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> StarLine 2 | New StarLine 2 mobile application with a new design
01.02.19, 08:17

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StarLine 2 download

Version: 1.0.1177

Last update of the program in the header:05.02.2019

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Short description:
The ability to control alarms from a mobile phone with a GSM module or via Bluetooth
Download the free StarLine 2 mobile app to manage car security from your smartphone. The application is suitable for GSM alarm systems, GSM modules and StarLine Beacons.

To familiarize yourself with the operation of the application, use the demo mode.


Easy registration
- Register the StarLine security system using the mobile application registration wizard

Convenient device selection
- Work with multiple StarLine devices: useful for fleet owners

Easy setup and management
- Put and remove the car with protection
- Start and shut down the engine without distance limitation
- (*) Set the auto-run parameters by timer and temperature, set the engine warm-up time
- In case of emergency, use the mode "Anti-theft": the car's engine stalls at a safe distance from you
- (*) Transfer the guard to the service mode, passing the car for diagnostics or repair
- Find the car in the parking lot by a short siren signal
- (*) Adjust shock and tilt sensors individually or disable them if you park in a noisy place
- Tie your comfortable commands to the control buttons

Clear status indication
- Make sure the car is protected
- (*) All “alarm” events are clear at first glance, thanks to an intuitive interface
- (*) Find out the current balance of the SIM card, battery charge, temperature of the engine and passenger compartment

Event notifications with car
- Receive push notifications about events occurring with a car (for example, an alarm, engine starting, disarming)
- Choose only relevant notifications for you
- Scroll through the history log to find out when the car engine started.
- (*) Find out the balance of the SIM card of the equipment: low balance warnings will come in a push notification

Vehicle search and monitoring
- (*) Full monitoring with the display of tracks. View the tracks, the total length of the route, the speed on the segments of the path
- Locate a car on the online map in seconds
- View your own location

Quick help
- Call StarLine Technical Support from within the app.
- Added phone rescue services and roadside assistance
- Feedback form embedded in the application.

(*) The function is available only to owners of equipment released since 2014 (with the label "Telematic 2.0" on the package)

Questions / Answers

Q: Can the StarLine 2 application work in conjunction with the old StarLine application?
A: Yes, it can. In this case, push messages will come from two applications.

Q: What screens contain new design?
A: User authorization screens and main control screen

Q: The map is now displayed on the main screen. Can I change its display on maps from Yandex?
A: No, for now the minimap only displays Google maps.

Android required: 5.0 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: StarLine LLC
Homepage: https://starline.online/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.starlinex.app
- The elaborate interface of the main screen.
- Improved interaction experience.

Download: Version: 1.0.1177 Attached filestarlinex-release-1.0.1177.apk (28.76 MB)

Past versions

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13.06.19, 18:52

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* Newbie,
I repeat
I do not have an application
And the signaling my phone as a bluetooth label does not lose.
maybe I have some
special phone
14.06.19, 20:44

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* Newbie,
So if the security guard removed the label, maybe you need to open the door? Well, or pick the body on the subject of how the background is configured? And it happens, they will turn on energy saving and ask - Choyta wifi with the extinguished screen does not pump.

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