Get the OPPO AX7 without spending a penny

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Teamsavagemessiahzine.comand the OPPO company thank all the participants!

We are pleased to announce that the OPPO Ax7 smartphone will take part in testing:

UPD 03/05/2019: Member Vanolin did not respond to the message curator. In this regard, a new member is selected:

It’s not surprising to the modern user to get lost in the avalanche of gadget models that hit the market every year. Flagship, gaming, protected - and in fact, quite recently, a large display, a capacious battery and a good selfie camera were enough for happiness. For those who consider practicality more important than trends, we suggest that you join OPPO AX7 user testing, and after it ends ... keep the device for yourself! Interested?

How will be tested
Testing will be held in Moscowfrom February 28 to March 7. All participants selected by our jury will be invited to the we trust you in a responsible business and would like to meet you personally. Together with the gadget everyone will get their own creative task.

For testing participants will be given a few days. User reviews will go to editorssavagemessiahzine.comfor further publication in the main tape.

To take part in the competition, you must:
  • Be over 18
  • To be in Moscow from February 28 to March 7
  • Be able to competently express your thoughts
  • To be registered on the sitesavagemessiahzine.comnot later than February 19, 2019
  • Apply for participation in testing.

How to participate
Leave a message with the completed qualifying task in this topic from February 20 to 26 (the topic closes at 12:00 Moscow time) and wait for the decision of the jury. Of all the candidates, four test participants will be selected. Requirements for completing tasks are listed below.

Qualifying task
Give the answer to the question: "What is missing in your device?". You must describe the function or technical specifications that you would like to add to your smartphone.


  1. Write which smartphone you currently use
  2. Select only one function or feature that I would like to add to your current gadget.
  3. To argue a choice based on personal experience or preferences.

No need to write a great essay, you should get a small note up to 1000 characters.

Test case execution example:

Now I use the Samsung Galaxy S7. I would like to add a second main camera module to my smartphone in order to be able to take pictures in portrait mode with background blur. I like to make portraits of my friends, and it’s not always possible to carry a large camera with me. In addition, a nice zoom would be a nice addition, I often travel and shoot landscapes for which you need a good zoom.

Attention! By leaving the application, you confirm your readiness to participate in testing and guarantee your presence in Moscow from February 28 to March 7, as well as the opportunity to meet with the teamsavagemessiahzine.comby prior arrangement. Applications that do not contain any of the above items will not be considered!

Good luck to everyone who decides to try their luck!

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1) Samsung Galaxy S8 +
2) Face ID
3) Samsung's retina scanner was not as fast as Apple's FACEID or even Sharp (it was in use of AQUOS S2), it’s not very convenient on the phone that to unlock or activate other functions you need to adjust to the phone (eyes should be in reading circles) on the screen)

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Now I use LG V30 +. I would like to add an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner to my smartphone. This function is much more convenient than the one that my smartphone has, because the scanner on my device is located on the rear panel, which makes unlocking impossible without picking up the gadget. Considering that the ultrasound scanner will allow unlocking even with wet hands, then being in the rain, I will be sure that I can use the device without problems and unlock the gadget at the most extreme moment.

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1. Xiaomi mi a1
2. NFC - the only thing missing at the moment
3. With the development of new technologies, this feature is sometimes lacking for even greater usability.

p.s. I would like to test the camera in the OPPO AX7, I’m passionate about mobile photography and probably squeezed everything out of my own device while I’ve not changed it yet, but I will do it soon. In the meantime, it would be very cool to test the OPPO and reveal all the advantages and disadvantages of a smartphone)

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Now I use Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. Almost everything suits me on my smartphone, but I would like to add an NFC module to it in order to be able to pay for purchases in stores from my phone. We go to the store, if not every day, then very often, and constantly getting a purse from a pocket or bag is not always convenient, but the phone in our hands is much more common. A nice addition would be the ability to record travel cards on a troika card, or record a work pass on the phone itself, which would free from the need to carry another plastic with you.

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Good evening.
1) Bq aquaris x
2) Game mode
In my aquarium the same video accelerator, but I think that if there was a special mode, then the performance in games would be higher, I would like to test it as a software function and how much it helps.

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1. VIVO V11.
2. Normal multitasking is needed in VIVO phones.
3. Immediately, that falls in love with smartphones VIVO is a screen and speed, regardless of the processor and other technical characteristics.

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Now I use the Samsung Galaxy S7. I would like to add a modern processor to my smartphone, since in my gadget my favorite PES 2019 comes with a very low framerate. But looking at the comparison with the 450 Snap, I suppose that in my device, which is already 3 years old, it will not lose in performance in OPPO AX7 games.

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Winner Doogee x5pr. My smartphone lacks performance. In "heavy" applications and games regularly lack power and it is unpleasant to work with a slowdown. And it would be great to be able to split the screen into several applications while working in them.

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1) I use the "revived" Nokia. Namely, Nokia 6.1.
2) From while unrealizable - I would like to be able to install various platforms. For example, MiUi or EMUI. To do this without any problems and simple.
Of the more real - I would like to have a camera an order of magnitude better than what Nokia has. Without installing additional software.
3) Arguments? Well, it's pretty simple.
About the unrealizable option - I get tired of things pretty quickly. So, pure Android is already tired literally a year later, after purchasing a smartphone. I would like to be able to go with my smartphone (after all, don’t print money) to another OS within an hour. Did not like? Came back. Saw something else interesting? Moved. Launchers are not that. They are not always stable, they do not always have full functionality, often they are pretty crooked or have advertising in their composition.
Regarding the camera - corny disappointed. Makes pictures acceptable, but such emphasis is placed on the word "Zeiss", that you expect more. I want more. Curious about what the OPPO offers. Never come across this firm.

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At the moment, I use Xiaomi mi max 3 as the main smartphone. Everything suits me in this device, but I would like to add an NFC module. Nowadays, it is extremely convenient to pay by bank transfer, and since the device is always at hand, this would be relevant. Yes, and more convenient at times, than every time to get out of his pocket wallet.

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good day
1) Huawei nova 2
2) NFC
Nova 2 is excellent and in my subjective opinion one of the most successful models of this brand. 4 GB of RAM provides very smooth operation, the cameras are chic, make cool pictures and all this in addition in a compact metal case. There is a lack of an NFC module to pay for purchases, I really do not like to carry a wallet with a crash, especially in summer.

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1. Xiaomi Mi Max 3
2. NFC
3. On the previous smartphone it was very convenient to use contactless payment and read information from Troika cards

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For two years I have been using the OnePlus 5 smartphone (ONEPLUS 50000). In the quick gestures menu there is a section "Gesture screen". When you turn it on, you can, without activating the smartphone, draw a symbol on a dark screen and start an action (for example, a flashlight) or activate any application.
I really miss the similar functionality performed by the voice command. And the most necessary function is “Disable the sound of a bell and vibration” at the command “Shut up” (for example). Often there is no way to quickly approach the smartphone and turn it over to mute.
I am an overbearing guy, but my girlfriend doesn’t always perform a similar command, so let there be at least something obedient!

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I currently have a Sony C3. A function that I would add to my phone would be a fm-transmitter.
In fact, I would find it useful to add this feature to all modern smartphones. It is much more convenient than connecting a new device every time, plus the impossibility of using several sound sources at once. FM range is always there and will be around us, so why not use it?)

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Good afternoon, my device is the Huawei mate 8, I have been using it for several years now, it suits me almost everything: the time it takes to work from one charge, the recording function through NFC of tickets for the metro. There is only one drawback - the quality of the camera images, so I would like to improve the module by adding optical zoom, I really like to take pictures of nature and it seems to me if the photos on my phone would be better I could share them with everyone around me.

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Now I use Honor 9. In my smartphone, at the moment, I would most like to add a larger battery. With my current everyday tasks, such as: playing WOT Blitz, calls, sms, social. networks, Internet surfing, as well as using a smartphone as a navigator and access point, the current battery is rarely enough until the end of the day, and you have to always have a charger with you, this is especially true during WOT Blitz tournaments, and a large battery capacity will save I need to charge my smartphone during the day and always carry a power bank or other charger with me.

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At the moment I use Google Pixel 2. The device lacks adequate voice control, because hands are not always free (in the car, in the kitchen, etc.). For example, simply sending a message to whatsapp requires too many actions: call a voice assistant, tell what to do, tell someone to send, dictate a message, confirm that it is correct and only then send. I would like him to understand the whole chain of actions for one phrase.

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1. huawei mate 20
2. the function of projecting the image on the wall instead of the wide-angle camera or camera for portrait shooting
3. a child broke a 50-inch plasma with a pyramid, as a result, it has long been impossible to watch a movie on the big screen at home + cartoons for a child or filmstrips

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I have been using galaxy s7 edge since 2016. Today, a normal ultrasonic sensor for unlocking a smartphone is not enough, this need appeared after prolonged use of the galaxy, due to the fact that the phone doesn’t always unlock immediately, you have to put your finger on several times, and if your hands are wet (or wet) it even happens that the smartphone is blocked for some time due to the fact that the galaxy thinks that a fingerprint password is being selected ..... # oppo ax7 for test # oppo to try # oppo cool)

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1. I use Galaxy S7 EDGE.
2. Infrared port
3. Infrared port is convenient. You do not need to have several remotes from different devices, and you can also save money if suddenly the battery is at the console or it just breaks down.
Not so long ago, in 2012-2013, this feature was popular with major manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC, but then they decided to remove this chip, although it would not add much value to the device.

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