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Anycubic Mega-S 3D Printer (Updated i3 Mega)

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Anycubic Mega-S is the successor to the popular Mega i3 printer with updated components that allow you to print flexible materials. It also has an integrated coil holder for a more compact look.
- Upgraded extruder capable of printing flexible parts with TPU filament
- Ultrabase's innovative heated 3D printing platform makes it very easy to remove parts after cooling. Details will have a nice smooth bottom surface.
- Integrated one-piece filament holder for smoother material delivery and compact placement. The newest V5 nozzle that makes printing accurate and fast. The risk of clogging is greatly reduced.
- Simple assembly. The printer was mainly pre-assembled at the factory and tested within 24 hours. Assembly is only 8 screws and three cables, and you are ready to go. The kit even includes 1 kg of filament.
- Dual Z-axis sensors make calibration more accurate
- Durable aluminum profile frame. A stiffer frame results in more accurate printing.
- Simple navigation and quick response on a TFT color touch screen. It has a multilingual menu and a wide range of software options.
- Resume printing after power loss. A useful feature, especially for large print models.
- Intelligent temperature control system. It provides a temperature within 2 В° C of its parameters to prevent the accidental effect of thermal acceleration [/ center]

Device photos
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Device characteristics
Printing technology: FDM
Print dimensions: 210x210x205 mm
Layer height: 0.05-0.3 mm
Accuracy: X / Y: 0.0125 mm, Z: 0.002 mm
Number of Extruders: One
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
Print speed: 20 ~ 100 mm / s (suggested 60mm / s)
Supported materials: PLA, ABS, TPU, HIPS, Wood
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Operating ambient temperature: 8-40 В° C
Extruder operating temperature: max 260 В° C
Table working temperature: max 110 В° C
Slicer software: Cura, Simplify3D, Repetier-HOST
Supported slicer formats: .STL, .OBJ, .DAE, .AMF
Supported print formats: GCODE
Connections: SD memory card; USB cable (for advanced users)
Input voltage: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Printer dimensions: 405x410x453 mm
Packaging dimensions: 510С…540С…260 mm.
Weight: ~ 11 kg

Drivers, Firmware and Software
Drivers :
Attached fileMega-S_Win_Drivers.zip(3.66 MB)

Attached fileMega-S_Mac_Driver.zip(183.14 KB)
Linux (drivers self-defined)

Firmware :
Attached filev1.1.2.hex.zip(99.41 KB)
(08/10/2018) - for i3 Meganot upgraded to Mega-S
Attached filev1.1.3.hex.zip(114.68 KB)
(02/25/2019) - for Mega-S and i3 Mega upgraded to Mega-S
Attached filev1.2.0.hex.zip(99.41 KB)
(December 17, 2018) - It was recalled by the manufacturer, but I did not personally observe any problems on it. Also designed for Mega-S and i3 Mega upgraded to Mega-S

Cura- All latest versions are available only for x64 architecture.Video instructionby settings.
Simplify3Dand most detailedvideo instructionsall its settings.

3D models for Anycubic Mega
Problems and solutions
Usefulguideon printing issues.
  • The printer's table does not heat up well; it does not heat up more than 100 degrees.
    As a temporary solution, you can use the desktop insulation and an additional tool to improve the adhesion of plastic, which will allow you to print at lower temperatures. The problem is solved by replacing the table under warranty.
  • Problems with plastic adhesion (sticking of parts) on a regular coating
    Abs juice
    Clay Moment Joiner (PVA)
    You can also use hairspray and glue stick.

  • Nozzle clogged.
    Solution: you can clean it with a special drill to clean the nozzles. Or,assistantsby methods.
    And to prevent blockages - you need to hang on the filament rod -filterfilled with pieces of sponge and other suitable materials.
  • The screen lights up if you manually move the carriage or table, with the printer turned off.
    No solution required, normal behavior.
  • The cover of the table is peeled off / the table is not even / there are bumps and / or cavities that prevent printing.
    Solution: demand to send a new warranty table from sellers. As a temporary solution, you can try to turn it over with the other side, replace the cover with another glass / mirror, etc.


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MECHANISM @ 08.20.19, 18:10*
and flex is that? Is this something soft?

Well, I printed a duck. something is not very soft. how is the tire mb?
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Q.W.E.R.T.Y @ 08.20.19, 17:40*
Put 13 on both the table and the nozzle

Tell me, where exactly is this to be registered? in which line?
Today I just asked for Marlin 1.1.9 after installing the drivers. it remains to calibrate the stream and configure BLtach)

Can someone tell me more.
Also on the power supply put a cooler noctua 25x6. set and upset. rumble as from a native. then I realized that I still need to put the adapter to reduce speed and noise. I put the average hum acceptable. I put the last one - the cooler is not heard at all. but I wonder if there is enough flow from it for cooling. while the middle one left. but I would like to be very quiet)

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Collected this miracle. + Replace the bearings with printed ones. The result pleases

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VIZOR @ 08.20.19, 10:57 p.m.*
Tell me, where exactly is this to be registered? in which line?

In the file Configuration.h
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* VIZOR , about blatch you can read more please then tell us where the contact of the limit switch was connected and what was changed to marlin

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* Q.W.E.R.T.Y, not the fact that this number is suitable for him, you need to measure it with a thermocouple and, preferably, with thermal paste.
Your 13th table doesn’t suit me, just like the standard 5th table - it will lie very much. For my interference fit thermistors, the table with identifier 60 is suitable, and I will have to edit the thermistortable_60.h file a little bit or even make a new table. As I understand it, the cubes will be thrust by thermistors purchased from the bulldozer, with different characteristics from different Shenzhen cellars. For example, the picture with the table that the support answered me is not suitable for any of us by its characteristics: D The values ​​they cited do not fit into the 5th, 13th, or 60th tables of Marlin.

Today I decided to quickly with the 60th table (T (set) - installed on the printer, T (measured) - multimeter readings, ADC - printer DAC values, R - thermistor resistance calculated by the formula):
T (set) = 28, T (var.) = 28, ADC = 970, R = 86.019K
T (set) = 100, T (var.) = 103, ADC = 611, R = 6.970K
T (set) = 150, T (var.) = 152, ADC = 302, R = 1.969K
T (set) = 170, T (rev.) = 170, ADC = 221, R = 1.295K
T (set) = 180, T (var.) = 181, ADC = 189, R = 1.065K
T (set) = 190, T (rev.) = 190, ADC = 161, R = 0.878K
T (set) = 200, T (var.) = 196, ADC = 139, R = 0.739K
T (set) = 210, T (var.) = 207, ADC = 121, R = 0.630K
T (set) = 215, T (var.) = 210, ADC = 112, R = 0.578K
T (set) = 225, T (var.) = 219, ADC = 96, R = 0.487K
T (set) = 230, T (var.) = 222, ADC = 90, R = 0.453K
T (set) = 245, T (var.) = 235, ADC = 73, R = 0.361K
T (set) = 260, T (var.) = 247, ADC = 60, R = 0.293K

After 220 it starts to lie well, I will correct the values ​​in the file and everything will be hurt!

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SergeBV @ 08.21.19, 00:14*
about blatch you can read more please then tell us where the limit switch contact was connected and what was changed to marlin

the installation itself is very simple. but the setup is harder. still learning manuals in english. I’ll write everything

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