files

Attached fileScreen Lock - Time Password_1.9.6.apk(11.33 MB)

Post has been editediMiKED - 24.06.19, 06:05
Reason for editing: version number correction

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