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Tv box
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Operating system: Android 8.1
Processor: RK3229 quad (1.5 GHz)
Graphics processor: ARM Mali-400
16GB internal memory
Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
USB keyboard and mouse support
Inputs and Outputs:
4 x USB 2.0
1 x HDMI output
1 x LAN
Analog video output
Memory card slot

1 x Android TV set-top box.
1 x Remote
1 x HDMI cable.
1 x Power Adapter.
1 x Manual in English.

There are versions with voice control and without.

A photo
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I purchased such a device on Ali for about $ 22 without voice control.

First impressions:
I could not install an alternative launcher,
no bars
did not find firmware,
at first glance, reproduces seamlessly with HD Videobox,
Torrent Stream Controller also works, but I have not tested it for a long time.

During the search for firmware found on friktabe:
https: //
The message from 12/12/2018, 22:42, that for the Scishion model S was used firmware from Alfawise A8 without problems
https: //
I did not try the firmware myself.

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I did not go. It hangs on the androyd.

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I have no sound, appears after you reboot several times.

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I understand for him there is no TWRP. When installing one installation garbage on the floor of the screen under the touch got out. I found a type of native from the firmware to the TV box MINI HK1 pulled out.
Attached filerecovery.img(64 MB)

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Yes, who demolished the firmware native, this one is suitable here but there is Android 7.1.!z7Q0...SwHSB2jugGHY376ORY3rrg

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* skybum , where does it come from? They need a description key, without which the link does not open ...

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Here is the working linkhttps: // usp = sharing

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* andmat What does it mean without voice control? Aero remote with a microphone works fine on Android 8.1. Only trouble, demolished it and set 7, works faster and no voice search. Back 8.1 can not put

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sidor-2004 @ 12/23/18, 17:40*
I did not go. It hangs on the androyd.
When on 8.1 back sew, the android hangs and that's it. In the recovery comes

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What does it mean without voice control?

My options were "without voice control". I have another distance.
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* andmat , the microphone remote decides everything. Separately purchased G10S

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microphone remote decides everything

What for? Everything suits me ....

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What device is called a "brick"? Which does not respond to anything? I now have the inscription "android" and nothing happens further. I tried three different firmware (there were links to them in the subject), but the result is one. Is it a brick or not?

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I tried three different firmwares (there were links to them in the subject)

In the subject link to two, where the third?

Posted 12/26/2018 01:22:

Is it a brick or not?

As for me, no. You just need to take the appropriate firmware and correctly flash it.

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There are two, and in the one where everything is scishion v88. Two versions 8.1 and one 7.1.

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Good evening! People tell me what the problem is: I connected this device via HDMI but there is no sound when watching a video in YouTube or in Chrome ?? Should I return the seller?

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* BoyPlay163 , turn off from the outlet and turn on, and so it can be with 2-3 times

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In the sense of disconnecting from the outlet and on the remote press the switch?

Posted 12/26/2018 5:25 pm:

* romanzp3,

In the sense of disconnecting from the outlet and on the remote press the switch?

Posted 12/26/2018 5:27 PM:

* romanzp3,

And what is your remote? I have a voice search, just not looking for anything or I have not figured it out yet. :(

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* BoyPlay163 , if you have an android 8 then disconnect from the outlet

Posted 12/26/2018 6:03 PM:

* BoyPlay163 , did you have a voice remote in the kit? I bought separately g10 s

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Not in what does not start with sound.
Re-flashing solves the problem ??

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