Discussion camera Meizu 16th

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Discussion camera Meizu 16th
Meizu 16th, Meizu 16th
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Camera specifications
Main camera 12 megapixels (Sony IMX 380), f / 1.8 + 20 megapixels (Sony IMX 350), f / 2.6, dual optical zoom, triple hybrid zoom
Front camera 20 megapixels, f / 2.0
For now.
1) Gcam'y above
2) Snap Camera perfectly removes noise at 0, but does not give DD
3) Stock camera takes quite suitable shots.
4) For better macro, you need:
- highlight the subject
- enable x2 in order to activate the second camera module (without good light, the second module is NOT activated)
--translate to manual mode
- enable top 20M

Examples of pictures with camera comparisons

Attention! If you want to share your examples of photos, please do it throughGoogle driveorYandex.Disk.
There the photos are not compressed, they load faster and they are much more convenient to watch, Thank you!

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Okay, let's go ... try not to get confused))

Do the thing. At least something sensible in recent days. Many people come in handy. Comparisons and examples of good and interesting shots are what are few in our thread. On this + flew away. Continue in the same spirit.

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TynTygydyn @ 03/11/19, 3:23 PM*

Thank you))I try to make out the pictures that I post. And I'm interested and I hope others benefit))

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* vibes , * TynTygydyn , in this case, I liked the picture more on Gkam. And the orange blanket looks better)

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Merry @ 03/11/19, 14:27*
And the orange blanket looks better)

For the photographer, it is more important not what looks better) For the photographer, the main thing is that the frame looks as close as possible to what the eye sees, and it is not difficult to spoil the flowers in the photo editor.
If you do not scatter pictures, then the stock is no worse. And I don’t see the point of cropping .. you need to shoot the subject and focus on it and everything will be ok. And crop, this is a disease ofropophilia, people have already gone crazy. Photos must be watched as they are, as the photographer passed them, making a crop, the scheme of the photo is violated .. meaning to crop? This is purely measured by pussy. Personally, I do not understand .. this is my opinion. Yes, and after the crop photo from the ZK, not one of the cameras of smartphones of any super duper top, they will not like it anymore, and there will be pain for the patient withropophilia and he will want even more from the smartphone, but alas .. only the purchase of ZK. So rejoice at what it is, the camera here is excellent (even very, but the module has great potential) for mobility and is always at hand. Everything else you need to be able to shoot and see as a photographer, people do masterpieces on the old budgets, and 90% go with the latest flagships, take one nonsense, nothing interesting.

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* TynTygydyn , I will soon dilute the branch with my posts, otherwise it’s meager here: D I’m waiting for the device. So far I’m burning in the htc u11 +: rolleyes branch:

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Dima_e-burg @ 03/11/19, 12:06*
gkam night turned out to be the "cleanest" in noise. Still, 15 sec exposure and ISO 50)

but that’s why no one puts an example of a photo on a stock camera in manual settings. That's all they praise GKam, shutter speed and ISO for 50 seconds, but they didn’t try it manually in stock mode ... or I'm blind, I didn’t see: D

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Vorting1 @ 03/11/19, 16:28*
but that's why no one puts an example of a photo on a stock camera in manual settings

It's just that you can’t do without a tripod ... even with a second shutter speed, it’s already blurry, there’s nothing more to say about it .. I have a tripod, but there’s nothing to take a shot .. I’m living in a small village, spring will come, I’ll drive the district then there will be photos from me)

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* dima_e-burg , thanks, for the photo of your hometown) do you have zsl or hdr + on?

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* TynTygydyn,
I also have a tripod, but we also don’t have anything interesting in the wreck ... so I haven’t used manual
P.S. and from the balcony, another house to photograph, in my opinion the top of idiocy: D

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For six months I used Xiaomi MI A2 on 32Gb, there was little memory, the camera was very pleased, I needed a phone with a large amount of memory and wholesale. stab - took Meizu 16Th, the choice fell on the camera and the screen, I decided to make a comparison of the stock cameras, the result is lower! The stub is coming soon - I’ll do a video comparison!
Attached Image

Attached Image

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Yurykoff @ 03/11/19, 18:34*
is zsl or hdr + on?

Hello fellow countryman ;-)
Well, on the camera screen, I turn on HDR +, but I don’t even know what zsl is. (maybe so deep into the settings did not climb)
Vorting1 @ 03/11/19, 18:28*
That's all praise GKam, shutter speed and ISO 50 seconds

I do not praise. I try to be as objective as possible and if you look at my past comparisons, I’ll praise a full-time camera (! Except for a portrait)))
Vorting1 @ 03/11/19, 18:28*
but that's why no one puts an example of a photo on a stock camera in manual settings

As a matter of fact, the question is correct;), I will answer for myself - if I twist the settings for a constant at the stock camera - what for do I gkam ?? )) The regular camera is already trying to keep the minimum iso. Well, yes, the shadows are a little darker. But in a second I’ll stretch the shadows right in the smart if I need it. Although, sometimes it’s just deep shadows that “make” the picture;)

Posted on 03/11/2019, 19:10:

Fantom4ix @ 03/11/19, 19:38*
decided to make a comparison of stock cameras

What an interesting program for gluing photos!

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* dima_e-burg , extended hdr + in the settings, if it is disabled then zsl is written, the thing is that when I turn on I have white objects with shadows merges, with a single white spot

Attached images
Attached Image

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advanced hdr + in settings

Yeah, I understood what it was about ..
When setting up, for some reason I decided that since this setting is in the "portrait" block, it only works in this mode. (maybe I'm wrong). And since nobody usually poses for me during portrait shooting)), I did not turn on this mode in order to reduce the shooting time and avoid grease if possible. I will correct the shadows myself, if that ;-)

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* dima_e-burg , it’s better for me not to include it, I already wrote why. Works not only in portrait

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Sebani @ 03/11/19, 17:49*
I’ll soon dilute the branch with my posts, otherwise it’s meager here

We are waiting for pictures of puddles))

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Friends, when will the red color be fixed? I want to use gcam by default in all scenarios.

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DaemonFkex @ 03/12/19, 18:20*
I want to use gcam by default in all scenarios.

This will never be in GCam to use in all scenarios.
And they have been trying to fix the red color for a long time, so far unsuccessfully, like the fight with the BB in some cases, and the black shadows without details .. stock + gkam the only way, and not only on our device.

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Here are some good photos in my opinion

This frame was obscured
Attached Image

As on the machine took
Attached Image

Complex lighting

Attached Image

Fountain at night

Attached Image

Filmed in motion from a car

Attached Image

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I understand that it is impossible to make this beast write 60 fps in 1080p?

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What do you think of the 7.2 camera review in this video? It seems the opposite in Chinese should be better off.

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