Discussion camera Honor 8X Max

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Discussion camera Honor 8X Max
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Camera specifications
Main camera:
dual 16 MP (f / 2.0, PDAF) + 2 MP (f / 2.4, depth sensor)

The functionality of the main camera:
LED flash, HDR, panorama

Video recording:
1080p @ 30fps

8 MP, f / 2.0, HDR, 720p @ 30fps
Gcam mods

Attention! If you want to share your examples of photos, please do it throughGoogle driveorYandex.Disk.
There the photos are not compressed, they load faster and they are much more convenient to watch, Thank you!

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Roccuyanun @ 04/08/19, 20:25*
8x camera is better.

it seems like an 8x max - and put a google camera on an 8x max and the photos will be great even somewhere better than on a regular 8x

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Give me a working version of google cam for the PCT device

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* vitexes try, but my Chinese is working fine
Attached filegkam.apk (31.29 MB)

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* makskerch0 , they asked for a comparison, answered as is. I have both versions of the Google camera, which work without problems, but here are a few snapshots, it seems to rest on the processor

Attached Image

Attached images
Attached Image

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* Roccuyanun , are both two google cameras? Or standard and gkamera?

Posted on 04/08/2019, 20:59:

* makskerch0 , aa saw everything, but carefully read

Posted on 04/08/2019, 21:00:

* Roccuyanun , the phenomenon gave Gkamera to me, I installed it and didn’t climb into the settings: D

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* makskerch0 , 2 google cameras. Each shoots a little differently, but the result is good, although if you shoot the regular one in pro mode by setting it up correctly and turning on hdr, it’s also very nice, I wanted to take off the screen screen from the pro mode, and the poor photo took off

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* Roccuyanun ,
Attached Image
google camera, lighting bulb, after Gkamera I don’t even want to use a standard camera: D

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2 shots under disgusting lighting. Native with intelligence turned off and google with advanced hdr. I do not see the difference
Attached Image
native camera

Attached Image
google camera

Posted on 04/08/2019, 21:22:

Typewriter move

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And tell me, my dear, at least one camera leaves the date of shooting on the photo. In the old asus this was, very used. And here I tried 5 cameras, except for geotags nothing more.

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* Cross3 , dear. We look additionally, watermarks.

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* Ship500 , for sure, I would not have found, sops. Plus) I like the native camera more and more.

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Link to all gcam ports from Tolyan009:

https: //www.celsoazeve...-camera/dev-tolyan009/

The latest version (MGC_6.2.024_BSG_Arnova-based_v.0.2) I didn’t even want to install, so I installed MGC_6.1.021_BSG_Arnova-based_v.1.4a_TlnNeun. While testing and sorting out the settings

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What's the difference between HDR + and advanced HDR +?
Directly in the camera interface, you can select or disable this option.

And how can I customize to take pictures by tapping a finger on a selected point on the screen?
Choose a focus place, press a finger on it, the camera will focus and take a picture.

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Can someone tell me which version of gkam is working with night and portrait mode, I did not use my 8x max for a while, I reset it, and now I can not find and remember which gkam worked for me.

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* smashgog
This works for me.

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* vitexes , the native has graininess on the track for the Mash Inca.

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Rasslabon @ 04/19/19, 17:53*

and what about the tests \ settings - how are you doing?

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