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Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.26 "

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Accessories forXiaomi Mi 8 Lite
PictureXiaomi Mi 8 Lite, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition; Codename: Platina; Models: M1808D2TG, M1808D2TE
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Glass / Film

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Post has been edited4Serg13 - 21.05.19, 21:15
Reason for editing: A decent cover only the faces of protection.

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Who would not be enjoying this shockproof cover? How does it feel as a whole from it, comfortable to walk with him or not?
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

DugalHawk @ 4.06.19, 4:42*
Has anyone bought such a case?

And I liked that, without this plastic in the center, so I think to take it or not, but obviously it will keep hitting. (Top link)

Post has been editedD.86 - 04.06.19, 15:52

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* D.86, This is also seen. It seems good, you can try.

Rep: (207)
DugalHawk @ 5.06.19, 2:10*
This is also seen. It seems good, you can try
I ordered it, I'm waiting ..

By the way looks great on the tube, here it seems like more pictures.

Post has been editedD.86 - 05.06.19, 03:22

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People tell me please blutuz headphones with poderzhkoy aptx of Ali actually proven you no longer $ 30

Rep: (23)
* __SherkhaN__,
Meizu ep51 / ep52

Rep: (157)
Who pasted hydrogel? True small bubbles per day yourself go?

Rep: (2)
* __SherkhaN__,
There is an option to take a Bluetooth adapter with Ugreen aptx ($ 17-19) - though battery life of 4-5 hours.
He took his wife, because wire headphones she do not live more than two months. Here though it would be cheaper just to change the headphones, and the BT-receiver is alive.

Rep: (2)
Yes, the bubbles themselves are gone in about two days

Rep: (1360)
* alex913069, leave, already on many phones I used exactly hydrogel films.

Rep: (340)
* misterd-ua
As there Chewie behaves, he is not removed it holding up?

Rep: (42)
* Dimix_ , Keeps well!)

Rep: (340)
* misterd-ua
And finger crawl both crawl?

Rep: (42)
* Dimix_ Yes like)
By the way when removed aimag previous then gave the dude he body repairs, to paste on the cracked screen and lupanul something)))) it is stuck and the whole of the pliers thrashed and screen do not burst!))) Then specifically so zafigachit and then burst) )))

Post has been editedmisterd-ua - 14.06.19, 09:39

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I bought a pair of glasses in Ainy gsm-opt.ru. Our Perm boutiques. In short, an excellent glass. Of the minuses - the camera is covered by glass - dust is collected, the scope of thick, monobrovi really healthy. It would be better if all these frames are not painted, meaning in them? Of the benefits - oleofobka awesome, better than the original display - not zalyapyvaetsya of pig like Litboy normally cast rounded edges, do not cling. And the most important trick - on mobile can now be enjoyed in the polarization glasses, a polarizer is no longer obscures the display. It is evident, of course a little worse than in a horizontal orientation and a little rainbow image floats, but it is clear! It will be important for those who use the Mobil car as a navigator.

Post has been editedZhooKamsk - 16.06.19, 21:05

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accept_for_all @ 23.05.19, 10:27*
The people here do not take such farshmak. There is a bubble at the edges, which are not squeezed out.

Many windows are bubbles. If the bubbles are small dots at the edge of the frame, and the big boundary bubbles - they are being kicked out, but you need a scalpel to pry the window where the air would come out. Very often mi8layt big bubbles accumulate at me at monobrovi.

Rep: (2)
Dobry den, everybody) Do not tell me whether there is a case with our device material like nillkin to the type of grooved rubber? But with closed top and bottom faces?

Rep: (131)
* Niemals Have Nilkin Galimov plastic, no rubber there is no

Rep: (2)
Kresko @ 14.06.19, 12:25*
* Niemals, in Nilkin Galimov plastic, no rubber there is no

Well, what the case then buy? That size is not increased, but rather was a tenacious?

Post has been editedNiemals - 14.06.19, 22:54

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Good night all. Can anyone know where to get the original supplied with black carrying case may be?

Rep: (157)
* manush.nikita In a box of course)) but in general look on Ali

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