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TEYES SPRO / CC2 Android 8.1 Head Units - Discussion
Car and Android device
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Important! Before asking a question!
Questions that are discussed in the topic

If you have just ordered a GU or are going to do it and you have questions about it right away, gohere.

The topic discusses:

  • Everything related to the firmware and software of the device.
  • Modification of firmware and device software.

The topic is not discussed:

  • Questions of choice, comparison, purchase, delivery, sending GI and its components.
  • Tips to take or not to take a good machine.
  • How to connect GU, camera, in which port to connect the USB flash drive, recorder and other components inneighboring branch.
  • Questions hardware modification of the device and auto sound. If you want to solder something, solder, unscrew or fasten (including the back cover) to the GU, please go to the topicHardware modification, auto sound, marriage and repair TEYES SPRO / CC2 - Discussion


Operating system: Android 8.1 API 27
Processor: 8 cores 1.8G 64 bits spreadtrum SC9853 Intel 14 nm Airmont

Memory: 2GB / 32GB and 4GB / 64GB
Display: IPS 1024x600 (9 '/ 10.2')
Radio module: NXP TEF6686 (RDS Netherlands)
Sound chip: TDA7851
Other: WiFi, GPS, 4G / LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
System support: TPMS, CarPlay, USB DVR

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Photo device

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Current issues

  1. Yandex Navigator aboveversion 3.97 does not load(also applies to 4.x versions), it is recommended to remove the installed version,install the recommended working version. The problem is relevant from 06/01/2019 to the present.
    Important : Only the application from PlayMarket does not work (platform x86_64 ) APK of any version for x86 and ARM platforms are working ! You can download the necessary APKs in related topic .
  2. Call from and to the radio using the built-in SIM cardcan't . If this functionality is so important to you, write to tech support, they will take into account your wish.

Useful posts

  1. List of cities from the base for the radio
  2. How to connect the camera and insert the sim-card
  3. USB flash drive firmware and CANBUS setup
  4. Instructions for editing system applications
  5. Getting ROOT rights
  6. How to prevent the completion of the necessary processes and applications when the GU goes to sleep
  7. For those who want to replace the boot animation and logo download, Still
  8. Selecting SPRO launcher after installing FIX, etc. on CC2
  9. Installing a new back cover, radiator, fan, still ATTENTION!!! read and study carefully all the ways, consult with the authors of descriptions, everything that you break on your conscience ...
  10. Description of repacking the file with Allapp.pkg applications, with changing application data
  11. Instructions for remaking the native back cover, under the cooler cooling size 40 * 40 mm.
  12. The temperature behind the Haval H6 Elite 2019 is not displayed correctly.
  13. How to activate CC2
  14. How to customize the display of logos of radio stations
  15. After the reboot, incomprehensible numbers (code) appeared in the upper left corner of the screen.
  16. Solving the problem with the sound of applications on the background of the radio, result
  17. What to do if a whistle is heard in the speakers (noise is heard)
  18. I can't be heard during a Bluetooth conversation (speakerphone), review second review
  19. To work with OBD2 ELM327 BT or WiFi adapter ...
  20. SPRO launcher for those who are not satisfied with the CC2 firmware shell
  21. Life hacking for those who caught the bootloop.
  22. Installing multiple patches from one flash drive
  23. If suddenly you requested a launcher (or fix with launcher, etc.) and it did not start
  24. How to free up 12 GB of space
  25. Formatting internal memory
  26. Automation of the distribution of the Internet from the phone to the GU
  27. If applications are not loaded from PlayMarket
  28. How to change the width of windows

  29. Logo Radio for SPRO.

Problems are parsed and transferred to China
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Change history
09/15/2019: Added a logo radio for SPRO.
09/09/2019: Added APN patch
09/08/2019: Instructions: how to change the width of windows.
09/08/2019: Instructions: if applications are not loaded from PlayMarket.
09/08/2019: Added the Kingbeats K1 PLUS theme to the navigation
09/07/2019: Added call restriction from the built-in SIM card
09/07/2019: Added byanchorsin useful posts. Send to the header with one touch!
09/07/2019: Instruction: automation of the distribution of the Internet from the phone to the GU
09/05/2019: Applications for measuring temperature

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Link in the post Yandex.Navigator [Android]

Are you sure ru.yandex.yandexnavi.4005014.apk set?
I tried ru.yandex.yandexnavi.4005024.apk (added warnings about new types of cameras) - did not work.

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Regarding the radio, someone wrote that there are a lot of radio covers inside our GU, but I accidentally found it, though it doesn’t react in any way, probably because the car is not the same.
Just poking around in the settings of kan bus:

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Here is the logo file, let's start?

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DeBuck @ 09/15/19, 16:58*
And you surely set ru.yandex.yandexnavi.4005014.apk?

Yes! Because yandexnavi.4005012.apk didn't earn
There are many versions in the header, put the one that works.
Here's another, but I have not tried:Yandex.Navigator [Android]

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Guys, will the Redboris radio for CC2 (METAL-STYLE) be on SPRO? Or request activation?

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Here is the logo file, let's start?

Excuse me, why is there a frame attached to each logo? The player’s skin can be anything, and the frame will not fit there. If you want a frame, put it simply on the skin. Plus logos are reduced. Plus, the size of files with frames has tripled, why?

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Here is the logo file, let's start?

To start, you need the corresponding second part (DB or XML), notes (what was added by someone), version control.
You need to give all the best on GitHab or a similar resource for joint development ...

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Oddy @ 09/15/19, 17:09*
What is this for?

These are logos from my mod radio. Unprincipled.
These are just files to control.

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will be on SPRO
No, it will not rise

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DJOKER690 @ 09/15/19, 17:27*
No, it will not rise

I have on demand, from ss2 worked except for the logos of stations, ss2 was activated

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ss2 has been activated
Judging by his question, CC2 is not active there

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