X96S tv stick | TV Box, 1 "/ 2.0GHz / 2 / 4GB RAM

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DiscussionX96S tv stick
PictureAMLOGIC S905 Y2 X96S Google Android 8.1
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Main characteristics
в—Џ Android 8.1 operating system
в—Џ Amlogic S905Y2 processor, quad-core processor, ARM Cortex-A53, 2.0 GHz
в—Џ ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU
в—Џ 2 GB / 4 GB DDR4 RAM + 16 GB / 32 GB EMMC ROM
в—Џ 2.4 GHz + 5.8 GHz dual-band WiFi
в—Џ Support 4K Ultra HD image display
в—Џ H.265 decoding support

Additional Information:

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Has anyone compared the X96s to the Raspberry Pi?
I’m sitting, I think I’ll take a subject in the kitchen or upgrade an old raspberry to 3B + (4B I don’t want to get too hot).

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Ginsot @ 08.24.19, 03:41*
old raspberries to 3B + (4B don't want to get too hot)

To vskidku:
In the 3rd there is no hevc. 3B + also heats much stronger than the stick. From the USB telly is unlikely to start (unlike X96s). There is less RAM (enough for TV / cinema, but, say, a large cache for online torrents does not shine) ...
Of the pluses are ports (solved by the hub) and ethernet (not everyone needs it), the ability to connect a display and a camera, GPIO (well, that's really for everyone).
IMHO if not for free and it is not intended to use a display or GPIO - it is hardly advisable ...

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* Ginsot , I tried for a long time to use raspberry pi 3 as a media player and to watch iptv, the only thing I regret is that I did not immediately take something like the X96S. Also, KODI on raspberry due to memory and processor limitations, compared to X96s, works on the limit. Plus, I had to buy a good 3A power supply and organize active cooling, otherwise a couple of hours of a movie in HD would lead to overheating.

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plaha_m @ 08.24.19, 09:33*
I'm shocked by having a fucking

It is not clear what is the relationship of the topic with the work of the delivery service?

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* Merzkaya gnida , * den146 ,
I do not need online torrents in the kitchen, at home a server with dlna, enough for the kitchen is also what is on it.
What do you like raspberries (now B + is working not even 2B, but the very first):
- I do not need an extra remote control, it is completely controlled from the TV remote control, this is perhaps the most important thing for me in a particular situation.
- Turning raspberries on and off with the telecom, although here I allow operation from an external power source.
- Autostart KODI after loading raspberries. On x96s, it seems you will have to install something like kodi launcher (I don’t need an android desktop in the kitchen, the task is to simplify the management maximally).
- raspberry can be used on a bunch of other projects, but I don’t know where to use x96s after obsolescence.

But I just besides raspberries and did not try to use anything when putting raspberries hdmi sticks did not exist yet, and I do not need a full-fledged boxing there, in general I assume that x96s may be more convenient if fully supports hdmi-sec

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Ginsot @ 08.24.19, 17:59*
Autostart KODI after loading raspberries. On x96s, it seems you'll have to put something like kodi launcher

Have libreelec been canceled? On the libra, any boxes on similar processors of ours will lay any raspberry on the blades.

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I have the g10 remote control programmed the power button to turn on the TV. The stick itself is powered by usb, i.e. Adventure TV, stick turns on. We put the TV viewer at startup and voila. What is not raspberry?

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Ginsot @ 08.24.19, 16:59*
Autostart KODI

If you need Cody, he played a little with Coreelec on our stick (instruction and links) Impressions are very pleasant. It is put on Flash / SD, while it is possible to download to android. I did not stay on it because I use not only codi.

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* Lohophone , * Merzkaya gnida ,
Yes, with autostart, I would somehow decide.
What is the subject with HDMI-CEC? I have noted this as a priority function.

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Ginsot @ 08.25.19, 20:21*
with autostart, I would somehow decide.

And here is autorun? Libra is not an android. She starts immediately in the form of Cody, and Cody on her brought to perfect condition. Everything there works as it should.

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* Lohophone ,
I agree, but all this does not make sense if the remote control stops working (and there are such reviews).
And as I wrote more than once, I have all the controls from one remote control, a remote control from the TV. And I would like to keep this chip. But judging by the fact that no one answers this, I conclude that everyone uses different remotes for the stick.

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Ginsot @ 08.25.19, 19:21*
What is the subject with HDMI-CEC?

What could be wrong with him? In the stock firmware is and works. Whether with all devices - I do not know. Does it work with all sorts of Eleks - I did not check, but I see no reason not to work.

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Ginsot @ 08.25.19, 9:21 p.m.*
What is the subject with HDMI-CEC? I noted this as a priority function

I myself sometimes control the Samsung remote control: arrows and OK work fine.

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