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DJI Osmo Pocket

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Device photos
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Attached Image
Device description
Osmo Pocket's miniature 3-axis stabilizer smooths camera movements, turning a regular video into a scene from a movie, be it a beautiful sunset or the baby’s first steps.

Osmo Pocket creates incredible images from everyday moments.
1/2, 3-inch matrix, a viewing angle of 80 В° and a f / 2.0 aperture provide
amazing picture quality, and the camera can record video in 4K
at 100 Mbps and get 12-megapixel images with a pixel size of 1.55 microns.

Osmo Pocket is more than smooth shooting and high quality images. The intelligent features of ActiveTrack, Dynamic Timelapse (Motionlapse) and Panorama 3x3 (3x3 Panorama) open up new shooting possibilities.

Device characteristics
Dimensions 121.9 Г— 36.9 Г— 28.6 mm
Weight 116 g

1 / 2.3 "CMOS matrix
Effective Pixels: 12 million
Lens Viewing Angle: 80 В° F2.0
ISO range Photo: 100–3200
Videos: 100–3200
Exposure range 8–1 / 8000 s
Max. image resolution 4000 Г— 3000 pixels
Modes of photography Single-shot, panorama, time-lapse, dynamic time-lapse
4K Ultra HD video resolution: 3840 Г— 2160 24/25/30/48/50 / 60p
FHD: 1920 Г— 1080 24/25/30/48/50/60
Auto Video Modes
Max. 100 Mbps video bitrate
Supported file formats are FAT32 (≤32 GB), exFAT (>64 GB)
Video MP4 / MOV (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264)
Compatible microSD memory cards, (max. Capacity: 256 GB)
48 kHz audio output, AAC format

Working range of rotation angles Rotation: -230 В° ... + 50 В°
Slope: -95 В° ... + 50 В°
Roll: В± 45 В°
Max. adjustable speed 120 В° / s

Type Lithium Polymer
Capacity 875 mAh
Energy 6,738 W / h
Voltage 7.7 V
Operating temperature range 0 В° ... + 40 В° C
Operating time 140 min.
Charging time 73 min.
Shooting time:
4K60 - 40 min
4K30 - 60 min
1080p30 - 140 min
Useful information
Accessory kit:

Battery cover
Used for storing and charging Osmo Pocket with space for two microSD memory cards, four neutral density filters and two connectors for smartphones.

Wireless module
Provides Osmo Pocket connection to a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to control and transfer data.

It consists of a wheel for controlling the axis of rotation and tilt and two buttons to control the composition of the shooting.

Neutral density filter kit
Reduces the amount of light entering the matrix, and allows you to control camera settings with any lighting.

Waterproof case
Accessory for shooting with Osmo Pocket at a depth of 60 m - smooth frames and detailed images even in dim light.

Provides protection for the Osmo Pocket when carrying.

3.5 mm adapter
Allows you to use an external microphone to improve the sound quality.

Smartphone adapter
The smartphone adapter (Lightning, USB-C) allows you to connect your smartphone to the Osmo Pocket and use the DJI Mimo app.

Consists of a retractable rod, a joystick stabilizer, buttons on the handle and 1/4-inch tripod.

Accessories mount
Two different mounts for accessories.
Platform Compatibility
Android, iOS

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sergey_potapov @ 16.08.19, 13:50*
I turned off the CUDA, has become a bit more complicated (a little more pressure on the built-in card), but not included with the fountain.

the impression that you have a constant swapping .. cache is far? what volume? something with the settings wrong .. can not perform well in 1660

Posted on 16/08/2019, 12:11:

sergey_potapov @ 16.08.19, 14:06*
VideoDecode responsible for decoding the graphics card and it is in internals it works,

insertions generally have to shut down !! she and brakes, hike .. let Nvidia work properly .. such card pretends to be a fool

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* gpowerek,
This so Premier "can" use the video :)

Here DaVinci - there for the full on it all.
And even the Prime decoding could not impose on her.

if interested to scratch on my timvyuver system - we can try this evening, now for a couple of hours you need to leave.

Insertions turned off in the BIOS, even - worse all

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sergey_potapov @ 16.08.19, 14:12*

DaVinci general theme ... just now found themselves on the laptop (two in the 680m SLI), selected in the settings both on the cuda (default was one of them, the other stupid to the timeline work), so all flies nishtyak! )) By the way, the prime minister also 4k normally pulls no Friesen .. percent i7-3840m there I can not say that strongly tightens system .. cooler on average thrust.
in general, is now thought that the laptop I even poshustree will statsionarnika .. probably due to two vidyahu not know .. although graf.pamyati equally (4GB), but work on the laptop is not so convenient, though the monitor 18 (yes it alienvar), but he's one .. and statsionarnik two Monique me .. at least one viewing. noutu course to cling TV, but always to do it is not convenient. In general, the workstation is a workstation and laptop .. - is mobility.
sergey_potapov @ 16.08.19, 14:12*
if interested to scratch on my timvyuver system - we can try this evening, now for a couple of hours you need to leave.

thanks for the suggestion .. I .. in the evening to the cottage there is an Internet call-only)) but still with your vidyahoy should be no blunted .. strange even, that it is necessary to stir up a proxy .. I honestly shocked

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Why no topics section photos / videos? How do DJI Mavis?

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* crxkapo , for what ?

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Bought case with Z-axis.
When walking, the camera swings like a pendulum - the feeling that not enough blanking shock absorber. This divorce? What's the point?

Attached images
Attached Image

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* findir_elkat Yes pancake and St topic of osmu Mobile 2, and here wrote. Do not hold you osmu as the stick at a 90 degree angle. Axis stabilization will not be snuffed out your steps. Tilt osmu literally Well + - 45 degrees, and all suspension can compensate for some of your steps are not jumping straight 100 but 80% extinguish safely while driving, while strictly vertical arrangement of suspension stupidly nothing to put out your steps. And no more stupid pribludy will not be needed.

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* gpowerek ,
Nifiga vidyuha does not work in the timeline now took nvideevskuyu 1060 6g, all included in the settings of the prime minister, vidyuha when scrolling in the timeline is loaded to a maximum of 5%, i5 under 100%, rendering the same through it does not go, it is at a resolution of 1080p, operatives of 4 GB used on Osmo campaign codec which zabubonny that ship so complex, it is impossible to work, if you can for 30 seconds to do commercials.

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Reason for editing: Error

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Mithun Chakroborty @ 08/17/19, 11:12*
When walking, the camera swings like a pendulum - the feeling that not enough blanking shock absorber. This divorce? What's the point?

So in the end it turns out that in the video, there is a fluctuation or not? If there is no hesitation and let the swinging.

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Help me please. When shooting with Wi-Fi video phone turned on the mirror. On the camera, all right. Pressed whether that something?

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ua3igz @ 17.08.19, 10:58*
Help me please. When shooting with Wi-Fi video phone turned on the mirror. On the camera, all right. Pressed whether that something?

Yes. On past the screen, under the "video recording", there is a button mirroring. (Two triangles and vertical bar between them). You have clicked on it. Press again.

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Tell me, please, as with Pocket possible to stream to YouTube?

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Editorrr @ 17.08.19, 14:11*
Pocket possible to stream to YouTube?

The program PAST I have never met such a possibility, and other communication programs of the camera with a smartphone is not. So you can not.

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Please tell me whether you can pass anywhere osmo pocket for repairs? (After water) The Official none taken, citing the lack of spare parts. Avito found on, say, what they do. But excessive optimism masters with Avito scares)

Rep: (105)
masha777719 @ 17.08.19, 21:04*
But excessive optimism masters with Avito scares

And what's your choice? What is now a brick that can remain after repair brick. I would have asked the cost of repair and compared with the price of a new camera, and there would certainly be decisive. But if after the water, IMHO, it is better to take new.

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* gpowerek,
Today wrote a little comparison with 4k material and it just shows that I do not like the Premier and how it uses the graphics card.

Do you like this also works the prime or better?

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* sergey_potapov , My dear, you oshiblim theme, this is not the discussion of video editors and their works, as well as iron is not a discussion. : Offtopic:
SNAPBACK] 88049091 [/ SNAPBACK]Mithun Chakroborty ,: Offtopic:: girl_to_babruysk:

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* djidai
the topic of how and how to mount 4k material from osmosis is no less relevant than the theme of external microphones that you bother with so much, and for the majority this microphone did not give up on a compact camera at all. (me, for example, too)

On the last page, a question was raised on the computer capacity to mount - I answered him with a personal example. (H264 shot just our camera)

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* sergey_potapov I have for some reason, that question does not arise, and this ak mount vieo with Osma, that's not at all. Maybe because I had read the material before the profile that these issues do not arise?
And the question arose with the sound probably not just because, personally, I have not met camera that have the ability to connect an external micro, right here all write stereo, and here dji to show off, while that of information not designated in the instructions and in fact undocumented.
But in any mluchae question of sound is transferred directly to the camera. Vyzhe start cruel: offtopic:
The process video, then the question 1 computer, but already there is someone in that much.

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a couple of times got questions about both the camera (viewing angles show a picture to compare).
Mount sit movie about a week on a lake in the wilderness Bowie - no end in sight))

I took a break - gathered footage from Pocket and Action (3.5 minutes), anyone interested - link

who are interested in what you can do in a week Finke in the forest on the lake (shot 2 vysheoupomyanutyh Camera) - "subscribe to feed" someday finish the installation, lay out))

QUESTION - who knows a forum like this, but about DJI ACTION?

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