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Major III Bluetooth headphones open up a new chapter in the history of the revolutionary Marshall. This is a modern, based on classical motifs model has been upgraded in order to obtain a more elegant design, while maintaining a silhouette inherent in its original classical form.
Major III Bluetooth gives you the freedom and convenience of wireless technology with aptX codec and more than 30 hours of playback "on air" after charging the headphones.
This model, according to the traditional principles of design, has a well-proven durable vinyl covering, proudly bearing the legendary handwritten logo. Thus, all the details of the design are designed in the style of the firm Marshall.
Major III Bluetooth enhance the effectiveness of reproduction through the use of customizable 40-millimeter dynamic emitters, providing improved bass response, smoothing sounds of mid-range and crystal clear treble - listening to music with their help, you will always remember why these headphones are a true "sign quality "in this area of ​​production.

Device characteristics
Frequency range 20 - 20,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohms
Sensitivity 97 dB
Diaphragm diameter 40 mm
microphone +
Types of connection wire (3.5 mm)
wireless (Bluetooth aptX)
Radius 10 m
Weight 178 g
Hours 30+ hours
charging time 3 hours

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amosk59 @ 27.11.19, 19:56*
It fails for a long time

Thanks. I test. But it shows a step of 20%

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I understand that here the theme of Bluetooth version, but the theme of the usual wire is missing, so I ask here.
Bought here Marshall Major III, connected to the phone and ... disappointed because wildly quiet here right at all.
But in the car I decided to install it in place of the native wire. AUX for 500 rubles, and then the volume has increased 30 percent, though it is unlikely that the quality is somehow changed.
Could it be that a faulty wire?
Can someone check as a single audio source sound in native wire and ears on the sides?

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* ohshha On the ears as the joystick is not added? Or do not have it wired?

Rep: (190)
* dalls He at BT version only, wired at only one button on the wire

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* ohshha ,
the native wire, as well as by BT - the volume is very large margin.
But not all the smarts that I have. At Huawei less on Raser and Vanplase it by a wide margin over handed down to me.
The problem is of the opposite nature: I can not down the volume on them to do so, so it was not too loud for me in some scenarios.

Posted 29/11/2019, 4:17:

By the way a subject was pleased by the sound of BT on my new device - OnePlus 7.
Connect to the machine on Aptx and elegant sound, for example, streaming flac - just prohibitive.

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* dalls , * amosk59 And there you have the possibility to check whether there is a difference in the maximum volume when connected to one device with the same settings in the native wire and some more AUX? I would be very grateful.
At first I also thought that I had just a phone does not produce the desired volume to me, but when I plugged the wire is not native, began to play all right.

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* ohshha In the evening or on the weekend try. Posting is just on the other ear. The main thing not to forget

Rep: (190)
* dalls I will be very grateful)

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Guys, tell who is good repair in St. Petersburg? And then my Marshall are dead.

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* Trupozavr ,
but this bad?

Rep: (6)
* ohshha I checked briefly by 3.5mm. Yelling pretty loud and at home, and on the other wire. I am checking on an old redmi 3pro, but he was such a connector

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Guys, you do not have pohripyvany at maximum volume on bluetooth if loud track included with the bass?

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* vl.abdulaevas , there's no such thing. But at maximum volume kofrotno- I do not very much loudly.

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dalls @ 30.11.19, 11:19*
Yelling pretty loud and at home, and on the other wire.

Clearly, thanks, it means something is my native wire.

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dant73, when cut in a hard track on maksimalki there pohripyvanie. I love when the hammer straight ears

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Help to make a choice between 3 marshall major BT and sennheiser hd 4.50 BT
For the price, taking into account discounts difference of only 500 rubles

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amosk59 @ 29.11.19, 3:13*
By the way a subject was pleased by the sound of BT on my new device - OnePlus 7.
Connect to the machine on Aptx and elegant sound, for example, streaming flac - just prohibitive.

Confirm, samsung s10e on aptx, the sound is very good as for straight-through cable.

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* amosk59, I was picked up without the logo :) och tight. gum pocket and carbine still is) about 280r.
https: //ru.aliexpress....311.0.0.1ec633edCBC9PI

Post has been editeddalls - 03.12.19, 19:30
Reason for editing:

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amosk59 @ 29.11.19, 19:42*
but this bad?

And this is not.

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Please advise for these headphones usb-c cable 3.5 aux. ie, the same as in the kit, only to yusb-with stick (no Jack on the phone and shit sound adapter allows).

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