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This topic is only a discussion SJRC F11
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Device photos
Attached Image

Attached Image

Device description
High quality SJRC F11 gps 5g Wi Fi FPV system 1080P HD wide format Live Video folding brushless RC Drone Quadcopter
25 minutes Max Flight Time: High capacity 2500 mAh smart battery gives you up to 25 minutes flight time.
Gps assisted flight: provides you with accurate data on the location of your drone. Built in Return-to-Home (RTH) function for safer flies, the drone will automatically return home exactly when its battery is low or the signal is weak when flying out of range, do not worry about losing the drone.
Brushless motor: it is so quiet, but very powerful when running. Breakdown rarely occurs, and engine replacement is rarely required, which makes your flight more enjoyable.
Track and remember drone: click on the gps-signal icon three times, open the map interface, the map shows the final distance of the aircraft, the longitude and position of the latitude.
Use r-defined Flight Plan: open the drone application, use the flight plan at your fingertips, just draw a route on the screen, the helicopter will be automatically for the pilot according to the specified path.
Functions: 5G Wifi FPV, 1080P camera, Flight control App, automatic gps return, follow me, altitude mode, user-defined flight plan, orbital mode, manual gesture shooting, photo / video share, one key Takeoff / Landing
Orbital mode: Orbital mode allows the drone to fly in a circle around a given point and make sure that you get panoramic images and videos.
Gestures photo / video: you break the old way of shooting and find a fresh new thing, making gestures to record your beauty. (within 1-3 m)
Improved Camera 5G WiFi 1080P HD: The updated camera with a 120 ° FOV lens (field of view) gives you a panoramic view to record your unforgettable moment. Wi-Fi 5G transmission provides high quality real-time video — the ideal for a selfie.
Simple operation: altitude hold and one key take-off and landing for easier operation, easy to control, perfect for beginners.
Follow me mode: The drone will automatically follow and captures you, wherever you move. Keep you in the frame at all times, it is easier to get difficult shots, provides hands-free flying and selfie.

Package includes:
1 x RC Quadcopter
1 x 11.1 V 2500 mAh battery
1 x Charger
1 x remote control
1 x User Manual
Device characteristics
Gps Follow me: about 30 m
Frame rate: 25fps
Controller frequency: 2.4 GHz
Image Follow me: about 3-10 m
Control distance: 600 m (free interference and no occlusion)
Storage: Support TF card (not included)
Drone battery: 11.1 V 2500 mAh
Age: ≥14
Video Resolution: 1920x1080 P
Controller battery: 3.7 to 300 mAh
Photo resolution: 1920x1080 P
Quadcopter size: 450x425x83 mm (unfolded) 192x130x83 mm (folded)
Weight: about 490 g
Motor: 1806 brushless motor
Position title: SJRC F11 RC Brushless Drone
Charging time: about 3.5 hours
Flight time: about 25 minutes
Dual mode GPS / GLONASS: Yes
5G Wifi image transmission distance: 400-500 m (free interference and no occlusion)
Camera: 120 В° wide-angle camera (adjustable angle of 90 В° using the remote control)
Platform Compatibility
Android, iOS
Modification and firmware
For smartphone, increase the range and altitudeAttached fileSJRC + F11.apk(85.14 MB)
In Russian
All software and firmware
Dump the camera module firmware
Examples of photo and video sdron

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little picture adapter and not enough

I took a photo of my homemade one, drawing laziness on a smartphone.

Photo adapter and its connection
According to the layout, it should be clear what is connected to
Attached Image

Attached Image

To understand the battery device 3S and where to solder

Attached Image

Slightly redone ready adapter for simultaneous charging 2x3S from my link
Attached Image

2x3S assembly connected to IMAX B6
Attached Image

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Today I flew in "point by point" mode and made a discovery for myself. It turns out that in this mode the drone can be controlled not only in height, but also rotated in any direction, which in turn does not affect the direction of flight. It flies in a given direction even rotating 360 *. After installing the gyro suspension, I think this mode will be very popular for me :-D

Posted on 09/15/2019, 11:13:

In my opinion, the flight speed in the "point by point" mode does not change? :-(

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BeatlesWiz @ 09/15/19, 09:09*
Shot my homemade

Add this to the header.

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Friends, tell me which version of the application normally loads maps on Android 9?

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