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DJI Osmo Pocket

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Device photos
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Device description
Osmo Pocket's miniature 3-axis stabilizer smooths camera movements, turning a regular video into a scene from a movie, be it a beautiful sunset or the baby’s first steps.

Osmo Pocket creates incredible images from everyday moments.
1/2, 3-inch matrix, a viewing angle of 80 В° and a f / 2.0 aperture provide
amazing picture quality, and the camera can record video in 4K
at 100 Mbps and get 12-megapixel images with a pixel size of 1.55 microns.

Osmo Pocket is more than smooth shooting and high quality images. The intelligent features of ActiveTrack, Dynamic Timelapse (Motionlapse) and Panorama 3x3 (3x3 Panorama) open up new shooting possibilities.

Device characteristics
Dimensions 121.9 Г— 36.9 Г— 28.6 mm
Weight 116 g

1 / 2.3 "CMOS matrix
Effective Pixels: 12 million
Lens Viewing Angle: 80 В° F2.0
ISO range Photo: 100–3200
Videos: 100–3200
Exposure range 8–1 / 8000 s
Max. image resolution 4000 Г— 3000 pixels
Modes of photography Single-shot, panorama, time-lapse, dynamic time-lapse
4K Ultra HD video resolution: 3840 Г— 2160 24/25/30/48/50 / 60p
FHD: 1920 Г— 1080 24/25/30/48/50/60
Auto Video Modes
Max. 100 Mbps video bitrate
Supported file formats are FAT32 (≤32 GB), exFAT (>64 GB)
Video MP4 / MOV (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264)
Compatible microSD memory cards, (max. Capacity: 256 GB)
48 kHz audio output, AAC format

Working range of rotation angles Rotation: -230 В° ... + 50 В°
Slope: -95 В° ... + 50 В°
Roll: В± 45 В°
Max. adjustable speed 120 В° / s

Type Lithium Polymer
Capacity 875 mAh
Energy 6,738 W / h
Voltage 7.7 V
Operating temperature range 0 В° ... + 40 В° C
Operating time 140 min.
Charging time 73 min.
Shooting time:
4K60 - 40 min
4K30 - 60 min
1080p30 - 140 min
Useful information
Accessory kit:

Battery cover
Used for storing and charging Osmo Pocket with space for two microSD memory cards, four neutral density filters and two connectors for smartphones.

Wireless module
Provides Osmo Pocket connection to a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to control and transfer data.

It consists of a wheel for controlling the axis of rotation and tilt and two buttons to control the composition of the shooting.

Neutral density filter kit
Reduces the amount of light entering the matrix, and allows you to control camera settings with any lighting.

Waterproof case
Accessory for shooting with Osmo Pocket at a depth of 60 m - smooth frames and detailed images even in dim light.

Provides protection for the Osmo Pocket when carrying.

3.5 mm adapter
Allows you to use an external microphone to improve the sound quality.

Smartphone adapter
The smartphone adapter (Lightning, USB-C) allows you to connect your smartphone to the Osmo Pocket and use the DJI Mimo app.

Consists of a retractable rod, a joystick stabilizer, buttons on the handle and 1/4-inch tripod.

Accessories mount
Two different mounts for accessories.
Platform Compatibility
Android, iOS

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For GoPro 78, this is for the HEVC codec, that is, the new advanced h265, and it is 2 times more effective than the old AVC (h264).

Wikipedia says 35% more compression compared to h264. And even then they took the same files, and then distilled them into a different format. The quality of the video is primarily affected by the matrix and optics, and the bit rate is not so important, because if you do not peer into complex scenes no one will distinguish 50 from 100.

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Osma vs Gopra-7

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Mr.Fix01 @ 11.30.18, 16:38*
Unfortunately not, not removable. Enough at 1:40 shooting.

Mistake Not an hour and forty minutes, but a hundred and forty minutes. This is already something.

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Mistake Not an hour and forty minutes, but a hundred and forty minutes. This is already something.

correction. 140 minutes at 1080p 30fps. although the battery is 865 mah o.O

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Frequently asked Questions
Camera and camera gyrostabilizer
How do I calibrate the universal joint?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe down on the screen to access the settings, then tap calibration.

Via DJI Mimo:
Tap the icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and then tap Gimbal Auto Calibration.

How do I switch between different gimbal modes?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe up on the screen and you can choose between different gimbal modes such as tilt locked, follow and FPV.

Via DJI Mimo:
Tap the gimbal settings icon on the left side of the screen and choose between tilt, follow, and FPV lock modes.

How to configure gimbal settings?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe the screen, then select “Fast” or “Slow”.

Via DJI Mimo:
Tap the gimbal settings icon on the left side of the screen, and then select “fast” or “slow”.

How do I control the direction of rotation of the Osmo Pocket?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe down to enter settings. Click Tilt Control, and then you can control the step axis on the home page by scrolling up and down on the right side of the screen.

Via DJI Mimo:
Access to view the camera in the application. Use the virtual joystick on the right side of the screen to control the tilt and pan axes.

Via the wheel controller accessory:
Use the control wheel to control the tilt and pallet axes of the Osmo Pocket.

What supports the highest resolution Osmo Pocket video?
Up to 4K (3840 Г— 2160).

What video format does Osmo Pocket support?
MOV / MP4.

What makes an excellent Osmo Pocket video special?
Ultra-thin video has a higher bit stream and thus provides smoother and better video quality.

Can I check the remaining storage on a microSD card while shooting with Osmo Pocket?
Yes. When taking photos or videos, you can check the bottom of the screen for photos or Video duration. You can also check the remaining storage in the settings.

How to set video resolution?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe left on the screen to enter video settings, then enter video mode to set resolution.

Via DJI Mimo:
Connect to DJI Mimo and view the camera, then set the resolution on the left.

How to switch between Recenter and Selfie mode?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe up on the screen, then tap Recenter or Selfie mode. In addition, double-press the power button to re-enter and triple-press the record button to switch to selfie mode.

Via DJI Mimo:
Connect to DJI Mimo, then press Recenter or Selfie mode.

How to switch to flashlight mode?
Method 1:
Lock the gimbal, hold the Osmo pocket handle, tilt the camera until the camera is directly in front, and the Osmo pocket automatically enters flashlight mode. Hold the Osmo pocket upright to exit flashlight mode.

Method 2:
In the next mode, hold the Osmo pocket pen, tilt the camera until it appears directly in front, swipe up on the screen and press Recenter to enter flashlight mode. Hold the Osmo pocket upright and press Recenter again to exit flashlight mode.

How to switch between portrait and lower modes?
Method 1:
Turn the Osmo pocket left or right until it enters portrait mode.

Method 2:
Rotate the Osmo pocket 180 degrees on either side to enter Underslung mode.

* This function does not work in FPV mode.

Can I view panorama photos on the Osmo Pocket screen?
Not. Panorama photos can only be flashed and viewed when connected to the DJI Mimo app.

How to check photos and videos?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe to start playback and view photos and videos.

Via DJI Mimo:
View photos and videos in playback mode.

How to export photos and videos to a microSD card?
Method 1:
Remove the microSD card and export through the card reader.

Method 2:
Turn on the Osmo Pocket and connect it to your computer via a type-C cable to view and export all photos and videos.

Method 3:
Connect Osmo Pocket to your smartphone and Export the original files by downloading them.

Intelligent Features
How to enable ActiveTrack and FaceTrack?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Double-tap an object to start ActiveTrack. Enter Selfie Mode to turn on FaceTrack automatically.

Via DJI Mimo:
Just drag the box around the object to start ActiveTrack.

What panorama modes does Osmo Pocket support?
Osmo Pocket supports two panorama modes: 180 В° and 3 Г— 3.

How many points can I set when shooting Motionlapse video?
Through Osmo pocket: maximum two points.
Via DJI Mimo: maximum four points.

Can I save the original photos while shooting?
Yes, you can save original photos in JPEG format during filming, but you can only view photos on a computer.

What accessories does the Osmo Pocket have?
Osmo Pocket offers a wide range of accessories, including a waterproof case, a controller wheel, a charging case, an ND filter kit, a wireless module, an extension cord, and much more. For more information, please visit DJI's Online StoreHttps://

What application should I download to control Osmo Pocket on my mobile phone?
DJI Mimo app.

Supported devices
IOS: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone SE.

Android: Android version 5.0 or later.
Compatible with Huawei P20, Huawei P10, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate 9 Pro, Huawei Mate 9, Honor 10, Honor 9, Natural NEX, Mi Mix 2s, Mi 8, Mi 6, OnePlus 6T , OnePlus 5T, Google Pixel 2XL, Google Pixel 2.

* Support for additional devices available as testing and development continues.

How do I share videos shot on Osmo Pocket?
You can save the video on your mobile device or directly upload the video to DJI Mimo and create a video link to share with your social media.

How to stitch a panorama in DJI Mimo?
After taking panorama photos when connected to DJI Mimo, each photo will be saved and stitched into a panorama. The final panorama will be saved only on your mobile phone. If you take panoramic photos with Osmo Pocket yourself, you can view the panorama when playing back using DJI Mimo. If you did not find the panorama on your smartphone, download the panorama again.

How to set shutter, ISO and other parameters manually?
Enter the settings in DJI Mimo and select Pro mode. Then select M mode to set the shutter, ISO, and other parameters manually.

How to activate Osmo Pocket?
Download the DJI Mimo app and log in to your DJI account. Instructions will be shown automatically in DJI Mimo to guide you through the activation process after the first connection. Osmo Pocket cannot be activated via a micro-USB cable, wireless module or other methods.

Can I use my DJI account to login to DJI Mimo?
You can log in to DJI Mimo directly using SkyPixel, DJI GO, or another DJI account.

How can I improve my photography skills while using Osmo Pocket?
You can download DJI Mimo, share your photos and find out from other Osmo Pocket users. You can also use templates created by other users through My Story.

What is a story mode? How do i use it?
Story mode is the new DJI Mimo feature. By pre-installing the template, you can quickly shoot, edit and share short videos. This mode offers special gimbal movements, music, filters and other functions.

What is the battery life of Osmo Pocket?
It can shoot 140P 30fps video continuously for 1080 minutes.

How long does it take to fully charge the Osmo Pocket?
About 73 minutes.

How to update Osmo Pocket firmware?
Osmo Pocket can automatically complete firmware updates in DJI Mimo.

Can I connect Osmo Pocket to my mobile device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?
Yes, but you will need a wireless module.

Replaceable battery Osmo Pocket?

How can I mount a tripod or base in my Osmo pocket?
Method 1:
Use the Osmo Pocket Wireless Module as a flat base.

Method 2:
Attach the Osmo pocket to an extension rod that has a 1/4 "tripod mount, to which you can attach a third-party tripod or base.

Method 3:
Attach the Osmo pocket to an accessory mount that can attach to a tripod.

Osmo Pocket waterproof?
No, but you can use the Osmo Pocket waterproof Case underwater.

How many built-in microphones does the Osmo Pocket have?
Two. Microphones use a noise reduction algorithm that significantly improves the Osmo Pocket's recording quality.

Can i use an external microphone for Osmo Pocket?
Yes, you can achieve this with the DJI Osmo Pocket 3.5mm adapter.

Which microSD card is recommended for Osmo Pocket?
We recommend using a microSD card with a write speed of more than 15 MB / s. with.

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Digital video zoom will be? Zoom in zoom?

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* zirvistramir during shooting

Rep: (15)
* zirvistramir , straightforwardly all such videographers have become professional, then it will be easier to shoot from a smartphone on a stabilizer

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Probably ces I’ll wait, maybe something else will appear .. it’s just a pocket thing in itself, a full-fledged camera will not replace IMHO, since there are a lot of ridiculous restrictions, such as an absent video output (could be implemented even through the built-in type-c, since it there is, as on some smarts) or if you decided to save on everything, then you would put on cheap micro usb, then, connect to the smart "out of the box" only through the adapter (by wire), when all modern gadgets have long been sharpened to wireless ..

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* zirvistramir
And by the way, about the zoom. Since there is autofocus, we could also put a zoom lens.

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... when all modern gadgets have long been sharpened on the cord ..

What's the point? GoPro shoved the cord into the H6. Everything is connected to the app, a picture goes on, I turn on recording, the picture disappears, a notification pops up - "video stream transmission is not supported in recording mode." The question is: - Why ??? then this wireless is needed if I don’t see what is being written. DJI, a self-respecting company, if it does, it will do well, but if for some reason it does not go out, it will not do at all.

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Zirvistramir @ 12/02/18, 07:33*
it would be nice to fix

* zirvistramir
They want to bring to the camera a simple (not just sports) audience. So you need to be able to shoot portraits with BOKE. So you need a lens
longer focus. Hence, 80 degrees. But then there is not enough DOF. Need focus. So you need AF. Disabling AF (so as not to fidget)
it will require the MF due to the depth of field and due to the absence of the “infinity” position on the AF lenses (they must call in for the motor for infinity). As for me, I would rather prefer a 170 degree interchangeable lens, and this one with AF.
So there are problems. There is.

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* zirvistramir ,
I would give 2 prices only to ensure that there wasn’t even a hint on the bokeh .. I just hate foolishly

What kind of nonsense? This is if the driver said that he hates to turn right, and left him the norm.
Bokeh is an artistic technique for concentrating the (artificial) attention of the viewer on what the photo-video artist chose.

And I just, onblack Friday, bought Zhiun-4 to replace the late Snopp M-1 ... I would have known about the announcement of this miracle camera ... Zhiun, the bastard, is huge!
And this Osmo-poke can be put in a shirt shirt! I will buy, Zhiung sell.

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* zirvistramir
When I look at our Pocket, an electric razor is associated with floating knives. But the soul is cut by dialectical knives. Baby is good, but I can’t see the inscriptions on the 1 "screen without a magnifying glass. And what?

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Are there experts who can tell if I can find this camera in the official DJI store in China after December 15?
Has anyone encountered buying overseas (in China in particular) this product?

Rep: (1)
I think to buy this toy but can someone tell me the time of the season. 1) Is it possible to power the bank and remove it. 2) Docking case charging time? Will there be enough for TWO FULL charge dji osmo poket

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On AliExpress, delivery is 15-20 days. So it’s better immediately from the offsite, there are also 15-20 days (there at least bonuses are accumulated for the purchase). I don’t know why so long. In September, he took DJI Mavic 2 Zoom from the official website, so he came to me in 5 days (as promised), also from China.

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Zirvistramir @ 12/03/18, 00:09*
There is something now

Mr.Fix01 @ 12/03/18, 00:43*
On AliExpress, delivery is 15-20 days. So it’s better immediately from the offsite, there are also 15-20 days (there at least bonuses are accumulated for the purchase). I don’t know why so long. In September, he took from the website DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, so he came to me in 5 days (as promised), also from China.

here the issue of physical availability in the official DJI store, not delivery.
I think the delivery is not worth the risk, it may turn out that I will pay for the delivery and do not have time to receive it? for two weeks, all there.
the question of the speed of receipt in official stores, well, in the pitfalls with a guarantee, if any.

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DJI in China

* delich
Call the company store.

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