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Xiaomi Mi 9 SE - Discussion | Smartphone, 5.97 "/ Qualcomm Snapdragon 712GHz / 2.3 GHz / 6GB RAM

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DiscussionXiaomi Mi 9 SE
PictureXiaomi Mi 9 SE. Codename: Grus. Model: M1903F2G - global version; M1903F2A - Chinese Version
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    Display: 5.97 ", Super AMOLED, Support HDR10, FHD + (2340x1080 / 432 ppi), 19.5: 9, AOD, 90.47% coverage of the front panel, Corning Gorilla Glass 5
    CPU: 10-nm Snapdragon 712, 8 cores, (Two 2.3GHz Kryo 360 + Six 1.7GHz Kryo 360 CPUs) Adreno 616 GPU graphics
    RAM: 6 GB, LPDDR4x
    Inner memory: 64/128 GB, UFS2.1
    Main camera: 48 megapixel (Sony IMX586, f / 1.75) + 8 megapixel (2x zoom, f / 2.4) + 13 megapixel (S5K3L6, f / 2.4, viewing angle 123 В°)
    Front-camera: 20 Mp, (support AI, f / 2.0) (without autofocus)
    Battery: 3070 mAh, 18 W fast charge, support Quick Charge 4+
    Interfaces: Dual 4G VoLTE (2 Sim), Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac MU-MIMO (2.4GHz, 5GHz), Bluetooth 5, GPS / GLONASS / Beidou, NFC USB 2.0 Type-C [1.0], Infrared port
    Security: Built in display optical scanner 5th generation fingerprint, face recognition (camera only)
    System: MIUI 10 based on Android 9.0 Pie
    Dimensions: 147.5 x 70.5 x 7.45 mm
    Weight: 155 g
    Colors: Piano black ocean blue and lavender violet
    Rest: Card Memory Supports - NOT 3.5mm jack - NOT , Wireless charging - NOT Optical Stabilization - NOT . Notification Diode - NOT .
A photo:
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How to distinguish the real global version from the interlinked Chinese?
Here is a list of signs

How to determine RU version when buying?
On the RU version there is no side of the red sticker "Global Version" and the back of the box is all in Russian

How are you doing with autonomy?
3070 mAh is not a fountain, but enough for a day. Energy consumption is highly dependent on the usage scenario.

How many hours does the screen have a battery?
5-7 hours, depending on the brightness.

What is there with the roll-off of 4G Internet?
Yes, there are a lot of complaints. Spontaneous shutdown of the Internet (all included, but traffic does not go).
1 treatment option (temporary): switch to flight mode and back.
2 treatment option (more radical): forcibly switching from 4G to 3G.
On the latest global firmware, a new modem, a situation likeit is better...

Does your phone have a notification LED?
True, the LED is really not. Instead, there are AOD (Always On Display) notifications.

Why are there no notification icons in the top bar? They appear and disappear ...
So conceived in MIUI. All notifications are in the blind.

What's up with PWM?
He is. Flicker of the screen is not visible. Individual susceptibility, from complete immunity to eye fatigue in half an hour.

Is it possible to get rid of PWM?
Currently we are working on DC dimming (already available in developer firmware). To whom it is strongly necessary - there is a crutch:OLED Saver

Does the recording of telephone conversations work without dancing with a tambourine?
Yes, it works out of the box. This is a MIUI chip and bans 9 Android does not hinder it.

Does the protective glass interfere with the fingerprint scanner?
No, it does not interfere. Optical scanner. With very cheap and low-quality glass options are possible ...

Is the sound in wired headphones missing?
Yes it is.In detail.
There is a suspicion (1, 2) that Telegram is to blame, in the settings you need to disablevoice recording when approaching.
Solution number 1: use a bluetooth headset / headset.
Solution number 2: connect your favorite wired headphones via USB DAC (example).
Solution number 3: connect your favorite wired headphones through a bluetooth receiver (example).

Does the fingerprint scanner work well?
The scanner is not perfect. Sometimes you have to wait 1-2 seconds for it to work. Very sensitive to placing a finger on the screen.

What is there for the blue bar on the screen?
Some copies at the bottom of the screen have a narrow blue stripe (1 mm wide, a couple of cm long), it can be seen on a black background in the bright sun.A photothis strip. The reason is certainly incorrect assembly of the phone.

Is the display fading?
So far, there have been no complaints. I see no cause for concern.

Does AOD notification work fine?
Work, but not for all applications.In detail.Inferiority can be eliminatedcrutch

How to enable / disable NFC from the curtain?
No way yet. What for? Without unlocking the screen, no one will save money from the account, the power consumption of the NFC chip is negligible.UPD: On firmware, a switch appeared in the blind.

What is the sound of the speaker?
A great! Loud and bass.

Bad sound conversational dynamics?
The sound is normal, but sometimes it becomes spontaneously deaf and gurgling, and after a few seconds it is normal again. The problem is purely software: during a phone call, the smartphone somehow switches to the HR (Half Rate) codec and back ...In detail

Why are the speaker holes only on the left side? So it should be?
The speaker is shifted to the left, so the holes are only on the left side. On the right is the proximity sensor.

In the area of ​​the camera something rattles with a light tapping. This is normal?
This is a camera autofocus lens, a completely normal phenomenon.

Why doesn't NFC work for payment in transport?
Change "SIM wallet" to "HCE wallet" in Settings - additional functions - NFC - position of the security element.

Why is the World card not working?
Because GPay works only with payment systems Visa and Mastecard.

Why is a card constantly untied in GPay?
One possible reason is application cloning. When cloning applications, Google services are also cloned, and GPay does not like it.

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* urcik I have had the same firmware, but I updated it in the day of purchase ...

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* urcik , The first phone with global Mi firmware were with 10.2.1 and then immediately began to receive 10.2.2 it vyshla.A the factory firmware.

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* urcik ,
I made video screens with my unpacking. That's better? :)

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* MyFirstForum I have also been installed and whirligig even Yandex Browser)) firmware Global ru

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I will write about Google Pay:

Yesterday I bought this phone in Russia, series RU firmware out of the box. Google set Pei, all activated, failed to pay in 2 stores.
After this I:
- I reset the Google Pei
- updated address invoice to Google account
- Remove the data and update the Google Play
- changed in the settings-extras-location security- HCE SIM instead of the element.

After that, the payment works. Probably helped the very last point.

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And it is the norm that the angle of the screen gives the green?

The chip amoleda?

Rep: (48)
Double-V @ 14.06.19, 20:14*
how to disable persistent notifications that syaomishnye components are ready to upgrade?
obnovit- simply not an option?

Rep: (200)
* Samir_cvv , Yes, it is normal

Rep: (4)
* Samir_cvv I have a gradient from green to purple

Rep: (3)
* Double-v , There's components have gear in a corner, there it is possible to remove the notification)
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The location of the security element is HCE instead of SIM.

After that, the payment works. Probably helped the very last point.

This is exactly what helped, I paid everywhere except for those who in the tram from the conductors, changed this item and it all worked.

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Faced with dumps 3G, 4G and on the contrary everything is OK.

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It is not known code in the ru-firmware will be delivered?

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* Battlecast Android ,

Battlecast Android @ 15.06.19, 15:50*
Not known

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Show you how to sound when recording video. I saw a review of andronyus, so there it was just awful. Perhaps the new firmware was better?

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* atokmachev, It did not become

Rep: (9)
Upon payment. If you just bought. Do not forget to put in the payment of HCE wallet the default setting is SIM!

Rep: (23)
* atokmachev , Sound good. Especially I liked the sound recording on the recorder.


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Hello people .Now'm in China and you can buy this device but in a cap in his 6 operatives and then sell 8. The question arose whether to reinsertion on the Russian problem?

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How to increase the usable area of ​​the screen, and then Zvezdec some?
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How to remove the commas in the contact name, phone that puts the machine between the first and last name? Firmware globalka EU.

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