User groups are not displayed.

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User groups are not displayed.

Error description:
The user group is not displayed in the mobile application (version 1.8.6.). And in some posts there is a group, in some not.
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UPD: error related to the update. You can fix it by updating the application.

Browser: Mobile app.
Skin: Usual

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I apologize if I incorrectly indicated the skin. In the settings it gives out "original".

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* Heraldist , the client has his own bugtracker. And then, this is probably due to some recent innovations.

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In the header has already added information.
But thanks anyway. : derisive:

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Stupid questions 2 (Fasting Godless # 81009938)

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* Godless ,
Beaten :)

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I also have such garbage

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* Petrosyan) , the client’s bugtracker is located elsewhere - Mobile

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Petrosyan) @ 02.14.19, 10:28*
such garbage
upgrade client

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