What is a sense of life..‽

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What's the point

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of life

We all asked ourselves about this or were going to ask; can we oust this question from the consciousness of the last forces or simply not before. Someone reading this now will ask himself why not.

If you give yourself the answer, then share with us. If you heard something convincing on this topic - also write.

To begin with, let's collect here the meanings of our lives. Such as we can see in any case ... And after that it will be possible to think about a common sense for all people. This question can also be answered, because how is man's fate, so is mankind’s fate‽

Write what is on a subject or so.

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* mk trilog in the company of a gardener and a shade? This is destiny. : D

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JohnCr2 @ 05/28/19, 21:54*
There are such ideas about her.
we describe the elephant from two sides. : papuas:

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* Sir Daniel,
I did not think that such (from the category of "rhetorical") will answer: lol:

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* mk trilog ,
At your service. : thank_you:

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JohnCr2 @ 05/28/19 12:59*
First, life owes you nothing.
Must. Because you are part of it. Should for every thought, action or inaction and idleness. And you owe her, because you are a part of life.

On this you can and finish - so do.

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The meaning of life, in my opinion, is in the development of oneself as an individual, life is like the most perfect RPG, of a particular genre!

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LГіnhLГіnh @ 05/29/19 4:40*
life is like the most perfect RPG of a particular genre!
We share our "lavels", comrades. : popcorm:

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Zahadum_shadow @ 05/28/19 18:41*
we describe the elephant from two sides

Of course, in the sense that we are talking about life. I only argue that the alternative you have proposed - humble yourself or hang yourself - comes from (from my point of view) an inappropriate attitude to life - from the fact that life owes us something.
The gardener @ 05/29/19 00:14*
Must. Because you are part of it.

My thoughts are part of me, but I owe them nothing. I can develop, I can forget. I can logically sharpen, I can bring to the point of absurdity. Here life was defined as a “set of situations”, and not “a way of existence of protein bodies”, but this is unlikely to change anything.

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* JohnCr2 An alternative is offered by the film, although it is rather interesting as a position.
And life owes a lot of things.
For example, seeds should sprout, apple trees, and efforts to produce results. This is true.
But sometimes it happens differently. And then life seems unfair. Although this is also an illusion.

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Zahadum_shadow @ 05/29/19, 14:15*
seeds should sprout

Some seeds will fall into good soil, and some will not. If they do not fall and do not germinate, then it is unfair?) The fact of the matter is that if by chance, it is fair. And sprout fair and not sprout fair. This is the same order of things as seed germination itself. It will be unfair if germination is not accidental. If, for example, you use all the soil for your seeds, and throw mine at the stones.
If you are not satisfied with the natural law of the order of things, which distributes success and failure randomly, then this means that you expect a special relationship to yourself from life. For reasons about which I wrote several posts before. This is not characteristic of my worldview; therefore, I have no illusions about the "justice" of life.
I do not see anything interesting in the cinema alternative - everything is banal to boredom.

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JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
If they do not fall and do not germinate, then unfairly?
They may well have another task. All seeds are different.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
And sprout fair and not sprout fair.
Apparently, this word is of little importance to you. Anyway, in this matter.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
If, for example, you use all the soil for your seeds, and throw mine at the stones.
This is a metaphor about cronyism and "social elevators", approx. So in this question for you that word is more significant.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
If you are not satisfied with the natural law of order, which distributes success and failure randomly
What just do not come up. Now tell me again that this law has always been - this will justify everything.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
you expect a special relationship from life
A special attitude to all, "no one will leave offended," and even that, whether you expect such an attitude toward yourself or not, affects the attitude, like everything connected with you.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
everything is banal to boredom
It seems that you are completely satisfied with your worldview and do not want to, say, clarify, add, revise. When a person is faced with a task that he has already decided, he will be bored. Apparently, the question of the meaning of life is simple for you and you decided it a long time ago. My congratulations.
JohnCr2 @ 05/30/19, 12:23*
If you are going to answer me, then there is a request: please write, "You" with a capital letter, referring to me. This request is a response, to your request to apply to "you".

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The main thing is to have a goal that motivates action.

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Gardener @ 06/09/19, 01:55*
If you are going to answer me, then there is a request: please write, "You" with a capital letter, referring to me. This request is a response, to your request to apply to "you".

It makes sense to respond only to this part of your post.
I will not address you on you, as I address only those whom I respect. Or in official correspondence.
I have not seen anything here that you can be respected for. Could refrain from any nasty things? In a personal? .. You do not have the desire for truth, there is no objectivity, you do not have your own, clearly marked position, you don’t want to discuss even the emptiness where it should be. Flood in the style of "hello, how are you?" and the transition to the individual to appeal to you do not have.
Do not want to answer - do not answer. Why strain through clenched teeth and make unreasonable "presentations"?
What is this poverty - a person who has no questions. Who believes that he knows everything. Who here is why, what is meaningful for anyone .. Not a single question for the post so abundant in conclusions. What is the point of talking to you? About what?
If we have to cross the forum further, let's just avoid familiarity ("you") and limit ourselves to elementary politeness ("you"). No more.

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In truth

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In truth

"I'm not the stars of fortune telling fortunes,
And astronomy won't tell me
What are the stars in the sky to harvest,
To the plague, fire, famine, war.

I do not know bad weather or weather
Promises winter and summer calendar,
And I can not judge by the sky,
What a happier sovereign.

But I see in your eyes a foreboding,
By unchanging stars find out
What is true with beauty will be together,
When you extend your life in descendants.

And if not - under the tomb
Truth will disappear with beauty. "

Shakespeare, Sonnet 14

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Probably in truth, because when you are deceiving yourself, your life seems to be passing by, as if you are watching a movie, but you do not live. When you are honest with yourself and the World, life slows down and you can live a whole life in a month. Live every minute!

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