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> Capital | [IPhone], [dev] A picture of your financial future
07.12.18, 12:15
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Short description:
Personal financial plan, the creation and execution of the budget, monitoring of income and expenses, the formation of capital

A rich person is not only an expensive car, a smart yacht and a huge bank account. First of all - the ability to manage money. Among the participants in the list of "Forbes" there are few who inherited billions. And there are no people who won the lottery. Basically, they are entrepreneurs and investors. And it was not accidentally a business idea that led them to success, but financial awareness and the ability to plan their goals. By learning financial planning, you can change a lot in your life.

We have developed the application Capital, which helps to set goals and at the same time teaches financial literacy.

Capital - a mobile application for drawing up a personal financial plan!

Today, many are trying to keep track of expenses. But, according to psychologists, people often replace the concept of "finance" with "costs", thereby falling into the trap of marketing specialists. Rich people do not lead the budget from the actual costs. They are planning.

Personal financial plan is based on four principles:

1. Plan your goals monthly
2. Once a week check balance of accounts
3. Daily fill out a journal of income and expenses
4. Turn it into a habit

Capital is needed for those who care about their financial future:

- A handy tool for drawing up a personal financial plan
- Monitoring your income and expenses
- Balance and balances are always before your eyes
- Ability to control the plan / fact
- Setting categories for your lifestyle

Capital is in constant development. By purchasing the app now, you always get access to all future updates. Our pricing policy is absolutely transparent - no hidden fees or "random" charges when you click the "Home" button.

From financial well-being you are separated only by one thing - a personal financial plan. And to plan with pleasure you need "Capital".

Homepage: https://www.deasoft.ru/
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.

Download for iPhone:
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