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Меняются имена файлов вложений при скачивании download

Error description:
Actually, the confirmed problem was noticed when testing the reader, describedhereandhere.

A file has been uploaded to the forum (apload)
Reedpat M. Predator.fb2

When downloading from the forum, the file name has changed to
Reedpat + M. + Predator.fb2
where spaces are displayed as pluses.

Additionally for checking packed the same fileto archive .zipand renamed the archive where you can double-check the actions by uploading the original * .fb2 file from the archive as an attachment to the forum.

Actions (upload, download) were performed in Firefox 56.0 browser (32 bits).
In an amicable way, the names of the attachment files should not change when trying to download them from the forum.

Link: AlReader (Post NEW # 81601648)

Browser:FF 56.0 (32 bits)

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8.3. The file name can consist only of numbers and letters of the English or Russian alphabet.

There are no words about punctuation, space and service characters.

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