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I bought i10s, naturally their copy came, but in principle it suits me, but there is a problem - the case is constantly trying to charge the headphones, as a result, self-discharge, no one came across?

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* Zakat54 , there is such a problem, in my case the main earphone is not charging all the time. , tws i10.

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I read the campaign here while I'm lucky ... A couple of blue i12 work without jambs and problems.

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I20 came. There are no inscriptions, etc. "under the original". There are no Airpods, therefore, a comparison with Earpods - at a low volume they sound dull, at average rates, and at a minimum the sound would be quieter. There are nets below, but they hear very poorly through the microphone, it is impossible to talk. The main earphone is right, the left one does not work separately. Tapas work. Sometimes the headphones blink red. When connected, they are referred to as Airpods, then Airplus-A. The headphone charge in the phone is displayed, the charge of the case is still unclear, but the sellers answered that the charge of the case is shown only by flashing the indicator in the case. I have not checked the working time yet.

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* pinpon discard the photo of the cardboard box.

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* pinpon Uncle Liao, as always

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Empisar, all like the seller -

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i60 TWS on the video is very good, but with autonomy 2 hours, 3 well, maxim) the originals drag of course)

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Guys, I want to take a copy, I don’t know which one :( Any practical advice? I don’t understand what is the difference between i20 and i30. Or take i60 in general? Any other XPods have appeared. But I would like to take it around 2k, so that It’s just gvn. ”And then there’s no strength with wired ones anymore, they cling to everything, and buying original airs is too homeless.

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Omnitrix @ 04/29/19, 21:02*
Guys, I want to take a copy, I don’t know which one. Any practical advice? I don’t understand what is the difference between i20 and i30. Or even take the i60? There are some other XPods that have appeared. But I would like to take it in the 2k region, well, so that it would not be direct. And then you don’t have the strength to walk with wired ones, they catch everything, and buying original airs is too homeless.

Well, since I follow all this slag, I can say one thing, at the moment it’s best to take i60, they work separately and have wireless charging

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And what is the difference with and without a w1 chip? I60 is written without.
I ordered karoch 60, I hope not bullshit) 0

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* omnitrix , as they come, please unsubscribe in this thread. Very interested in the opinion of the user.

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What is the difference between i20 and i30? I think to order, wireless charging is not interesting)
I think here to order -https: //ru.aliexpress...999.259.29953c000ZwnsS
What do you think?

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I ordered the i30, after May, I have to come, I chose between them and between i86, I will come, I will write it off. I understand that the whales began to add a little bit of garbage and call it a new model, although if you believe the alibaba, some sellers write that the ai20 is better, in any case, they will come, I will answer right away.

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I share the experience of buying and using i10 TWS.
Bought on aliexpress. Came apparently a copy to copy. There was no net at the bottom of the headphones, a white plug. The charging wire was not packed as in the original, just wound. The case was not wrapped in a film, but was immediately in a silicone case.
I have original AirPods. Below is a comparison.
Sound - 5 out of 10. In principle, normal, but not satisfied.
Autonomy - I got 1-1.5 hours at 50% volume. It is not enough.
Charged in a case from zero to 100% in about an hour.
Bad headphone contact in the case. With a slight movement of the case, charging lamps light up.
Backlash of the case cover.
Background in the right earphone.
If compared with the original, then 5 out of 10. You can use, but not really.
Opened a dispute on aliexpress. Claim text, photo, video.
The seller flatly refused to decide anything. As a result, aliexpress appointed compensation in full without returning the headphones.
If you do not mind the money, take the original from apple. It is worth 100%. Work out 100% of the declared characteristics.

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What do you recommend from analogues to 3k?

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* kronys505 It is easier to buy Xiaomi or Huawei, with such a budget, a little more expensive will come out, ~ 3.7, sound, quality and work will clearly be better.
This is of course my opinion ‍♂️

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* FunkyDV,
looked that i60 one to one

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I bought such a Chinese craft from Uncle Huo -https: //www.aliexpress... 3111.0.0.4d3c4c4dZ8b8Rg
how come I will unsubscribe. I'm more afraid not even for quality, but for sound, because such copies scold everyone. if that - ordering such a copy will come to you with all the inscriptions and the logo of apple.

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I will correct my review i20: I hurried about the microphone: they say that I am far from the microphone, but they do not ask again, it’s quite possible to talk. But of the minuses, I’ll also note - a relatively high minimum volume (one or two tapas would be quieter), few basses (there are no third-party players, I listen from Yandex.disk), and due to the fact that they are sensory, they respond to any touch in top part.

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