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ZanacR @ 11/15/18 16:14*
make codeblock with mingw for 5 minutes

Hands do not reach, but with a standard for codeblocks mingw I can not collect hard. The renaming of C-functions to positive wrappers (with std: :) with the indication of the corresponding headers helped in part, but still cannot find some functions - for example, strdup. And in the parametermanager.cpp error is “too many arguments to function 'int strcasecmp (const char *, const char *)'”.

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Armanx64 @ 03.12.18, 14:00*
  • standard for codeblocks mingw
  • it helped to rename C-functions to positive wrappers (with std: :) with corresponding headers
  • in parametermanager.cpp, the error “too many arguments to function” int strcasecmp (const char *, const char *) '

When I collected with the help of Mingw and Mingw-64, Travis-ci (fresh MS compiler) - I have not seen this. Last half a year exactly. Do not tell me where did you get the code? My repository istyts

It seems you decided to repeat my path and port it to new compilers again =)

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* zanacR,
MinGW from Code :: Blocks, just created a new project and threw files into it. Hands reach - still poke. The test case in carbide itself seems to be going, but the attempt to start it in the emulator ends in errors.

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* Armanx64, have you read the } -) no projects need to be created - everything is already configured in the project file and ready to build ...

Maybe the emulator broke? Sometimes it happens...

Bought a Sony-Ericsson Vivaz Pro ^^

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* zanacR, I'm too me to read readme :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Already collected so. What's next?

Posted 12/19/2018 12:08 PM:

Sorry, already forgotten. All clear.
ZanacR @ 12.11.18, 21:45*
in the SDK folder next to the original, save the original.
If there is a desire and time to test the subject - you are welcome. It is necessary to compare the byte exhaust of my version with the exhaust of this utility from the SDK. For comparison, I used vbindiff - an excellent quick opensource program. Approximately the first hundred bytes will always be differences, if it continues to differ - an error, if they differ in size - an error! Files check in uncompressed form! Report errors to the repository.

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* megabyte1, Thank!

megabyte1 @ 11/15/18, 18:28*
Certificates from the above site, if you enter the standard browser, are not put ("the file is damaged"), and if you download them and open from X-Plore, then pick up.
The standard browser launches the old version of the certificate saving program (CertSaver.exe) from ROM, and if you launch it using X-Plore, the new version from the patch (CertSaver_new.exe) is launched.

Thank you very much! I did it too. phew, it was not easy :-)
link to video

For the first time, after copying files to the menu, the item disappeared (menu в†’ tools в†’ settings в†’ general в†’ protection в†’ CA certificates) where certificates had to be deleted, and, accordingly, could not install new ones. I had to do hard cuts, restore backups and open access to system folders and select dates for installing x-plore, etc.
As a result, I still have this item all the time, but first I deleted all the certificates, installed everything from here (archive), or I can take it here
Then I made access to system folders and the ability to install applications without a signature on this manual.
Norton cursed the lack of a license and I could not use quarantine.
Then I changed the date to the real one and the phone hung. I pulled out the battery. Booted. Standard browser opens https
Apparently for some reason the certificate manager flies, and I don’t understand how to restore it. In theory, we need to put somewhere an application like CertManager.sisx, but where and where to get it - if anyone knows, tell me plz

Found in x-plore item tools в†’ file associations added: cer - Save the certificate. (apparentlyThis is the old "save") If you put Save. certificate - swears: No viewer found
And maybe a new one. File Manager swears "can not open file"

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* shkurrr, firmware last? In theory, you need to delete only one - GlobalSign Root CA.
And after deleting the copied files - the item appears? It is necessary to copy one by one, and determine why it disappears.

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Hello, friends. I also decided to get stuck with ssl.dll only on sony g900 symbian 9.1 uiq3. I try to use your ideas and decisions, but so far to no avail. While the problem with installing the new sha2 sertov - I can not deliver and when I start the browser, it does not write and does not turn on, but the programs crash with the new ssl.dll.

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megabyte1 what other files does ssl.dll use?

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megabyte1 list of used dll tore in hex, oh who would have thrown off me with his patched simba 9.2 / 9.3

do not have hash.dll - hash_new.dll
don't need tlsprovider.dll - tlsprovider_new.dll
do not need crypto.dll - crypto_new.dll

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Samsung SGH-G810 / Symbian 9.2 FP1.
I give access to folders through QuickHackKitBeta and HelloCarbide_didiala (eta came up).
Files from the archive networking_improvements_9.2_fp1 threw in C. I installed new certificates from the site.
As a result, the native browser crashes: App. close: BrowserNG
The native mail client crashes: Applied. Closed !: MsvServer
Profimail crashes: App. CL.: ProfiMail
Adequately and everything seems to open only OperaMini 7.1

The "Certificates" item is missing in the setup menu. Before all manipulations, I deleted all old certificates. Time on the body is relevant.
How to make mail and native browser work?

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* boydjon did something work out There is a great desire to start, but there is not enough knowledge on Simba.

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Drive Z: and ROM from C5-00, 9.3, FP2 (102.002)
Drive Z: and ROM from Nokia E71, 9.2, FP1 (510.21.009)

http: //www.mediafire.c.…er/t7mo2aggrwmdx/nokia

It should be noted that if the file from disk Z: does not contain the EPOC signature (see the hex editor), then it should not be taken from disk Z :, but from ROM.
To get the file from the ROM, you need to use the program aRomAT.

Certificates do not need to delete everything, but only one.

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