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DiscussionX96S tv stick
PictureAMLOGIC S905 Y2 X96S Google Android 8.1
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Main characteristics
в—Џ Android 8.1 operating system
в—Џ Amlogic S905Y2 processor, quad-core processor, ARM Cortex-A53, 2.0 GHz
в—Џ ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU
в—Џ 2 GB / 4 GB DDR4 RAM + 16 GB / 32 GB EMMC ROM
в—Џ 2.4 GHz + 5.8 GHz dual-band WiFi
в—Џ Support 4K Ultra HD image display
в—Џ H.265 decoding support

Additional Information:

X96s firmware

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dimar1973 @ 01/05/19 18:16*
It is very convenient that there is enough power from the usb TV

And what is the current strength in your usb connector in TV? 0.5A or 1A?

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* alexstream ,
But who would know)). Through it worked and stick on the ancient rk3066. LG TV 22le3300.

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advise plz dzhoyped for this stick? Preferably compatible with PC.

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The device is NOT from the series - everything works out of the box :-)
I bought only because of the "wireless display" function to display a picture from a smartphone on a TV set. 32 gb version for 1.7 p. on pandao. The rest is obtained in the appendage.

Power is enough from the usb tv port, which by the way is not very convenient. Restart in 50 sec. With power through the power adapter (included), you can not disconnect the stick.
The bundled remote in this shell does not work everywhere, and for example in the settings menu it does not respond to any presses. Smelly and shaky piece of useless plastic. It is better to replace immediately.
The HDMI adapter from the kit is very useful, especially if you have a TV set suspended or installed in a dense wall.

Shell - this can not be called a shell !!! Usability is almost zero. By default, some useless software minimum is set. Preloaded Youtube did not work.
Kodi with lots of extras in place.
On an old keenetik Giga router through two walls, this picture
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With regards to movies, including in 4k and streaming iptv content here, in general, everything started and works, but I’m not warning out of the box.

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* Lomalcin ,
Thanks for the comment!
And can a little wider?
How does the device behave when viewing sheets from the garbage and through which player is it better to do it?
How to play files from torrents through programs like HDvideobox and what is the maximum size? Which player can do this better and which engine behaves best?
How does YouTube work?
How quickly and seamlessly does Chrome surf the Internet?
Is the device visible in the home network and are there any problems with transferring files or playing from another device?
How does 5Ggz Wi-Fi work?
How and with what remote are you using?
In short, everything interests the living owner of the device ... Maybe I missed something.
Thank you in advance!

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I bring my mind to mind, using all the developments from the topic on X96Max. All scripts and codec settings and Spmc are suitable for our device. So far, only one positive emotions.

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* volgogradd
I repeat. I only need a stick for one purpose, I wrote for what above. Compactness, ease of connection, for me it is no less important.

And in order:
I haven’t used it with various file dumps yet, I didn’t have time, but I think there should be no problems.
From streaming torrents through ace stream for example - it is necessary to test, but again, I see no reason that these files did not start up for example through the same Kodi with the necessary addon like Kinopoisk 2.0
Pre-installed YouTube did not work. From the market, without problems (maximum quality in 1080) YouTube through Cody at 720 maximum, but this can be solved.
Movies from network balloons, USB flash drive connected to usb 3.0, from microSD card - launched in Kodi without problems, including rips up to 15gb in 4k HEVC
Browsers have not tested in detail. A couple of pages opened, no complaints.
Wi-fi 5Ggz should, in theory, but alas, I can not check it myself. Screen led from his router.
Stock remote in the trash. At the moment I use it on my smartphone, through the universal remote control CetusPlay. Temporary solution.
Games: Space Rangers launched, but did not figure out with control through CetusPlay

Here the theme of the animal was revealed in detail, for our stick all this is relevanthttps://youtu.be/__k6XkCeOho

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I have two xiaomi 3 and 3g routers. To one of them is 5m and a concrete wall. It is connected to it without problems on 5 GHz with a speed of 433 MB. Torrents up to 25 GB with a channel of 100mb twists without brakes.

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* dimar1973 ,
I just paid for 4/32, otherwise I need to put my mom in the kitchen, but there is no place and I didn’t have a cable to go there in due time. Her needs are small, the main thing is that Wi-Fi would finish ... We'll see ... It’s clear that this is not Nvidia shield TV and Minix, but she doesn’t need it and there is no place for those consoles. I have a router kinetics ultra. I ordered the G10s remote, but the G20s should have been ... It's a pity I won't be able to get power from the TV, I don't have it

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Has anyone ever tried running screen mirroring from a phone?
In the old x96mini and x92 consoles there was a miracast application, it worked fine through wifi direct, and now some kind of airplay does not want to work, miracast says it is not supported on oreo, use the google cast.

I accidentally updated this airplay from the market, can someone post the original one from the firmware?

And after that - I correctly understand that in the stick, the infrared port is only external, and without a lace you can not turn on the console from sleep mode, except through hdmi-cec?
Well, in general, do not turn on, without jerking the power?

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Has anyone ever tried running screen mirroring from a phone?

Tried and many other similar programs. The wireless display function, if this is about it ... works only with stock AirScreen, that with intrusive advertising and a trial period, and then by subscription.
Patched version from x96max branch//savagemessiahzine.com/ forum /… ce = pst & query = AirScreen

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how to reflash. And then I put SuperSU to manage root rights, and after rebooting it hangs on the logo.
The same story was. Stitchedfirmware from herevia USB burning tool.
dimar1973 @ 12.25.18, 06:23*
Clamp the reset button and connect to the DC connector and flash it.
And what is the reset button? Did not find it on the stick.

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Hole next to the IR connector

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dimar1973 @ 01.22.19, 13:27*
Hole next to the IR connector
I did not clamp the reset when flashing. Shil native cable from the kit.
The main thing is to first press the Start button in the program on the computer and only then connect it to the computer. Then the process starts normally.

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Tell me, what does 2 GB or 4 GB of RAM affect if you just watch the video?

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Igoriy905 @ 01.22.19, 16:01*
Tell me, what does 2 GB or 4 GB of RAM affect if you just watch the video?
Rather, there will be a lack of a lower-end WiFi standard speaker in the younger version, which may affect the connection speed and logs when viewing heavy content. But it is in theory.

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* bmaxim, thank. I have only 2.4 on TL-WR841N

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Does HDMI CEC work normally? Will it be possible to manage with one remote control from the console, so that the TV turns itself on / off and the volume is adjusted?

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The reset button, by the way, stopped working for me after I made a factory reset of recovery.
But it is sewed from a computer and without pressing this button.
All the instructions for the USB burn tool, click start, plug into the microusb connector (not in a large USB), and to the computer.
My computer swore that the usb device is not recognized, but it was normal despite this.

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Shil native cable from the kit.

And what is the reason for flashing? What's not to love about stock firmware?

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