X96S tv stick | TV Box, 1 "/ 2.0GHz / 2 / 4GB RAM
work stick
There were glitches
2/16 [ 3 ] ** [4,55%]
4/32 [ 17 ] ** [25,76%]
Both models - 2/16 and 4/32 [ 1 ] ** [1,52%]
There was nothing. It works perfectly [ 45 ] ** [68,18%]
Total votes: 66

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DiscussionX96S tv stick
PictureAMLOGIC S905 Y2 X96S Google
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Main characteristics
вЧП The operating system is Android 8.1; 9
вЧП Amlogic S905Y2 processor, quad-core processor, ARM Cortex-A53, 2.0 GHz
вЧП ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU
вЧП 2 GB / 4 GB DDR4 RAM + 16 GB / 32 GB EMMC ROM
вЧП 2.4 GHz + 5.8 GHz dual-band WiFi
вЧП Support 4K Ultra HD image display
вЧП H.265 decoding support


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* Audiomonstr,
* su_ww,

Recently I got his stick on 4/32 9 robot. Very angry did not find the status and nav bars. Dug into the topic of a subject, read a cap, happy. But at the stage Material Notification Shade settings and some other prog faced with the problem of access to notifications. Well, in the open spaces Ineta I found a solution to the problem. Text copied from there.
Edit build.prop located at: system / vendor
I have everything working. Good luck to all.

Need! Root! (Do at your own risk)

As it turned out just needed tobuild.prop find string: ro.config.low_ram = true
Changetrue on false it would look like this: ro.config.low_ram = false

Then it becomes possible to issue permits for the notification and to the regime of "do not disturb".

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Matrix II @ 01.12.19, 20:42*
on open spaces Ineta I found a solution to the problem
herea couple of pages back about it already wrote;)

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* rulock_,
Well pardonte. The response header is not found, search for the topic, apparently different keywords introduced. it was not as a result of this post. Happenes.

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* su_ww,
I have nowhere to stick the power supply, there is only usb telly) well ok
and as it turned out of the players are not able to give passthrough ac3 / dts

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mal4ik @ 1.12.19, 21:06*
I have nowhere to stick the power supply, there is only usb telly)

did you like and all have a TV socket here from there also it is necessary to look for an external power supply to power the vozvozhnost вШЇ

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mal4ik @ 02.12.19, 00:06*
I have nowhere to stick the PSU

I powered from the USB port of the TV good copper cord 25cm (length and lace material, too much influence on the voltage). Alternatively, you can make a wire of two laces, for the feed of the two USB ports (if available)
Or buy a ready-madeLink .

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owners version2/16 , Someone has to android firmware 9 and bars?
Or who can complete a backup 9ki done through twrp and lay out?

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People! How to remove a program from it? nothing happens click on yarlyk- Delete- ...

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Open access to notifications for applications required for installation on top statusbara version 9 android.
Important information. Please add in the cap.
X96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post RUS-05 # 90980293)

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Hello, I have a problem I can not connect to the wifi is requesting a proxy server, and where to find him ?! Sorry for the stupid questions just not long ago just I started familiarity with the Stick and when faced with such a problem, and who does not throw off any complicated software to install out of the box, or may have some video of a full customization of the stick

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Luka-6 @ 12/06/19, 13:51*
How to remove a program from it?
in stock only after I washed it down nastroyki.Lichno currently Nova launcher, falls Dropdown menu by pressing the shortcut, there is a choice, including the uninstall.

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Prosto Dron @ 6.12.19, 21:53*
Hello, I have a problem I can not connect to the wifi proxy requests

Any proxy not ask, you specify which network to connect to and specify a password, nothing else, no advanced settings. Well, not a very good choice to explore, this is not a TV box, it is not android TV and not a very good launcher.
From mandatory in my opinion:
1. Smart youtube
2. Hd videobox
3. Vimu player
4. Torrserv
5. Digital TV with a playlist of Lyme.
All can be found atsavagemessiahzine.com
And we need to pick up a launcher by itself, deal with titanum backups, built-freeze
But still 3 mi box more convenient.

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Nedo Android TV
Made a small modthisfirmware.
I made for themselves, but can someone come in handy.

My stick 4/32 came initially on Android 9

-TWRP 3.3.1-0
-Removed all pre-application manufacturer
-ATV launcher
-ATV search
-Predustanavlivayutsya (with the ability to delete and update) retained chrome, App Drawer, Simple Reboot, X-plore File Manager, Leanback YouTube, SuperSu (offers no update su file)
Updated, busybox and su binaries
-Tviki build.prop
-Russian the default language are GMT +3
-Changed inclusion and logo animation download
-Improved the Settings app, the icon is displayed in the third-party launcher

SuperSu icon in the program settings, you can hide.
When the initial charge will be a native launcher, nothing you do not press until the script will not work, then displays ATV launcher

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image


P.S. Native remote did not even unpack, test and use G10s
P.S.2 to install third-party programs useby thisIt may be useful to someone

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* Floron , Setting off the map?

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Please tell me there is support for live channels? Normally installed apps for Android TV? And whether Miracast application works from the latest firmware?

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shaymax @ 07.12.19, 11:47*
Normally installed apps for Android TV? And whether Miracast application works from the latest firmware?

I X96S_V311_P_20191021-2013 firmware on Thursday received. Applications are installed as usual on smartphones, but not all are adapted to work only with the keyboard. In particular Aloha with vpn does not work. Mirakast works. Not found no lower than the top bars. Can not I open them?
Attached Image

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I put the launcher ATV. I liked. But when you start is always loaded home. We have to run again, and even the icon to confirm the voice assistant. The only thing that hit upon the idea to make - to stop the native launcher in the settings, but it did not help. What's the matter?

Posted on 07/12/2019, 22:39:

Rather, what to do?

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Oh, and can someone know. I bought the console with a Russian keyboard, but it prints the English letters. This is a joke? Or somehow can switch? Who else has control with Claudia with Ali? What to write in Russian?

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* Luka-6 You to this topic on the remote control. Need Russian Keyboard theme of the profile. Instructions there

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I'll see, thanks!

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