> Nokia Lumia 800 "Dialer" or not?
08.03.19, 03:42
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Nokia Lumia 800

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I bought a 800 lumi lately and I thought that it would be possible to download games from the off-market, but the 800 support was discontinued, and the only available firmware is wp 7.8 which was installed: angry: went to the Internet to look for how to hack it, but all the methods are not available to me I do not have the opportunity to buy a programmer, and where I live to find a person with him is simply impossible, I have a Dload bootloader: hysterics :, the chimera removed the trial: hysterics:, Student unlock is no longer relevant, as well as the SDK because it would register The phone needs a Windows Live account, but it no longer works: hyste rics: and the Chinese programs fail.
What to do? I just want to install games: hysterics:: hysterics:: hysterics:.

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