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QN1 noise canceling HD processor
Freedom from wires with BluetoothВ® and NFC
Adaptive sound control function
High quality audio with DSEE HX в„ў and LDAC technology
Control all functions with touch
Maximum noise reduction
Take a break from the sounds of the city thanks to an advanced noise reduction system. The system is implemented thanks to a tight ear cushions and noise-canceling HD-processor QN1. Headphones WH-1000XM3 very effectively suppress, for example, the sounds of voices and urban hum. The unique optimization function of atmospheric pressure provides high quality sound at high altitudes.
The sound, which is worth believing
The built-in amplifier integrated into the QN1 noise-canceling HD processor has the best signal-to-noise ratio in its category, low distortion for portable devices and exceptional sound quality. Thanks to powerful 40 mm speakers with LCD diffusers, Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones deliver impressive bass and can reproduce the full frequency range up to 40 kHz.
Auto Sound Tuning
Adaptive sound control automatically detects what you are doing — driving, walking, or waiting — and adjusts the volume of the surround sound as you need it. And with the quick attention feature, you can communicate without removing the headphones: to do this, simply touch their body with a hand to reduce the volume, and talk.
Device characteristics
  • QN1 noise canceling HD processor gives you the opportunity to enjoy music without interference
  • Unique personal automatic noise reduction function and atmospheric pressure optimization technology
  • Freedom from wires with BLUETOOTHВ® and NFC
  • Auto Sound Tuning with Smart Listening
  • High quality audio with DSEE HX в„ў and LDAC technology
  • Headphone Type: Overhead
  • Connection Type: Bluetooth
  • Sports: Yes
  • Model: MDR-WH1000XM3
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Black colour
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Sensitivity, dB: 104
  • Cable length, m: 1.2
  • Frequency range, Hz: 4 - 40000
  • Resistance, Ohm: 47
  • Weight, kg: 0,255
  • Maximum power, mW: 104
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Does anyone know how to turn off very smart features so that the headphones themselves are not muffled? And is it possible to disable the touch control?

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I bought it yesterday, I go for a walk. Version until 2.0.0. A Mi band 3 bracelet and headphones are connected to the phone. I listen to tracks in flac 960-1000 KB / s, put the phone in my jacket pocket, the sound starts to slow down. Phone honor 8.

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* samuel20 Have you been without a bracelet?

Rep: (16)
* 4Serg13 ,
Today I will try, but I also think it will, because as I understand it, the bracelet is not permanently connected like headphones. We'll see...
* rocomadour , * 4Serg13 ,
Try it yourself, you will also stumble as in my jacket pocket. Here is one of the tracks from the album that stumbles.

Who updated to 4.1.1. Added the function "Added support for the voice prompt language selection" which languages ​​have appeared?

Post has been editedsamuel20 - 17.02.19, 11:55

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Explain the chip with NFC, how does it work? When I turn on the headphones, they automatically connect to my phone.

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* samuel20, At the first connection is convenient, without entering the settings, you can connect. Connecting headphones with the phone themselves create a pair.

Rep: (16)
* 4Serg13 ,
What settings? I say I turn on the headphones and they connect and everyone listens to music. Or is it if the bluetooth is turned off, then bring it to the NFC and it turns on and connects?

Rep: (4)
* samuel20 , Russian appeared, I don’t remember everything, ears at work ... It also became possible to turn off all sound alerts, except for on / off and sounds when optimizing (by pressing the assistant’s button)

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* samuel20, At the first connection only works, then they themselves will connect.

Rep: (16)
* 4Serg13 ,
It, if the bluetooth is turned off, then when you bring it to the NFC, the bluetooth is turned on and the ears connect. That is, there is no need to include bluetooth.

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On the street -1 touch control in headphones does not work from the word at all!

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Samuel20 @ 02.21.19, 08:51*
On the street -1 touch control in headphones does not work from the word at all!

The instructions say from 0 to 40 only work. They offer to turn off the headphones on the street.

Post has been editedsega1979 - 22.02.19, 12:11

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* sega1979 ,
And at 1 and 2 degrees as well!
Who updated to 4.1.1? Any changes other than voice assistants?

Post has been editedsamuel20 - 22.02.19, 13:23

Rep: (8)
* samuel20 Yes updated. It became worse to work noise. Many complain and I have a bad stutter sound when you watch a video.

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Has anyone tried headphones with a completely discharged battery on the wire to connect? I have no sound. I charged a little - the sound appeared on the wire, though of disgusting quality. When I turn on the power of the headphones, the sound on the wire becomes normal.
Is it treated like that?

Rep: (16)
* Catdog ,
To work the headphones on the wire also need battery power!
Attached fileprint.pdf(2.33 MB)

Rep: (4)
To work the headphones on the wire also need battery power!

This is clearly not indicated in the instructions:
"You can listen to music even if the headset is turned off. In this case, the noise cancellation feature will not be available. Turn on the headset to listen to high-resolution music or use the noise cancellation / surround mode feature."

and, of course, the question of poor quality when working from a wire remains open - did such speakers really deliver that the sound is pulled out only by a built-in amplifier with an enhancer? although perhaps this is a rhetorical question.

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Headphones are connected to the Sony a55 player. Both mp3 and flac are played. Bluetooth connection. None of the improvements does not work, do you also? Before these ears, the player listened to the wire with headphones akg everything worked. It turns out the improvements work only on the wire?

Answer: Yes.

Post has been editedsamuel20 - 01.03.19, 08:24

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Greetings. I connected headphones to my computer via Bluetooth Orico bta-403. I installed firewood, it seems like everything works. But there is one problem, when a microphone is used, the “Bell” mode is turned on in the headphones. When all the sounds of applications are muted and everything is heard around. Is there any way to get rid of this?

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* karter_zd ,
If I understand you correctly, the microphone works this way, the surrounding sounds will be heard because the microphone picks them up.

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