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PictureAMLOGIC S905 Y2 X96S Google
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Main characteristics
в—Џ The operating system is Android 8.1; 9
в—Џ Amlogic S905Y2 processor, quad-core processor, ARM Cortex-A53, 2.0 GHz
в—Џ ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU
в—Џ 2 GB / 4 GB DDR4 RAM + 16 GB / 32 GB EMMC ROM
в—Џ 2.4 GHz + 5.8 GHz dual-band WiFi
в—Џ Support 4K Ultra HD image display
в—Џ H.265 decoding support


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Yesterday began tuning X96S, but there was such a problem that I can not drag the shortcut to the desktop. How to do it? Or in which the launcher is possible?

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dmitry_vl2001 @ 13.03.19, 9:24*
Last 10 days after rebooting console displays an error message

This is a problem with Google services. Put Amologic TV box tool and it point GP check. Make it Validation Service. Reboot and BCH should be the norm.

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* dimar1973 unfortunately did not help.

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As for the departures.
Maybe just a course specifically I was not lucky, but a rollback to the original firmware did not help. Fewer departures (subjective), is now the prefix after the departure does not restart, but simply turned off and you have to juggle the wire. on the power cord set home.
Initially, the image freezes, the sound appears -trrrrrrr type for a few seconds and all the ...

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* OKA, Before rolling back to an earlier firmware everything was as you described, you change it too had a couple of crashes, but not as much as before (much less common). Still have the option to wait for the next update, I think soon arrive. Or try once again I ask all wipe.

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Tell me, please, and how in turn x96s root, which is "out of the box"?

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Just install Magisk control Ruth rights

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As for the departures.
In the settings (with white background) disabled "location" (enabled by default), disabled location information, etc. Somewhere on the forum had read - supposedly prevents normal operation consoles.

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Thank you, I will try, more already got!

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Decided to check the firmware on Mecool KM9. Surprisingly she burst without errors. But I did not start, hung on the splash screen butlupom. Back in a standard way sewn did not want, did not react to the cable. I had to search for contacts to restore the brick.

Standard warning: whatever you do, having received the information in this topic, do at your own risk.

Run AUBT, select the firmware, click "Start" and closes the contact and connect the cable set-top box.
Attached Image

P.S. This was done at 4 \ 32, but rather only 2 gigs of all versions as well.

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At 2 gigov version sewn pinching needle reset button (reset) and after connecting usb power cable into the slot in the computer usb port. I used to do this:
usb power cable connector is inserted into the computer at one end, clamped reset and plug the other end of the cable into the connector stick supply program ... Usb Burning Tool determined that the stick is connected, and then presses the start and firmware sewed More ... much depends on usb hub tension computer, the voltage should not be less than 1A (as written in the instructions from the Chinese), if less than or jumps firmware hangs in piercing and passed to sew again, because it had more cables to change and try different usb ports on the computer ...

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Marsel000 @ 15.03.19, 23:45*
At 2 gigs version sewn pinching needle

I wrote about the state of full bricks. Where is the reset button does not work.

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I got your device!
But the joy did not last long, constantly overloaded ((
I tried changed PD wire nefiga. Chinese man sent firmware:

code: 6lau
2G + 16G

Download can not: blush: Not strong in China: rolleyes:. He laid the folder, and what would need to put it to download the client and regestrirovatsya and then in hieroglyphs did not understand (((Can someone download and put on Yandex, or somewhere else?

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Stock firmware version 2/16https://yadi.sk/d/nTi6HF0SubAhWg

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Marsel000 @ 15.03.19, 13:38*
Just install Magisk control Ruth rights

Without the original root-access was not set. And that's just it does not exist.

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All good! Experts, tell me what program (or how) the best and stable image output with a smart (or tablet) in our stick. The bottom line is that some of the program which I use are not supported H96s, here ... the one that was installed in the factory jumped out constantly with an error, and I blew it (not even remember the name, AeroChto something ...), and now it turned out that needed. Firmware drain older version.

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alexstream, Ruth access to the system, there is no management program Root privileges, in this case suited us Magisk, Super su hangs system boot animation! First, download and set Magisk Manager.apk go into it, and from there download the zip archive of the latest version of which he offer to download, then through the staffing application to update the firmware on a flash drive select the downloaded TWRP_322.zip console reboot or just temporary rekaveri or stock rekaveri and then from there to choose from TWRP_322.zip stick, you find yourself in TWRP, there sewn twrp.u211- 3.2.3-1 .img who also choose from a flash drive (need to select the memory section in the settings) Selects img instead of zip and sews it into the recovery partition and get already new mod.rekaveri instead stokovogo.Esli you do not need rekaveri TWRP can not sew it as soon as the start through the installation of a temporary zip Magisk you put the zip file is reloaded into the system and come into Magisk and everything should work ... to get back into the set rekaveri TWRP I put the program reboot where there besides shutdown and restart, reboot rekaveri.libo as alternation update update the system program sets the temporary rekaveri, I hope everything is clear explained: roll:
rekaveri attaching fileshttps://yadi.sk/d/fLLaHm13EEN35Q

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* Marsel000 ,

Thank you, put until normal flight

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Somebody put on x96s player Halva or Perfect Player? Did you have that in some iptv channels picture shaking? (Wherein the channel itself is broadcasting a 25 fps)

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I discovered a problem. Why can not I copy the text in the browsers? In other applications tab Copy and Paste appear normal. How do I fix this situation?

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