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Bluetooth Headset Air, Mi Air True Wireless Earphone, TWSEJ01JY
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Mi AirDots Pro comes in a small carrying case for storage and recharging. According to the manufacturer, they provide up to 10 hours of listening. Each headset is able to work independently of the other, so that they can be used alternately or divided between two people. Playback control is carried out using touch panels.

  • Headphone weight with case: 58 grams
  • Weight of one earphone: 5.8 grams
  • Up to 3 hours of playing music on a single charge of headphones
  • Up to 10 hours of autonomy with a case
  • Case battery capacity: 410 mAh
  • IPX4 moisture protection
  • ANC Noise Reduction
  • AAC codec support
  • Touch control and voice assistant support
  • Work as a headset
  • Impendance: 16 ohms
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

  • Recharge case
  • Headphones
  • Type-C cable
  • Ear Pads 3 Pairs
  • Instruction

Start of sales: January 11, 2019
Kit price in China 399 Yuan ($ 59)
Official retail in China

Advertising posters:
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Silicone Covers[1 option] [Option 2] [3 option]
Ear cushions[1 option][Option 2][3 option]suitable size T200

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Hello everyone! Guys this question. I am the owner of honor flypods, headphones suit all except occasionally stutter wildly in the street. With Airdots pro way things are? Also lose connection or not. Or you should have to take the apple airpods? Use phone mi6

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* mlser147,
really I do not advise you to take this very crafts from Xiaomei. I never thought that they could release this shit. It worked just fine in the first week. then it started - you can not connect because you enter the wrong PIN. and nothing in the settings of devices has not changed. I ceased to connect a smartphone. then he refused and the plate. with noutom I struggled for a long time, but could not connect these ears. done and reset - did not help.
Now the last straw - yesterday listened to a book, the right was in the box, listening to the left. started to fall asleep, I took a left and went to bed. morning include - in any. left earpiece is dead. loaded box, did reset all as dead poultices. read that he (the left earpiece) went into a deep sleep, and one can only technical methods to revive him. but plaque fly, I paid for this shit 100 dollars at the start of sales = why do I have to dance with them, what would they make? Now I threw it in the freezer. write may zavedutsya manner.
p.s. experimentally tested and found out that the capacity (in my case) on the left earpiece 50 percent greater than the right (after the right discharged, gested in its case and then only 50-60 percent at the left is shown on SMART).
To sum up - this is a real hemorrhoids. not highly recommend.
p.p.s. I am not Hayter Xiaomei. I mi a1 and mi pad4 - wonderful things. mocked them hard and often - bekaplyu, I sew different firmware, experimenting at full - never had a hint of the bugs. but that shit in the form of headphones I have just killed.

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Somebody set up what some action other than the pause / stop and an assistant? Whether it is possible to configure custom actions by pressing?

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* sam1984 Where such a presentation? The new headphone version is any different from the old?

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* dumb-bell man This is yesterday, fixed, the presentation of Xiaomi in Moscow. Global version of headphones. I really hope that the firmware method will appear, so that in Russian they’re balabol in the ear)))

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There are no detailed specifications on our website yet.
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No one accidentally watched a presentation? Maybe there flashed.

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* sam1984
like no ?! there is! Set bluetooth 4.2

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* drunksid, I opened it from the phone, on the mobile version, another one at this link.
Well, fine then, do not worry that my ears are somehow not so flawed)))

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Hello everybody. Please tell me whether somebody is that bluetooth an error and does not match your phone when you connect headphones of this model?

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pig fluffy @ 17.06.19, 20:41*
really I do not advise you to take this very crafts from Xiaomei.
I do not know what is the reason, I use these headphones every day for a month and a half, for 2 - 3 hours a day, the problems never was, and I hope it will not.

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Use headphones 2 months, the connectivity with charging no problems at all, the only thing that the sound has shifted to the left ear, and overloaded, and the reset did all bespolezno.Mozhet someone that will tell?, Uncomfortable when in the left ear and right out loud quiet ..

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* sam1984 ,
Presentation look, but not a word about bluetooth version does not have dropped. Walk rumors on the Internet, saying at the launch in China, announced that they will deliver 5.0. It's a shame if you will still be delivered in globalku. I do that with their forward Ali: beee:

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* manush.nikita, it will be a shame if they somehow work better than ours) I still have hopes for some kind of application from Xiaomi.

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https: //play.google.co...droid.android.xiadroid
Application version without ads:Club Mod APK (Fasting>root< #86313724)
Already a little more interesting
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Attached Image

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You know that the sound of the fifth BT is not transmitted?

All audio devices only use Bluetooth Classic. Headphones and speakers connected via Bluetooth Low Energy is impossible: there is no audio transfer standard with LE. A2DP standard used to transmit high-quality audio, works only via Bluetooth Classic, and analog in LE it does not exist.

Conclusion - to acquire an audio device with Bluetooth 5 only because of the new version of the protocol is meaningless. Bluetooth 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 in the context of the transfer of the audio will work just as well


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Sam1984 @ 06/19/19, 10:39*

Added a link to the version of the application without ads, do not be stingy to put a plus sign to the person who did it.

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manush.nikita @ 18.06.19, 18:31*
Walk rumors on the Internet, saying at the launch in China, announced that they will deliver 5.0.

Most likely, default shit for the Chinese market in Europe is too expensive, brachok entire return and ask any money, or replacement. There will be new ears in the old building (design).

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* sam1984 I have one does not work to two two touch, or 4 touch, and the charge is constantly hanging out at 100%?

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* dumb-bell man On the version from the market it somehow worked, but it did not always work (setting up tapes), something does not want to break it. The charge normally shows, even when connected to the phone, pop-up climbs out.
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