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Samsung SM-A505 Galaxy A50 - Discussion | Smartphone, 6.4 "/ 2.3GHz / 4 / 6GB RAM

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DiscussionSamsung SM-A505 Galaxy A50
PictureSamsung A50
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Processor frequency, GHz: 4 cores at 2.3 GHz (Cortex-A73), 4 cores at 1.7 GHz (Cortex-A53)
Processor Type: Eight-core
Product Name: Exynos 7 Octa 9610

Screen size: 162.1 mm (6.4 ")
Screen resolution: 2340 x 1080 (FHD +)
Screen Type: Super AMOLED
Screen color depth: 16 million
S Pen support: No
Always On Display (AOD): Yes

Main camera - Resolution: 25 MP; 8 MP super wide objectiv with f / 2.2 aperture; Portrait obektiv on 5 MP, with an aperture of f / 2.2,
Main camera - Aperture: f / 1.7; f / 2.2 (Ultra Wide)
Main camera - Autofocus: Yes
Front camera - Resolution: 25 MP
Front camera - Aperture: f / 2.0
Main camera - Flash: Yes
Stabilization: No
GCam support: Yes

RAM, GB: 4; 6
Built-in memory, GB: 64; 128
External memory, GB: MicroSD (up to 512 GB)

Number of SIM-cards: Dual-SIM
SIM card size: Nano-SIM (4FF)
SIM slot type: SIM 1 + SIM 2 + MicroSD
Communication standard: 2G, 3G, 4G

USB interface: USB Type-C
USB: 2.0
Navigation system: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo
Headphone jack: 3.5mm
Wi-Fi: 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac 2.4 GHz + 5.0 GHz, VHT80
Wi-Fi Direct: Yes
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
NFC technology support: Yes

operating system
Operating system: Android Pie (9.0)
Shell: One UI

general information
Color: Black / White / Blue
Form Factor: Classic Touch Screen
Notification Indicator: No
Fingerprint: Yes, built into display
FM Radio: Yes

physical characteristics
Size (H x W x D, mm): 158.5 x 74.7 x 7.7
Weight: 166 g

Battery capacity, mAh: 4000

A photo:
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Attached Image
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Attached Image


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Reason for editing: Service manual for A50

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No offense of course, but only where you are? 500 pages of whining! One color when calling is not the same at the other xs where there zadvoilos something bad in govnanaushnikah fourth does not fall from a third sound on the keyboard when typing, at the Auto-Brightness on the fifth of a second not triggered when the unlock !! And so 500 pages !!! Guys you that ???? You do nothing ?? I understand the problem of the essential, and when they are written but do not whine any nonsense also! And scare people! A great phone! And he was okay! I did not drown him, I change them every month, and that will not stay long, but it is actually a normal machine! After the Note 8 and Samsung s8plus that I have had before him, I did not drop does not feel flawed! Although a significant price difference, and it would seem they have to be perfect .. but .. no wonder !!! Go to their branches, there whining even more !!! Sorry, Bombanulo .. well, actually already zadolbali.

Post has been editedIncassssator - 17.05.19, 06:53

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Inkassssator @ 17.05.19, 10:50*
I change them every month

Sorry, why?

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* wwkuzcat
Yeah, I know, for a long time it is used on all phones.

Rep: (78)
Inkassssator @ 17.05.19, 07:50*
Go to their branches, there whining even more !!!

there whining about the lack of recorded conversations 9 android, basically, and that people should have resolved the issue))

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Sorry, why?

I do not know if it is honest, probably this is a hobby. Everyone has their own pens,). I have phones here. You always want to try new items. Samsung a30 was already Samsung a40, too, and now the A50. There are true models that I don't want to part with and go with them for about six months, but this is rare. These are the quirks.

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In the morning when you unlock the phone asked for a password. Imprint or the person is not available. It does not look like it rebooted, because after a reboot writes about it in the curtain. After entering the password works Haydee face and fingerprint as before. This feature such or why suddenly asked for your password?

Post has been editedDeliruum - 17.05.19, 07:23

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Deliruum @ 17.05.19, 7:23*
This feature such

Standard extra security measure.

Post has been editedKatranuk - 17.05.19, 07:24

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* Katranuk Randomly asks for a password or have any pattern?

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* wwkuzcat and it is possible more in detail? How does this affect the advertising, I do not know.

Rep: (80)
Deliruum @ 17.05.19, 7:25*
randomly asks for a password or have any pattern?

Regularities have not seen, I do other smartphones, the more forward, but it also happens. At spouses too. It is a feature of Android.

Post has been editedKatranuk - 17.05.19, 07:27

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* 19SD75 ,
Usually. Their DNS server blocks ads, which can thus be blocked.
I have it at home and in the router is registered. On devices that do not know how to cut advertising, it is noticeably smaller with the Internet through the router.

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Tell me, can anyone aware of what was happening, could somewhere you can customize?
After some time, the brightness of the phone is automatically set to 50%, although exhibited always 80%.
(Adapting the brightness is turned off)
And together with the luminance and audio media also independently switched with 100% to 50%.

P.S. this does not happen after a reboot.

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* Fedorgalaxi78 ,

Attached images
Attached Image

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Inkassssator @ 17.05.19, 7:09*
And at Dudya fad masturbate. Who else wants so forth. Let people write on it and a forum

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Reboot the device does occasionally occur. This seems to be provided by the program for the protection of the device. This happens mostly at night, when the phone is actually idle. In the morning he restarts after entering the password, all restored automatically without any problems

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vksmisl @ 17.05.19, 10:10*
Reboot the device does occasionally occur. This seems to be provided by the program for the protection of the device.

What kind of nonsense? why I have not overloaded himself? and what protection?

And you it comes with what frequency?

Now the machine is looked 151chas since the last reboot. But then I had overloaded himself.

Post has been editedhermitap - 17.05.19, 10:15

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In the settings there is an item "automatic restart", if it is activated, the unit will restart on schedule

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On the issue of version 4 / 6GB memory. I, for example, without having to run toys, just two days of my normal use, and this is a result of:
  • OS and application 3,2Gb
  • free 2,2Gb
  • reserved 551Mb

Post has been editedBbird - 17.05.19, 10:37

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FizikPsix @ 05/17/19, 10:39*
Review. In comparison with mi4c

Compare with Xiaomi RN3P.
Byinterface trivia flaws, as a whole is beautiful and can be used, but after MIUI10 (did not think that once this is to say) some UI-detail is not enough (yes, even the banal proposals coming disable the alarm clock, if previously stood).
Withcommunication problems and do not see the difference, at least in those places where usually the case, as well as zhps not worse.
The sensor finger Maybe I do not have carried on Xiaomei and lucky here, but I have worked with any light, and when you pay, and as you wish, according to the degree he tormoznutosti something like the old gentleman, Xiaomei can a fraction slower.
Camera Again, better than Xiaomi RN3P, although it does not shine, yes.

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FizikPsix @ 05/17/19, 10:39*
This is a fierce trash. Worst connection that I have met. It falls off where any other phone from my signature was caught. Where it was sure 4G now shows E without problems.
GPS is a separate conversation. Cold start, 30 seconds. Hot -10. Worst of all determines the position. I use 2Gis, and the difference is huge. Mi4c determines the position accurately and immediately after switching on. Samsung needs to think.
And in the train I refused to determine the minutes 2. In general, this was not the case with other devices.

I have just the opposite: it works fine A50, allows you to receive or make calls, and to even use the mobile Internet in my workshop in the basement, where the flatly refuse to work all the other phones with every imaginable service providers, and visited a lot of them out there are already hundreds. It does not work, which is typical, even the flagship of the Samsung. It was only my pride A50 spits on everything. I'm ashamed to say, this did not expect, and it kind of upsets me - now have to live with it for a long time and already want to change it to something with a better camera and fingerprint sensor smarter.

Posted on 05/17/2019, 11:06:

As for gps, I probably agree - most of my phones performed this exercise much faster and more willingly. But even in the A50 there are no special complaints about the GPS.

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