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What version ordered?
2/32 [ 133 ] ** [54,29%]
4/64 [ 112 ] ** [45,71%]
What firmware are you using? (the beginning of voting 05.04.19)
December [ 14 ] ** [5,71%]
January [ 28 ] ** [11,43%]
March [ 57 ] ** [23,27%]
April SPRO [ 64 ] ** [26,12%]
April CC2 [ 38 ] ** [15,51%]
I use a hybrid [ 39 ] ** [15,92%]
Which firmware do you like more?
SPRO [ 154 ] ** [62,86%]
CC2 [ 44 ] ** [17,96%]
Don't like both [ 40 ] ** [16,33%]
Are you satisfied with SPRO? Worth taking?
Pleased, I recommend! [ 218 ] ** [88,98%]
Not happy, I do not recommend! [ 17 ] ** [6,94%]
Faced with marriage, replaced by the same new [ 7 ] ** [2,86%]
Faced a marriage, bought another GU [ 0 ] ** [0%]
Total votes: 245
07.01.19, 21:44

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Firmware, modification and connectivity issues TEYES SPRO / CC2
Car and Android device
Discussion »»» | Purchase, delivery and connection of TEYES SPRO / CC2 | Firmware and modification of TEYES SPRO / CC2 |
  • To compare the device with competitors and on the choice of devices, please contact: Selection and Comparison
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Questions that are discussed in the topic

If you have just ordered a GU or are going to do it and you have questions about it right away, gohere.

The topic discusses:
  • Everything related to the firmware and software of the device.
  • Modification of software and electronics devices.
  • Problems of work, device connections (if you do not know how, what and where to connect - write toneighboring branchIf you have connected, checked and does not work, write here.
The topic is not discussed:
  • Questions of choice, comparison, purchase, delivery, sending GU.
  • Tips to take or not to take a good machine.
  • How to connect the camera, what port to connect the USB flash drive, recorder and so on, everything is already known - use the search on the topic or ask inneighboring branch.

Operating system: Android 8.1 API 27
Processor: 8 cores 1.8G 64 bits spreadtrum SC9853 Intel 14 nm Airmont

Memory: 2GB / 32GB and 4GB / 64GB
Display: IPS 1024x600 (9 '/ 10.2')
Radio module: NXP TEF6686 (RDS Netherlands)
Sound chip: TDA7851
Other: WiFi, GPS, 4G / LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
System support: TPMS, CarPlay, USB DVR

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k13th @ 05/20/19 20:33*
Elm327, as far as I know, can only connect to one device.
cancel the pairing with the phone and everything should work out

Thanks, I will try tomorrow, I will unsubscribe.
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I connected a full-time KIA LED camera 2012 in an average configuration (a color monitor, but without navigation and CAN information). I had to shaman dad connector for 8 pins from the IDE hard connector. The G5 radio was soldered to the C12 plug with a jumper on the C10. And daddy tulip on C3, C4.

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