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In DNS, the network sold the touch dialer DEXP Larus Z8 2018. Comments and reviews (except for a single ad) no. I liked the miniature size of the phone. I would also like to know the real user feedback, as he is in work. What he capacitive touchscreen or touch? response speed, freezes and glitches apparatus. screen brightness, viewing angles, the ringer volume. Ease menu. The actual capacity of the battery. The ability to transfer files from one contacts such devices with BT v.2. I am the owner of the vehicle of similar size Samsung GT 3262 Champ Neo Duos. It is very convenient for everyday work, but the start of the connection to fail. I am looking to replace analogue, but apart from this Dexp, do not release at this time.

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* dron0220 ,
Having looked at reviews and comments on the CSN website:
The volume of the call - someone is satisfied, someone is very muffled, if you put the speaker down.
It works quickly (I can not answer for this).
Battery capacity, I don’t know about the real one, but it keeps people for 4 days.
Look in more detail on the CSN website itself, perhaps you will find answers to other questions.

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All the same, I ventured to acquire this miracle of engineering. On the 5th day of use, I can share what I liked about this phone and what not.
compact size
pleasant to the touch, high-quality fitted body (although very easily soiled)
capacitive touchscreen, very nimble and responsive
bright display, at medium brightness everything is clearly visible on a sunny day
mega loud call bell if put back cover up
good gsm receiver
the alarm goes off when the phone is off and in silent mode
clear sound of the spoken speaker, although squeaky, but without interference
convenient lock and unlock screen
works with 2 SIM cards, there is no active mode
there is a flashlight (operating time is not installed)
the on-screen keyboard has a cursor to move left and right in the text
the battery is normal, enough for 2.5 days of intensive conversations
For the time of use, it has not yet been buggy and hanged.

menu - a miracle engineers just stupid touchscreen phone flashed under the Chinese push-button dialing program (adding virtual Claudia). Those. curtains, panels, shortcut icons, desktops - no. One desktop clock, operator and small icons activated functions. The fact that the touch dialer Samsung could have done with one click - here you need to climb into the jungle. And to confirm certain deysviya, you must constantly climb in context and to press the button - "vybrat- podverdit-ok". The first hour of picking the phone, I just break it against the wall, now a little used to it.
There is no physical call button, therefore, it is also necessary to climb into the call log through the menu.
A very small keyboard - typing in SMS and in the phone book is just plain flour.
Contacts (business cards) transmits and receives on BT. Only for each contact then confirmation with 3 keystrokes is required, as I wrote above. And when they are about 800-900 pieces, then this is "fun." After the transfer, he changes how he likes the word order of the name in the contact.
Limited field for the name in the contact.
Out of 2 memory cards on 4Gb Transcend, I saw only one. Your memory in the phone is 20Kb !!!!
You can not change the screen saver of the lock screen, there is no menu design.
Only 7 contacts can be fastened to the shortcut keys.
During a call on the screen, a huge useless call icon and a very small name of the caller!
You can set your melody for a call from a memory card, only for a general call or a group of subscribers. You cannot tie your sound on one subscriber.
In the MP3 player, it was not possible to create a playlist, there is no equalizer.
In good quality headphones, the sound is flat, without bass.
Charger - a separate conversation, it would be better if they did not put it in the kit, so as not to be upset. Weightless block and curved thick rubber knob on the micro USB plug. Like the cheapest Noname China.
No flight mode.

From all of the above, taking into account its price tag, you can safely put 4 points out of 5. If a normal menu were prescribed for this device, it would be just a bomb!

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Yes, it’s not an unimportant fact, this phone has a proximity sensor! It works clearly!

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Tell me, is it possible to turn on the speakerphone in the Dexp Larus z8 phone itself? Agree, it's not good to listen to the radio with headphones. It is clear that through speakers it can be much more comfortable to listen.

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Checked. It is on the radio that there is no such function, only through headphones. Through the speaker you can only listen to the player.

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Thank dron0220 Maybe there is an opportunity to deal with the option to disable Dexp Larus z8 in time. It seems okay, but very confusing. Whatever I do, it displays a message like "Error admitting to ..." What this means, even the official Dexp Larus z8 website does not give an answer, while they are silent. At least read the whole message after "Error admitting to ..." Maybe because of that. that I use one SIM card.

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I didn’t get into it, so as not to patch anything. It’s more familiar to use the flight mode (which is not in it!). He pressed, deactivated the phone and he only as a clock and alarm clock. If it asks for a password, perhaps you need to enter 1234, sort of like default on these devices.

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The Z8 has a silent profile. Probably the analogy of Flight Mode. But it is to turn it on and off.

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Thank you for the detailed review of the phone.
Could you clarify a couple more details: the ability to use a headset and the ability to display on-screen photos of the caller instead of the call icon (since the name is in small print)?

By the way, today this model in DNS costs 1050 rubles.

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In general, the whole question is whether the SD-card. Without it, you can’t talk about applications - nothing will work, there is not enough memory. "Flight mode" is located in the "Configure SIM cards."

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Yes, really - I found the flight mode. And I also found an equalizer in the player - fixed settings, Rock, Pop, etc. But still, the sound quality in the headphones is poor. Just after the Samsung menu, you won’t immediately taste where it’s located in the settings.
He sees a memory card, but no applications will be here, because This is the most ordinary phone.
The headset works, but the ringtone is so loud in the headphones that I suddenly overused to use it. But the sound of the conversation is quite quiet.
All the same, you can set your own melody for a subscriber.
What about pictures on abonenta- too exposed, but there are also nuances. I tried to put the transferred file size 22KB .jpg - not accept. He writes - unsupported format. Looks too much "heavy" for the device)))). With the camera has become normal, with the same extension .jpg, only the size of 8,8Kb, too, with a memory card. Although saver become "big"))) files 50 and 100Kb. caller photo during a call miniature - somewhere we can 1h1,5sm. As I wrote above, the menu and the firmware from a touch tone telephone, and probably a much smaller screen size. If it normally finished even under the iron, the device would be much more convenient to use.
For 12 days has not yet glucan.
In general, a phone with such functionality for an item is just a fire !!!

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Thank you for answering my questions.
Regarding the caller’s photo, to the screen: try some simpler picture formats, for example bmp, png, .... I hope Dexp Larus Z8 will be easier and better to perceive them.

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* dron0220 ,
Java, .mrp, .vxp are not installed either?

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I don’t know about such extensions, I think they are not put, and why load such a phone with something superfluous.
I found out another feature about transferring contacts from the phone book to BT. From Dexp to Samsung (at least for a regular device with BT 2.0, at least for smart BT 4.0) any number of contacts is transferred at a time (up to 1000). Larus with the same Larus can exchange no more than 30 contacts at a time. Very uncomfortable!

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* dron0220,
I can not find the answer to the question: does this phone support reading electronic books (at least in txt format)?
If supported, how is it externally implemented? For me, this fact is very important ...

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Satur7 @ 02.02.19, 08:41*
Does this phone support reading electronic books (at least in txt format)?

I took this unit for the youngest son just in the CSN for 1050r. The most is not a smartphone-debility, but a normal device. Everything you need is there, it works well, it looks stylish. Younger satisfied (11 years).
Today I tested the item E-books. With TXT only works, the main encoding is correct. 3 font sizes, full screen mode and auto scrolling. The younger read well, immediately asked to download books from Warhammer: Fantasy Battles ...

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* mrRocks,

Thank. Your younger one may like it over time.
serious books to read. "The main thing to start": rolleyes :.

If it’s interesting: there are not so many books in TXT, but in the FB2, EPUB, MOBI - the sea;
I recommend using the AlReader program for converting to TXT, naturally in Windows
(File / Save as TXT / Select encoding ...).

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* satur7 ,
Satur7 @ 02/08/19, 19:11 *
Your younger one may like it over time.
serious books to read. "The main thing to start"

I do not approve of reading on such a screen. I think it's better to take a book on e-ink. And they read everything with us, this is family ...

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I do not approve of reading on such a screen.

As much as you like. I dare not insist on anything ...

But I NEED just such a universal device - to read, watch movies, listen to the radio - while walking: I am disabled (of course, not visually impaired) and carrying many different personal belongings is not very convenient for me. Actually, we are talking about spring-summer-autumn, in winter I am adding audio books - the player is in my pocket. And these players of all kinds, e-books, smartphones and tablets are like dirt on me: rolleyes: ...

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