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Alcatel 3C 5026d - Discussion | Smartphone, 6 "

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DiscussionAlcatel 3C 5026D
PictureAlcatel 3C 5026d
Description |Discussion »

General characteristics

Type of:smartphone
Operating system:Android 7.0
Type of shell:classical
Number of SIM cards:2
Mode of operation of several SIM-cards:alternate
Weight:169 g
Dimensions: (WxHxT)76x161x7.9 mm


Screen Type: ColorS-IPS (!), Touch
Touch screen type:multitouch, capacitive
Diagonal:6 inch .
Image size:1440x720
Number of pixels per inch: (PPI)268
Aspect ratio:18:9
Automatic screen rotation:there is

Multimedia features

Rear camera:8MP
Photo light: front and rear, LED
Rear camera features:
Autofocus:there is
Video recording:there is
Front camera is:5 mp .
Audio:MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA
Headphone Jack:3.5 mm


GSM standard:900/1800/1900, 3G
Interfaces:Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.2, USB
Satellite navigation:GPS
A-GPS system:there is
4G LTE:not

Memory and processor

CPU:MediaTek MT8321, 1300 MHz
Number of processor cores:4
Video Processor:Mali-400 MP
Internal memory:16 GB
RAM size:1 GB LPDDR3!
Slot for memory cards: yes, volumeup to 128 GB


Battery Type:Li-ion
Battery capacity:3000 mAh
Type of charging connector:micro usb

Other features

Handsfree (built-in speaker)there is
Management: voice dialing, voice control
Flight mode:there is
Sensors:illumination, approximation, fingerprint reading
Torch:there is
Additional Information
Announcement date
P.S .: AIDA64 and other test programs show 13 mp - the main camera and 8 - the front one.
A photo
Attached Image

Firmware with Mobile Upgrade Gotu2
On the Alcatel website, I did not find this model in the Mobile Upgrade application. I had to write in support, they answered me there:
"You can download the version of the Mobile Upgrade application that contains the model you specified from the support page of another model by going to the Software & SmartSuite tab: https: //www.alcatelmob...nt/download/alcatel-3/ "

Factory firmware for SP_FlashTool
Engineering menu code
SP_FlashTool - instructions and drivers
SP_FlashTool Errors
Remove / freeze system programs via ADB
Installing ADB and FASTBOOT on Mac
Installing ADB and FASTBOOT in Windows XP, 7,8,10
Getting Root access to a smartphone.

No version of Mobile Upgrade works with this smartphone model!

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RAM, we have a scanty amount. Hence the question: How to accelerate the body? Ruth got it. It is better not to delete system programs ... Root managers themselves decently haw ...

Rep: (368)
You can delete, but with your hands, climb the file manager in the system and delete. And only with confidence of 300%

Rep: (11)
* oddmsz What can be deleted? In the system, almost everything was deleted - there is a result, but not significant.

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Tomorrow I’ll check how it starts after the wipe that I have now, if everything is ok then I will throw it into the cloud. Much removed, much replaced. I will not say of course what flies, but it unloaded a little.
In principle, much should not be expected with 924mb RAM

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* oddmsz , and if on a flash drive do a swap partition for unloading RAM? The memory card is fast.

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Figs knows, in my opinion it will not help much. Yes, and it can be done in data, the benefit of space is enough

Posted on 08/11/2019, 07:32:

I have something like that at the moment with the RAM
Attached Image
Attached Image

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* oddmsz,
1) What do you think to put a cleaner oz type Cleanup lite? Or does the system unload the software itself when there is an overflow?
2) With the RAM, I also had around 680. Yesterday I installed all the software, deleted it. Now under 750.
Attached Image

Now I have already looked at 717.

Attached images
Attached Image

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The cleaner in your system is, dear, AutoKillService.

Rep: (11)
* oddmsz , deleted the market - in the region of 50-60 it was still freed.

Rep: (368)
I downloaded into the cloud (there is a link above) what I am using now, clean room, installation by recovery from twrp (unzip to the root of the map), after recovery make format data.
It is cleared of not really needed, some thresholds are replaced with analogues, Google services are left, also a market and tts. Contacts are synced.
There is no calendar, since synchronization only works on Google’s calendar, it’s not a problem to put it from the market, there’s no fileman or player either, again choose in the market to your liking. Updating the software left, because after removal, a settings error is possible.
In the same boot backup with updated magiks, twrp is the same as before.
P.S. Attached there is a program for rebooting and an updated magiks manager

Posted on 08/11/2019, 09:12:

* sz45 you will go to the complete eradication of Google :)

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* oddmsz , left only google services. Google cleaned almost all, even Klava

Rep: (368)
Klava and I replaced by aosp

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Rep: (11)
* oddmsz , And from Google there was a mail. I did not find a normal replacement. 650 - 680 oz, you can’t achieve a bigger campaign with this body ...
In principle, for the Internet and the pipe is enough. Not a gamer. I still do not have an indicator on VK and PDA applications. Xs why.

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