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> Monobrow vs Acne vs Hole vs Normal screen | Recent screen trends, who what?
10.04.19, 00:44

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* dybalda, well, all new is forgotten old. In addition, 99% of phones do not have a right angle, always smoothed out, but now the struggle for maximum screen coverage. By the way, I don’t know what’s wrong with littered edges, on the contrary, a sense of framelessness. And the iPhones have a straight screen without bevels, the current has rounded corners. Now I’m looking at a single copy as a relic of the past. What to do, in this century we live in that technologies change very quickly, 10 years ago and smarts were strange, but now there are no phones and smarts can replace computers. 2 years ago monobrow, now there are holes, then you can see the camera hidden under the screen.

24.05.19, 14:26

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Why on the android with the persistence of donkeys can not remove the beard? Expensive? I do not believe. Why the beard is even on expensive devices on the android? In Apple, the cutout was justified, and the androids blindly copy it, while not removing the bottom.
Now the only option that ANYBOR did not realize is a full screen with the same minimum frames and a retractable camera. And I am more than sure that such a phone will shatter like hot cakes. And everyone will write "the first fully frameless."
28.05.19, 09:30

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Normal screen, no rounding. 16: 9 ... 19: 9

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