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DiscussionThe head device ML-CK1018 and similar, based on the processor MT / AC8227L
Car and Android device
ML CK-1018
Discussion » / Manufacturer MEKEDE: TS356XSZTL / MEKEDE U708 188L

A machine : Car
1. 4 cores
2. Android OS 8.1 (latest version), real - 6.0, API version 23
3. Built-in AV-Out (support for connecting all kinds to the headrest monitor)
4, built-in 1G RAM and 16 / 32G ROM
5, built-in 2USB input, it can play music / movie / photo from local disk or connected tf card.
Software Features
Operating system: Android 6.0
Display Size: 7 inches
Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core processor
Input power: 4 * 60 W
Built-in memory: 16/32 GB
Resolution: 1024 * 600
Screen: capacitive touchscreen
OBD: Support
WiFi: Support. Support online video, movie, music, radio, Youtube, Yahoo, MSN ...
USB For cards; Support
Gps: support, download navigation application makes your car become a gps-navigator
OSD language: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Czech, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Korean and other 46 languages. Etc.
The PG does not have a sleep / shutdown delay mode for more than 1 min. - no and never will.
A photo
Attached Image
Attached ImageAttached Image
PHOTO 1 - UI1, PHOTO 2 - UI2, PHOTO 3 - UI4

Devices (GU) must contain on board the following chips:
Android processor - AC / MT 8227L
audio processor - TDA7729 (TDA7719, CSC37033, SCS37534)
Bluetooth - MT6625
Radio - NXP A5105 (NXP6851?)
MCU controller - STM32F030C8T6

Devices with an audio processor CSC37033, CSC37534 do not have a NXP A5105 radio chip - the integrated radio is used in the MT6625 combo type.

No program will show you the contents of the GU, only an autopsy will show

Photo board
More photo board

Engineering menu codes - 8888, 1111 (for UI4)

What is MCU - In short: The MCU (Microcontroller Unit or, according to other sources, the Media Controller Unit) is a stand-alone computer, usually performed on a separate motherboard with its own processor, memory, and programmable inputs and outputs. Peripherals — a radio receiver (radio tuner), a DVD player, a Bluetooth hands-free device, a low frequency amplifier, and others — are connected to the MCU. Another part of the head unit - the computer running the Android OS - interacts with the MCU, transmitting commands to it and receiving responses to them. More details about the MCU can be found: https: //forum.xda-deve…ead_Unit/MCU_Explained

Alternative launchers : Car launcher , CarWebGuru Launcher , Car Launcher AG , FCC Car Launcher

Short guide on choosing offline navigation

Cord and adapter for firmware

Instructions for firmware mcu programmer

ELM327 bluetooth: To connect ELM327 bluetooth - change the access password in the bluetooth radio settings to 1234, after successful pairing and connecting, you can return the password back.

Recover using testpoint

Fix MAC address change

Increase the sensitivity of the microphone in the engineering menu of android

Multi-window mode

Modified AIMP from * Creatureph

Settings start navigation, autorun programs, etc. in the firmware from 12/24/2018

Connecting physical buttons and encoder

Pinout connectors

Setting the touch buttons

Full / partial firmware from flash drive (the instruction is not complete - edited)

How to merge firmware dump (video) or In pictures

Camera setting ZX

Slow wifi

Wifi antenna

PG Delay Delay Scheme


Connecting the steering wheel buttons

If after the firmware can-bus does not work

Updates, firmware and kernels
To accidentally get a brick - do not flash the preloader. To update the firmware, it is enough to flash the USB flash drive from the “flash drive” or twrp system.img (ANDROID) and boot.img (BOOTIMG).

Winrar for unpacking firmware archives

ATC flash tool (from the manufacturer) + driver + instruction

Scatter and preloader only for dumping

EMMC_BOOT_1 dumps to restore a erased (Preloader)

Various patches

Not relevant

Stock launchers UI1, UI2, UI4 + clock, player and player widgets from UI4

вњ“ Full firmware from 11/09/2018 UI1 with the correct translation, root, twrp, FLASHE вњ“

вњ“ Full UI2 firmware with patched translation with embedded root and twrp from 12/24/2018 FLASHE вњ“ (can be used for partial flashing the flash drive, from the "flash drive", via twrp (boot.img, system.img, recovery.img) thanks - Maxkir

вњ“ Mod. firmware 12/24/2018 (UI2) FLASHE вњ“

вњ“ Firmware from GU 7168 with audio processor CSC37033, fits the rest of GU вњ“ (xyauto_ui2_9218C_full_8227L-20190118_HIFI)

Firmware YT9218C_00005_V003_20190214_HIFI - UI2 ROOT TWRP Thank - * torres5544, * Maxkir

вњ“ Firmware YT9218C_00005_V003_20190225_HIFI - UI4 ROOT TWRP FLASH вњ“ Thank - Maxkir

вњ“ Factory firmware YT9218C_00005_V003_20190225_HIFI - UI4 вњ“

Kernel with init.d and Viper FX support

вњ“ Mod firmware YT9218_00005_V003_2019.04.10 - UI2 fake-DDR2Gb вњ“ (Translation, root, twrp, FLASHE). If the firmware is not native - do not flash the boot. (uncheck the flash unit or remove it from the "flash drive firmware" folder).

вњ“Modic firmware YT9218C_00005_V004_20190522_HIFI - UI2 вњ“ equalizer, ROOT, TWRP, translation + sleep mode GU with mcu v2.8

- full / partial firmware can be installed without a USB flash drive.

Recovery, TWRP, Root
Boot animation


For beginners: before asking the first question / write the first message - look at the item "Discussed devices"!

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Now I looked, I wrote tda7729. It's good? The sound suits me perfectly, even a bit impressive: blush:

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* Monser , hello .. there you threw the link ... what kind of firmware?

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* sandr2010 , I did not understand .. is it the Chinese sent .. or your assembly? ... I have such a mafon campaign ... I come for a look at what version I have ... I have a problem with turning on the rear camera of the whipping ... then it turns off the music .... it catches glitches .. switches to camera mode when turn on the reverse gear .. but there is no image on the display .... noticed glitches from the DVR with the prog from the market playlist;

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Monser @ 12/06/18, 23:15*
as far as I could see, according to Aide, the architecture here is practically the same for everyone. However, at least two different devices in the subject live. You would lay out a screen where the firmware number is mcu and android.

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Screen about the system, too, throw a new one. There is a guess.

What I stepped on yesterday, my font was set large, and the mcu version did not fit.

Here is the screen:
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* sandr2010

And you have a fresh one, 1.3 at the end. I have 1.0.

Or it depends on iron.

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* sandr2010

I asked the seller mcu update, it is quite responsive to me. But it seems to me that everything they had, they have already sent.

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* sandr2010

And how are things going with your root?

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Updated the device with this firmwarehttps: //drive.google.c...DmLk8/view? usp = sharing. Small changes there. But there is no hot start. Yandex navigator began to work correctly (the sound muffles the sound after the alert continues to play music) when playing music from a flash drive, the sound mixing control in the sound menu started working. It did not work before.
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Another point appeared to select the region of the radio.

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The link does not work(

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* sandr2010

Posted 12/08/2018 11:52 AM:

* 1977BAV,

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* sandr2010
There was this
[attachment = "14651161: IMG_201 ... _151427.jpg"]
We have a Threecar manufacturer with Monser

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can you upgrade without fear?

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I took the chance. Happened. If, what, there is a video of the process.

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* 1977BAV , throw, look

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* samtelo Well, but most likely tomorrow.

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Samtelo @ 08.12.18, 13:04*
can you upgrade without fear?


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* samtelo ,
https: //drive.google.c...i6_w/view? usp = drivesdk

One moment. From one port, the load is about a third and an error. From the other, everything turned out.

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* sandr2010 , duck and version of MSI changed

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Hey. After resetting to factory settings, asks for a password. Can you help me? Android 8.1 Demo or please tell me where to look.

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