iPad Pro 11 "| Tablet, 11" / A12X BionicGHz / 4 / 6GB RAM

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IPad Pro Features
iPad Pro 11 inch
Weight - 468 g;
Size - 247.6 x178.5 x5.9 mm;
Display Liquid Retina - IPS - resolution of 2388 × 1668 pixels;
Brightness - 600 cd / m²;
Processor - A12X Bionic with 64 ‑ bit architecture;
Camera - 12 MP, aperture ƒ / 1.8;
Interface - USB ‑ C

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* wladuka,
On my 12.9 ’’ 2017 tablet, on which the sensor was stupid, a hardware (not software) problem was confirmed. Warranty replacement for a new device. Again 2 years warranty from the date of issue of the new device. It would seem possible to rejoice, but once every 4 months it’s somehow not a change to change at all. I really hoped that the problem was software ...

Now I’m thinking about how to live. I already bought 11 inches, but if it has the same problem, I’ll have to think about it. Sound for example on the 11th seriously loses 12.9. The camera, too, but I hardly use it. I didn’t notice any special advantages, well, maybe only Pencil 2 is more functional.

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* alex3104 , where did they get that the sound plays and the camera?

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Please tell me, does the charging adapter in the kit always feed “fast charge”?

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* sid235 , well, like yes.

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* djidai
Well, how would they both have my tablet now. I can turn on the sound and listen to the same recording. If 12.9 at maximum volume does not tear, then 11 starts, well, the sound in frequencies is not so saturated at any volume.

On camera. 2017 models have optical stabilization. I wrote above that I’m not shooting much, but this is a plus for the device.

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* david090491 , * david090491 Solved the problem with the sensor?

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Of course I am surprised by those who are minus my post above about comparing sound quality. If there is a contrary opinion, confirmed by facts, it is more correct to write, well, or express your doubts. And I don’t even see the point here anymore ... Stupidity amazes ...

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