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DJI Osmo Pocket

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Device photos
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Attached Image
Attached Image
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Attached Image
Device description
Osmo Pocket's miniature 3-axis stabilizer smooths camera movements, turning a regular video into a scene from a movie, be it a beautiful sunset or the baby’s first steps.

Osmo Pocket creates incredible images from everyday moments.
1/2, 3-inch matrix, a viewing angle of 80 В° and a f / 2.0 aperture provide
amazing picture quality, and the camera can record video in 4K
at 100 Mbps and get 12-megapixel images with a pixel size of 1.55 microns.

Osmo Pocket is more than smooth shooting and high quality images. The intelligent features of ActiveTrack, Dynamic Timelapse (Motionlapse) and Panorama 3x3 (3x3 Panorama) open up new shooting possibilities.

Device characteristics
Dimensions 121.9 Г— 36.9 Г— 28.6 mm
Weight 116 g

1 / 2.3 "CMOS matrix
Effective Pixels: 12 million
Lens Viewing Angle: 80 В° F2.0
ISO range Photo: 100–3200
Videos: 100–3200
Exposure range 8–1 / 8000 s
Max. image resolution 4000 Г— 3000 pixels
Modes of photography Single-shot, panorama, time-lapse, dynamic time-lapse
4K Ultra HD video resolution: 3840 Г— 2160 24/25/30/48/50 / 60p
FHD: 1920 Г— 1080 24/25/30/48/50/60
Auto Video Modes
Max. 100 Mbps video bitrate
Supported file formats are FAT32 (≤32 GB), exFAT (>64 GB)
Video MP4 / MOV (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264)
Compatible microSD memory cards, (max. Capacity: 256 GB)
48 kHz audio output, AAC format

Working range of rotation angles Rotation: -230 В° ... + 50 В°
Slope: -95 В° ... + 50 В°
Roll: В± 45 В°
Max. adjustable speed 120 В° / s

Type Lithium Polymer
Capacity 875 mAh
Energy 6,738 W / h
Voltage 7.7 V
Operating temperature range 0 В° ... + 40 В° C
Operating time 140 min.
Charging time 73 min.
Shooting time:
4K60 - 40 min
4K30 - 60 min
1080p30 - 140 min
Useful information
Accessory kit:

Battery cover
Used for storing and charging Osmo Pocket with space for two microSD memory cards, four neutral density filters and two connectors for smartphones.

Wireless module
Provides Osmo Pocket connection to a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to control and transfer data.

It consists of a wheel for controlling the axis of rotation and tilt and two buttons to control the composition of the shooting.

Neutral density filter kit
Reduces the amount of light entering the matrix, and allows you to control camera settings with any lighting.

Waterproof case
Accessory for shooting with Osmo Pocket at a depth of 60 m - smooth frames and detailed images even in dim light.

Provides protection for the Osmo Pocket when carrying.

3.5 mm adapter
Allows you to use an external microphone to improve the sound quality.

Smartphone adapter
The smartphone adapter (Lightning, USB-C) allows you to connect your smartphone to the Osmo Pocket and use the DJI Mimo app.

Consists of a retractable rod, a joystick stabilizer, buttons on the handle and 1/4-inch tripod.

Accessories mount
Two different mounts for accessories.
Platform Compatibility
Android, iOS

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"video recording is not supported in recording mode"

for the entire YI line from the first to the last camera, video is shown, except in the time-lapse mode, a dark screen. So justifying DJI with such an example is not very good. Now, if for the sake of miniaturization and prolonging the life of the battery, then the course is generally clear.
Well, we were shown a bunch of advertising and custom videos how to use it. In general, many wanted this for themselves. But something, two days after the announcements, they began to write that he had problems with focus (most likely they would fix it programmatically) and the microphone was in trouble. It is necessary to use the external adapter, and with an adapter for 3.5mm it probably will not work to charge it, unless of course they provided for the typeC connector in it.

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Atrom @ 3.12.18, 9:04*
In general, many wanted this for themselves.

I do not want. It seems fragile and volatile to me. It’s not for nothing that they are selling a cover with it; you just cannot put it in your pocket. Well, the battery is not removable is a huge minus.

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Lipkii2 @ 12/03/18, 19:07*
Urgent need to purchase

* lipkii2,
There are reasonable prices for Avito

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* zherebil,
Zherebil @ 12/03/18, 06:43 *

I’m happy, but I don’t speak Chinese, on the site the support says that they can’t say exactly when and where it will be (which is why I decided to find out here who can take it abroad.*

Atrom @ 12/03/18, 09:04*
But something, two days after the announcements, they began to write that he had problems with focus (most likely they would fix it programmatically) and the microphone was in trouble. It is necessary to use the external adapter, and with an adapter for 3.5mm it probably will not work to charge it, unless of course they provided for the typeC connector in it.

what is the focus and the bokeh is already certain+ with such dimensions.
For "full focus" there is always an action camera (s) Sony. As I understand it, this Pocket Miracle does not position itself as a fierce action device.
I won’t be surprised the underwater case will not be very convenient (compared to black)
IMHO it needs to be used as a device from which (even in low light) you can get a picture worthy of a hint of artistry. With such dimensions then!

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* zherebil,
There are reasonable prices for Avito

Thank you, I have where to order)

Delich @ 12/04/18, 02:12*
actually, therefore, I decided to find out here who can take abroad

* delich

I plan, maybe today I will order

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I don’t know how all of you guys do, but it seems to me that OSMO shoots an order of magnitude better than hero 7, I agree that they are designed for different shooting purposes, but I think OSMO is suitable for most of us.
The only thing about OSMO that bothers me the most is, as for me, the 2 biggest minuses:
- The camera and the stabilizer in one basket, it is both a plus and a minus, God forbid what happens, I do not know what to do with this baby later. Will it really be repaired then?
- As already mentioned above, not a removable battery?
If so, it is really very annoying. What will happen when the battery is worn out? Remember the old phones, after years of socks, the batteries really do not hold, and this thing is a priori destined to quickly discharge, frequent recharge cycles will wear out the battery at the speed of light, will it not?
Who thinks what guys?

P.S. If between hero 7 and OSMO, who will choose what and why?
P.S.S. Although there is some kind of moisture protection, no one knows?

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Thanks for the detailed answer, I'm starting to lean towards osmo. Please tell me, does she have at least a little dust and moisture protection?

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Mrleb @ 12/03/18, 23:07*
Who thinks what guys?

[snapback] 79733357 / SNAPBACK]mrxleb,
Osma’s picture will be better if only because of codec 264. Why GoPra is only horns in 265 (without a choice) I don’t understand. Although some conspiracy theorists say that 265 looks better on TVs and 264 on monitors. 4K watchers are much more. For example, SJ8Pro has codecs to choose from.

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I wrote to a dji Chinese store, they say you can order now, shipping will be on December 15th.

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* zherebil , the gopro h265 has only 4k 60fps and 1080 240fps. Rest in h264

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Yesterday I watched some kind of review on YouTube. There, the device constantly crashed when guided horizontally, I shot where I wanted the heel of my left foot.

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Zirvistramir @ 12/04/18, 08:42*
Aquabox from an additional accessory is complete protection!
I don’t understand why, if just a drop of rain on the lens makes subsequent shooting useless

I completely agree that a drop of water can ruin everything, but I mean just the reliability of the camera itself. For example, shooting in light snow, or a small starting rain, while you clean the camera, is this slight moisture that can get on the device, can damage it, or is basic protection provided?

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Here everyone considers Osmo Pocket as a complete replacement for the professional camera, but this is not so. This is really a thing for everyday shooting like a vlog so that you quickly get, turn it on and go. And if you look like a professional camera, then the flu needs camera light and so on, so on, so on. For me it’s such a cool thing, but in addition to the main camera. Osmo Pocket really take with you for a walk and take some interesting points, and the inclusion speed and preparation for shooting is minimal.

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But what about micro usb? Guys, do you know by chance whether it is planned to release an adapter for micro usb, as I understand it, the kit includes a lightning connector and type c. Honestly, I don’t understand why they didn’t release micro usb adapters, it wouldn’t cost anything at all, the price is a penny, the technical side of the matter for a giant like them is a couple of hours of development, because still phones with a micro usb connector continue to be produced + a very large layer of their potential consumers, come with old connectors, do not change their phones for the sake of this camera? Is it possible to somehow temporarily connect in a different way, add money or connect via wifi, is this real?

Rep: (22)
Mrleb @ 12/04/18, 11:14*
But what about micro usb?

* mrxleb,
Adapters are sold in bulk for a penny on ibey. This will solve the electric issue, but the mechanical one will put it on the contrary. After all, the adapter is mm 20. Smart will not hang on it. But, I think that with this, DJI wants to cut off the old generation of smartphones - with old / decrepit prototypes, vidyuhi and OSes. And that means chopping off the ends of possible scandals on the topic of underperforming pictures, etc., etc.

Posted on 12/04/2018, 12:01:

XStrim @ 12/04/18, 08:06*
Gopro h265 only has 4k 60fps and 1080 240fps.

* xStrim,
Well, another for me was never needed. Hence the need for a gimbal stub especially in the dark.

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No one has ordered yet? In which stores you can buy this thing, I thought to take it from China, but I'm afraid to take it without a guarantee.

Rep: (2)
I ordered it. On Avito from the store there was an offer for 23900 for pre-order delivery to the 18th. Now they come to their senses exhibited 28,600.
I hope I had time for that, they won’t beg for a surcharge.

Will be. I also left an order for 23900, and then they changed, called, said yes, the final price is 28600. Speculators.

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* zirvistramir
On the contrary, they told me that I managed for 23900

Nobody will definitely sell themselves to minus! I myself also think about ordering, the official price in China is 2499 yuan.

* mrxleb,
Mrleb @ 12/04/18, 18:43*
No one has ordered yet? In which stores you can buy this thing, I thought to take it from China, but I'm afraid to take it without a guarantee.

In Russia, you still do not buy the official version with a guarantee, and the price at us will be 30-35 thousand. (it seems to me)
so far only in China

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Originals of the video without processing (4K @ 25). Sorry, not in 4K @ 60.

1. http: //www.mediafire.c...fc4v/DJI_0074.MOV/file
2. http: //www.mediafire.c....23z4/DJI_0077.MOV/file
3. http: //www.mediafire.c...axv5/DJI_0096.MOV/file

Taken from here:

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for 29ooo schaz on salehttps: //www.paragraf.r... 9436703240987586300008

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